Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adrenaline and Nature Tourism in North Vancouver

Tourism In North Vancouver executive summary by Darmansjah godjali


Have you always dreamed to visit tourist attractions where you will challenge yourself to walk on a suspension bridge as high as 70 feet along 137 meters into the rainforest in a place with an atmosphere of North America the past with a view of steep cliffs and rushing streams of the river and birds singing in a city most comfortable to live in, Vancouver, Canada. Yes, I will take you to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, one must visit attraction if you have chance to visit Vancouver in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge is located at 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7R 4J1 about 45 minutes travel overland by bus from downtown Vancouver. This place is owned and managed by The Capilano Group of Companies and is one of the oldest tourist attraction in Vancouver, built in 1888 by its first owner. To get to this place can be reached in two ways if it does not drive a car, the first bus from downtown Vancouver and across the Lions Gate Bridge, the majestic or crossing the Strait of Burrard using Seabus connected by bus from Lonsdale Quay.

Upon entering the attraction you'll be treated to the history of the origin of this place stands connected with a display of art and culture of the Squamish First Nation in Kia'palano (indigenous group of Squamish) and are all located outside the room but do not be afraid because of the unfriendly weather ponchos are provided free of charge in guest services. You'll walk on walk path with clean air and beautiful garden and landscape trees towering. You will feel like in heaven, it's breathtaking environments.

Until the end of the bridge, you will be preparing to cross the suspension bridge through the forest towards the use of suspension and guaranteed safe. If you are afraid of heights are advised not to look down, because you are under a heavy stream with large rocks and if you're lucky maybe you can see the bears were sunning on the cliffs. The bridge will sway with the movement step but forbidden to run for the safety of you and other visitors. Arriving at the end of the bridge you will be presented with views of uninhabited rainforest squirrels and old trees, huge, towering. Sunlight also seems a shame to go light through the crevices of trees. Available guide that will explain all the information about the plants and animals of forest dwellers, in summer you can watch the Raptors have brought benign walk by the handler.

Beautiful views and its quiet forests will take your mind away imagine what kind of a paradise, spend your time in the woods by walking in the treetop adventure as high as 30 feet above the forest and spend time lounging in front of the cabin with a glass of hot chocolate while playing with squirrels or take pictures. On returning you cross the bridge you can try to beat your fear by trying cliffhanger that is one of the latest attraction where you will walk on the cliff side above the height at one end with glass floors or places to shop for souvenirs such as smoked salmon on a typical Trading Post .

Having tired of running and playing, a time to stop by the Loggers' Grill (open only in summer) to remove the hungry with salmon burgers or Cajun chicken burger while enjoying the rhythm of live music performances on stage in front of the Trading Post. Maybe you will not know his music but I guarantee you'll love the rhythm of a typical 18th-century North America. My recommendation for the Loggers' Grill is the salmon burger and cold beer that is well suited to summer weather and the beer is served too is a local beer from Granville Island, Vancouver. In addition to Loggers' Grill, you can visit the Canyon Cafe, with specialty coffee and pastry or Bridge House Restaurant is located across the Capilano Suspension Bridge with a selection of quality menu and atmosphere of the past home of North America with a large garden behind.

The right time to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge is a summer and winter. During the winter this place is famous with event named Canyon Light, but if you have a limited budget then the February to April is the right time. Do not be afraid to get lost because public transport in Vancouver is very organized and you will be easy to access the maps for free on public streets or in place of your stay.

Congratulations adventure, let's start!

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