Monday, May 20, 2013

Gothic until Jordan Kebab

Traveling from Belin, Germany, to Prague, Czexh, with a rental car CD player play his classical music played Bedrich Smetana: Ma Vlast Moldau(Vlatava – city of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) made the atmosphere like in the land of dreams,. By imam prihadiyoko., executive summary by darmansjah

Moreover, the ranks of stone houses in rural traffic pass when asked to leave the toll lanes as there are road-works further confirmed the impression of the dream state. While most mountain range filled with wheat and sheep farming lading to be present at the scene before the eyes.

Membrane thick fog suddenly fell ahead of German and Czech border tunnels gives the impression as if the car was passing in the cloud. While the river Moldau (Vltava) on the left side of the road as to accompany the car, also welcomed with mist on it. This atmosphere is reminiscent of the beauty of Lake Lodge in West Sumatra. However, hilly streets and plants that exist on either side of the road catapulted memories on the trip from town to the city Lahat natural fence in Southern Sumatra, showing the beauty of tropical forests and the beauty of the waterfall.

 moldau river (vltava)

Entering the town Prague feels impatient to mingle with the city showing the architecture and medieval culture. City serving the beauty and splendor of the holey Roman emperor, Charles IV, who reigned around 14th century.

 vysehrad castle

However, during the four-hour road trip over it has made a belly requested quota to be filled.

Cars parked in front of Hotel Valdstejnka Hospoda, not far from the tourist information center in the Old Town Square, Prague. From here Karluv Most (Charles Bridge).

Vysehrad Castle and Prague Congress Centre can bed reached by foot. Area attractions also include Prague Dancing House and Czech National Museum.

That afternoon clouds over the city of Prague. Pointer shows the temperature in the car outside air temperature 14 degrees celcius. Variety monument such amazing Hradcany Castle, St.Vitus Cathedral, Karluv Most, a number of churches and palaces exposed in plain sight.

prague congrees center

prague dancing house 

czech national museum

hradcany castle

st vitus cathedral 

Around Old Town Square can enjoy the architecture of Gothic Tyn Church, known as Tynsky Charm, which became a symbol of the triumph of one of the Gothic style in Prague.

However, it seems the ranks of restaurants and cafes are very easy to find in the Old Town Square suddenly become more attractive. Hunger seems to distract from the rows of galleries and souvenir shops.

Finally stepping foot into a small kebab shop that is located adjacent to the tourist information center in the old town square. In this kebab shop were several people from Indonesia. “It’s incredible. Shop of kebab with halal writing,” said Ade, tourists from Jakarta.

Pursuing branded items

Parizska Street, a location spread luxury good and branded in Prague, Czech. When comparing prices, a number of items offered is a little more expensive if comparing with prices in Berlin, or Oxford Street, London. However, when it arrived in Jakarta this price will be much more expensive.

Parizska Street connect the old town area of Prague and river Moldau. Easily location accessible from a number of five star hotels in Prague. If you live in one of the hotel is quite a walk away.

Although the price offered in Parizska Street a little more expensive, the atmosphere in Prague’s Old Town, with cafes, restaurant and bars can make a magnificent feeling in the land of dream Bohemian era.

“It’s  rare to find the latest collection of Hermes handbags, which is why in the window just a few items available. If the well can be bery happy. And if resale price can be doubled in Indonesia,” said Lisa, a fan of Hermes products when met in Prague in mid-October.

If in Berlin, if you like hunting goods are cheaper than Berlin, try to the outskirts of Berlin. Find souvenirs at B5 (B Funf). Here the factory outlet (fo) held a number of designer goods at discounted prices. Big discount is given for products considered to be out of fashion. However, if the trend would still be taken to Jakarta.

The location is easily accessible by public transport. From the Alexanderplatz, one of Berlin’s city center, bus with trip look almost 1 hour.

Imagine, with 100 euro only able to get two winter boot Crocs, two Adiddas soccer jerseys, and ate hotdogs plus soft drinks. Do not try the coffee here, not only the price is expensive, but very watery brew coffee, almost no aroma of coffee.

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