Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ethic confinement in Hostel

There is a separate style for overnight stay in a friendly this bag. So, what should we look? By Teguh Wicaksono, executive summary by darmansjah

Specialty become an inherent part of the pleasure. Kind varied, ranging from five-star luxury hotels to small inpatient place warm and cozy. From a series of choices, many pedestrians who choose to stay in hostels.

Compared to other types of lodging, the difference lies in the characteristic hostel room. Most hostels offer dormitory facilities-sharing rooms with other guests. The concept of sharing is not just a matter of rest. The facilities are also used as a complete, from the bathroom, a lounge area (including reading available), kitchen, and more.

With a price that is friendly to the pocket, I never hesitate to choose the hostel when planning a trip lasts longer with high mobility. Prices are affordable does not mean we before deciding to joint for becoming residents.

Introduce yourself

Because in a few days will stay in the same room with people who are not well known, you should get acquainted with other residents.

Use your own equipment

Never borrow anything from anyone else who was in the hostel. Hostel accommodates a variety of people from many places. You do not know who they are, where they come from, how to clean, safe or not. If you lack something you better buy it in a store nearby, rather than have to borrow it and risking your health and safety. Vice versa, do not lend anything to the person you met at hostel.

Banned rowdy

You do not live alone. Respect other guests. You  need to avoid activities that cause noise. Do not accept any phone in the room. Do not pack in the middle of the night.

Get used to carry a small flashlight

When out at night, bring a small flashlight, so when you return to your room does not have to turn on lights an waking everyone sleep.

Do not hang clothes carelessly

Not a laundry room. Do not hang up and put your clothers carelessly.

Protect your personal possessions

Some hostels have a locker facility for storing valuables. If there are no lockers, make sure you bring a lock with a secure padlock. Do not leave your valuables to strangers in the same room

Keep Clean

Be care careful not leave trash in the room. Note also the cleanliness of the bed. Make sure when you come, blankets and sheets are changed with new and clean.

Keep your bathroom

Make sure you leave the bathroom with the state’s rapid does not leave stains that annoy the next user. Prepare also accessories own bath. Do not forget to seal all water taps.

Carefully use the kitchen

Each hostel is usually equipped kitchen facilities. There you can make yourself coffee or tea. There is also a fridge that can be used together. Get used to label the name and description of every object in the room that you put in the fridge. Keep your kitchen and make it a habit to eat equipment  wash again all you use.

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