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World Disneyland images

Text by Rini Kustiasih, executive summary by darmansjah

Seriously. Disneyland was named the profession that Kelly Willis as an Imagineer or engineer imagination, in short, 'artisan imaginary'. He was responsible for a team of experts and specialists in more than 140 disciplines in order to bring about what he called 'disney world'.

Among the team members 'imagination' that no computer expert, animator, designer art, layout engineer, sculptor, graphic specialists, artists, civil engineer, to an electrician. They joined forces to bring the imagination and fantasy into a new reality, new characters, and new stories by Willis formulated with nature fun, happy, and inspiring.

No one if then images and shadows of reality that visitors encounter when setting foot in Hong Kong Disneyland and Disney certainly in other locations in the world, such as Tokyo, California, Florida, and Paris.

Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald duck, Pluto, Goofy, Woody, and Jessie, who is known in the film Toy Story, to the character of the Prince and Beauty in Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Cinderella, and try to call it all figures another animation you know, all seems to be there. They appear in sculpture, drawing, to serving dish.

Mickey seems to still be the most powerful icons in Disneyland for a fictional character from the character of these mice appeared everywhere, including in glass plastic toothbrush holders in the hotel room, to the formation of pudding and ice cream.

The characters were consciously or unconsciously become the new reality, who knows where it came from, genuine or counterfeit, any nationality, and what it means, then everything becomes vague. Visitors brought into a new reality that is totally different from the reality, which is normally in the encounter in everyday life.

Area Main Street USA, which became the main corridor entrance to Disneyland Hong Kong, for example, is the dream of Mr. Waltz Disney would be a small town in the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century. Along the way it creates the impression of old architectural nuances brownish color, and imagine part of the building such as when you are watching cowboy films on TV or movies.

It's just that this area is much more modern with a more artistic buildings, fancy, the streets were clean, neat, and left-right size encountered cinema buildings, souvenir shops, bookstores, toy stores, and restaurants around the corner. You are coming from Asia would soon realize the theme is indeed very western region.

Disneyland at night are also regularly held fireworks celebration in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Last week, I was with a group of other media at the invitation of the Hong Kong Disneyland had the opportunity to see hundreds of people sat in the street waiting for the seconds it was out of the fireworks behind the castle.

When the fireworks were launched, colorful sky on fire. Visitors lulled accompaniment of songs that include a Disney theme popular in films, including "A Whole New World 'from the cartoon' Aladdin 'and' Beauty and The Beast 'from the cartoon of the same title. Visitors are also invited to imagine calm romance by displaying pieces of cartoon Aladdin, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast image flashed through castle direction. Disney films that happened to happy endings. Be complete image of the world which is too happy and safe.

Just like that up Willis, Disneyland purpose. "Maybe here is the happiest place in the world. You are safe here, no need to worry about anything. We have a lot of imagination and fantasy that inspires. Nothing is impossible here. As long as there is imagination, all those things possible, "he said.

Among awareness of the reality of the fact that at that time shadow in sight, Disney was able to divert attention. As visitors are amazed at the fireworks at the castle, they seem to see the world, taken to dreamland. However, whether it is real or equally authentic with Aladdin? Or is it just because the wonder of those moments were so beautiful, and then the mind is brought imagine dancing ugly prince who finally get the love of putrid beauty?

apparently very cleverly constructs of human imagination that is now reproduced becomes more real than reality itself. All of them were then encapsulated in the concept of tourism, entertainment, attractions, and games are perpetually financially profitable. Indeed attractive!

awareness of real life is not entirely dead in the minds of visitors Disney. For example, a colleague of this medium. He is pictured with the couples lined up Mickey and Minnie Mouse. He happily hugging and kissing the two pair. Later he jokingly asked, "Eh, he's so Mickey Mouse was a man or a woman, huh? Lest he kissed Minnie Mouse who turned out the cast are equally male. We no idea who's behind the costume, right? Ha-ha-ha ... "we both laughed. In fact, in the world of image consciousness apparently still there.


grizzly gulch, rides new games Hong Kong Disneyland opened in July 2012. This vehicle offers the atmosphere of an old mining town in the United States of the 19th century
Therefore, Disneyland is just enjoyable. As an entertainment and gaming arena, Hong Kong Disneyland is charming. Since opening in 2005, this area has been siphoning more than 31 million visitors from all over the world. Travelers from mainland China and Taiwan into the most guests at Disneyland Hong Kong. Travelers from Indonesia is also one of the biggest here.

Various game is more targeting the children and families. In July 2012, Disneyland Hong Kong opened a new ride called Grizzly Gulch. This vehicle themed gold rush in the 19th century in California, USA. In that area, visitors can enjoy the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, which mines sled run at high speed. Visitors can release adrenaline with shouting and laughing enjoying the journey through caves American mines. You'll also meet friendly bears in this cave.

This vehicle seriously worked through research and the collection of documents about the history of the American gold rush. Disneyland Imagineering team took 3.5 years to create this vehicle. Goad's mining hills formation were all built by human hands. Hundreds of workers and experts involved in the cultivation Grizzly Gluch.

Visitors can also take pictures with the background the old mining town, among others, in The Old Jail, and the well known geyser Geyser Gluch, train and visited Disneyland souvenirs that sell new character, which bears Koda and Kenai.

Four areas of surplus used to be in Disneyland Hong Kong is also appealing enjoyed, namely serving Adventureland adventures in the wilds of Africa and Asia; Fantasyland unbiased view of imagination that brings visitors into the world of fantasy; Tommorowland featured attractions on the planet and cutting-edge space, as well as Toy Storyland Andy contains various game characters, such as the RC Racer with height of 27 meters, train dogs (dog slinky spin), and the parachute swing (soldier toy parachute drop).

In Indonesia, many games that some of them are similar to those encountered at the World Fantasy, Jakarta. However, Disneyland is better at research and packaging, something that needs to be learned "handyman imaginary" Indonesia. So the important thing is that immediately after enjoying Disneyland, you do not forget to wake up from a dream.

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