Friday, May 31, 2013

Travel to the most beautiful stretch of natural

Refine your travels in Southeast Asia with a memorable experience. In recent years Vietnam became one investment destination for foreign companies in the world. The world of tourism, too, making clean up Vietnam as one of the popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

HANOI, in particular a large city began to adapt to a rapidly changing world, in order to lure foreign tourists to come and enjoy the natural stretch of the coast and coral islands that invite admiration eyes of the heart that gives peace of mind.

You can visit buildings picture of greed in the form of European nations buildings French colonial relic that is still intact and left as they are, particularly in Be Dinh District. What is the famous French Quarter surrounded with old buildings. Do not forget to stop at Van Mieu (the main and oldest university in Vietnam built in 1010), Dong Xuan Market, Ho Chi Minh Museum and Quan Troc Pagoda .

The tour continues to Halong Bay, one of the mainstay tourism in Vietnam listed in the world heritage site. Most of the area is a sea of ​​islands filled with different shapes and sizes. The uniqueness of Halong Bay sculpted over hundreds of years. Bay with an area of ​​1,500 square kilometers is home of various species of flora and fauna, some of which are endemic species that are endangered and soon on the road to extinction by the negative side of tourism business background only.

Journey begins with jubilation witnessed the beautiful panorama of the bay. In this bay, scattering of 1996 coral islands and a number of them appear green. Cover includes one of the world heritage by the organization of education, science, and cultural union of nations.

Mystical scenery of Halong Bay many years of limestone islands has now turned into a sea of ​​emerald surrounded villages colorful. The natural beauty which stretches is what will make the perfect trip.

So many sights in Vietnam that will make the trip more memorable. If you want a vacation, take your time and traveled to Hanoi  and Halong bay. Choose an experienced tour operator and organized so that the service and the places you want to visit satisfaction. And do not forget to add your insight by observing and discernment local cultural diversity of the local population. Happy holidays.

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