Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Unforgettable Moments

Almost lost in the waters of Honduras, by Ryan and Dina

That afternoon, I, Dina, was in Half Moon Bay, Roatan Island, Honduras. For the first time, I, Dina, as a couple, Ryan, Paddleboarding-use marine ply board and paddle surf while standing. When Ryan advanced to limit cartilage, I followed him. Apparently the current sweep there very fast. With great difficulty, Ryan managed to turn around, but I do not. Paddleboard dragged me away to leave the bay Half Moon Bay to the sea! An eagle-eyed ship owner, who was then accelerates the gulf coast toward our little boat. Happy and could not believe, when He saw a boat coming toward us. We rescued. 

TWO BACKPACKS Duo walkers, Ryan and Dina, who is also pair of lovers, has tried more than 35 countries. Since 2009, they left their homeland of Canada and had not returned until now. For more information follow the story of their adventures, you can browse at:

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