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Loss of concentration at the Louvre Museum

Original text by Ingki Rinaldi, executive summary by darmansjah

The concentration needed to appreciate art objects. But what if the objets d'art that a large pool of up to four separate floors also seemed lacking.

In fact, it was coupled with the fact that the building is a place to put art objects was already a work of art. Loss of focus.

Relics of the heyday of Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, medieval, Renaissance, and the glory of the Islamic world. Relic was shaped sculptures, decorations, tools of everyday life, and painting.

Each collection is located on the first floor, second floor, ground floor (ground floor) and the basement (lower ground floor). On the floor of the visitors are spoiled with a collection of paintings, decorative arts and antique objects from Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Visitors must pay a ticket for 10 uro to enjoy the museum's collection. The line snaking occurs in a number of the old entrance about 15 minutes, depending on the number of visitors.

Museum is open from 09:00 to 18:00. As on Wednesday and Friday, opening hours extended until 21:45.
"This museum is very large. His outstanding work presented here, is an art gala, "said the visitor from Brazil, Renato De Al Cantara.

Renato who came with her ​​partner, Claudia n drade, said he could do at the Louvre Museum is a look artworks on display. "No way I can focus," he said.

Renato came to the museum for the painting "Mona Lisa". So painting by Leonardo da Vinci was also the first time its target.

"Mona Lisa" on display on the first floor. A number of other works of art, such as paintings and antique items Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans also on display on the first floor. Including sculpture goddess of victory (The Winged Victory of Samothrace) which is estimated to come from the 10 BC.

Most hunted

But of course, the most interesting collection of enthusiasts on the first floor is the painting "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci. Rusian visitors gathered in front of the paintings on display at the Italian paintings made ​​between the 13th century and 15th century.

Paintings made ​​in Florence, Italy, between 1503 and 1506 was besieged the visitor which scramble the picture. Unlike other paintings on display it with the frame on the surface of the wall, "Mona Lisa" is coated with a transparent protective frame sort of a small table in front of him.

There is a distance of about three feet between the crowd with the "Mona Lisa". Distance is also the access for visitors who use assistive devices for walking, such as wheelchairs.

Some officers keep a special "Mona Lisa", unlike other painting unpunished. There are up to three guards who guard on the left and right of the painting "Mona Lisa", sometimes more if the line more and more.

It was mid-July, coinciding with summer vacation. Visitors from a number of States of Europe, America, and Asia to meet the museum.

Be some visitors even more than once came to admire the "Mona Lisa". Manuel Nunos (59) derived from the Spanish had twice come and try to understand the "Mona Lisa". "The last time 20 years ago, and the" Mona Lisa "is still a mystery to me," he said.

The museum's official website at the address mentioned portrait "Mona Lisa" is a visual representative of the idea of ​​happiness is in the word "gioconda" in Italian. Use colors that tend to represent warmth, uninhabited landscapes, portraits to the limit of the hands, eyes, and of course the happy smile that represent typical.

The appeal is what makes families Clara Turnip (33) interested in watching "Mona Lisa" from close. " It was our plan from a long time," said Clara from the field and had some time to settle in the Netherlands.

Together with about 15 members of his family, Clara comes to the biggest museum in the world. He imagined if someday be established in Indonesia kind museum. "We've also got a lot of paintings by Indonesian artists, might be able to make a well in Bali for example," said Clara.

The visitors who want to perpetuate the "Mona Lisa" could not linger stood in front of the painting. The problem will continue to urge other visitors from behind.

There are only less than a minute to be able to capture the image and repeat once or twice more if not satisfied. For visitors who come alone, visitors will usually be light enough hand to help take pictures with background "Mona Lisa".

One of the officers of the Louvre that day vigil near the painting "Mona Lisa", Ludovic Giboyou (34), said the summit would take up the crowd ahead of the Christmas holidays in late December. "That's why I always take off my right at this time," joked her.

Ludovic has seven years working at the museum. During it all, he has not been able to memorize such a large collection of paintings owned by the Louvre Museum, "I'm trying, but for the locations we know where, he said.

On the second floor there is a diverse collection of paintings. Originally from France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries. While on the ground floor, a famous statue is placed.

Among Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, yagn also known as Venus. The sculpture also attracted a lot of attention. Groups of visitors are divided into several groups appear incessantly snapping camera towards the statue.

On the same floor is also saved collection Rames II head statue of ancient Egypt. A couple of tourists from Italy, Francesco Acardi and Franscesa Acardi, curious about the statue was so repetitive arrangement change (setting) cameras. "It would be better if you do not use flash," said Francesco.

Former Palace

While in the basement (lower ground floor) there are traces of medieval castle building so forerunner of the Louvre Museum. When the French revolution, most of the palace was opened as a museum, precisely dated 8 November 1793.

Temperatures in parts of it cool and make visitors linger in it. We can also imagine what an early form of the previous museum nobleman's palace to see the replica building initially.

This museum
has a large collection. My way to enjoy it is to pick the works of art included in the master category, "said Lizzy Lee (22) student from South Korea.

Lizzy choose electronic voice guides rented at the entrance. A brand of the Nintendo 3DS display also works of art in question.

In the pages mentioned beautiful building that has been the center of attention in Paris since the 12th century which established on the west side of town. Set between the River Seine and the Rue de Rivoli.

During that time the building has been metaformed since becoming a fortress, palace, to the museum. Since March 30, 1989, exterior museum glass pyramid has become one of the entrances and circulation axis of the building.

"The museum is bigger than I thought. Bigger than I ever imagined from reading and story of my parents, "said Michael Jellis (19), a student from the United States.

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