Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Short List

Which of the world’s cities are home to the most billionaires?

Sources: Forbes Magazines (, executive summary by darmansjah

In the first decades after the Russian Revolution, Soviet leaders boasted that their country would overtake the capitalist West. In one respect they were right, but not quite in the way Lenin hoped – Moscow surpasses New York in the number of billionaires who are resident there, according to Forbes’s Rich List. Vladimir Lisin, who has a fortune of US$24bn, is officially Russia’s richest man, while fellow steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal’s US$32bn makes him the richest man in the UK. Yet both are miles behind the richest man in the world, Mexico’s Carlos Slim, who has US$77bn in the bank.

Number of Billionaires

Moscow  (79)

New York  (59)

London  (41)

Hong Kong  (40)

Istanbul  (36)

Mumbai   (21)

Sao Paolo (21)

Taipei   (19)

Los Angeles   (19)

Beijing (19)

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