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Visiting Northern Thailand Loy Krathong time

THAILAND North has various provinces, including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Mae Hong Son. Chiang Mai itself is renowned for its relaxed mountain atmosphere with beautiful temples such as Khantoke Dinner and unique shopping items at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. However, travelers who really want to see the area that is still original and not too 'touristy', can visit the town of Mae Hong Son and Pai.

Arriving in Pai, you will be able to visit the hot Water Geyser Pong Dueat two feet and Huay Nam Dung National Park a beautiful foggy. The next day, the adventure can proceed to Mae Hong son called 'Interior with Three Season Misty'.

Natural attractions are no less spectacular is Lake Pang Ung. At sunrise, the fog will adorn this beautiful lake. Domestic travelers usually stay in tents on the edge of the lake to enjoy a night full of stars. Remember a movie? True
, Thailand romance movie titled The Melody clear record of experience staying in this romantic lake.

Do not forget also to visited a symbol of Mae Hong Son, the Wat Phrathat Kong Moo. Tourist attractions can be enjoyed before heading to Doi Me Ou Khor, flower-filled hills chasing sunflower. Although it is quite a distance, your experience would be an unforgettable story.

If intending to tour on November 27 to 29, you can celebrate Lay Krathong Festival with Northern Thai style. This festival is a celebration of the sweep 'Krathong' or container candles from the leaves to the river and sea, s a symbol of throwing shit at once begged blessings in the coming year.

Residents of North Thailand has its own quirks called 'Yipeng' in welcoming Loy Krathong, the flying lanterns into the sky. At night, the sky will be sparkling Chiang mai by thousands of lanterns, a mesmerizing sight. This event usually starts from the Tae Pae Gate, a procession of the arts and culture of various tribes in northern Thailand, and eventually washed away 'Krathong' on the banks of the Ping River.

Prior to sweep 'Krathong' or flying lanterns Yipeng, whisper is a prayer for your happiness with all the loved ones in the coming year. Excitement this holiday agenda can be realized with the information that you can browse in TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com. Let's Get Lost!.

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