Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Side of a Glittering American West and Wild

Executive summary by Darmansjah

America, also called "dream land" or land of dream by immigrants who landed in San Francisco on the California Gold Rush era.

 golden gate

Precisely in 1848, when gold was first discovered in Coloma, northern California, about 300 thousand immigrants flooded California through the Golden Gate, San Francisco to take part in the biggest gold mining wave ever recorded in the history of the United States.
San Francisco

 california beach

From California, the miners penetrated into the plains of west-central United States which is largely a desert, covering Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah, the area is still inhabited by the Indians.

arizona desert

From the wild west is where the name originated, which in the modern era, the impression is still attached, along with familiar Hollywood, Disneyland, and Las Vegas.


Las Vegas

In addition, there is one interesting attractions for travelers, the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon.

The series of giant canyon that stretched across much of the State of Arizona is "carved and engraved" naturally from the flow of the Colorado river, rain, and wind friction during the approximately two billion years.

Colorado river

Grand Canyon also is home to three Indian tribes, Hualapai, west, south Havasupai, and Navajo in the east. Of the three, south and west is the most popular.

Part of south has natural scenery (panoramic) attract and are part of the Grand Canyon with the most stunning scenery, where we personally are not adequate as ego centric centric masterpiece of the creator, whereas in the western part of the traveler can enjoy the exciting and thrilling sensation of walking on the Skywalk , glass bridges as high as 1450 meters above sea level, from which anyone can see to the bottom of the canyon is 1,000 meters prominence under glass where we stand. 

the Grand Canyon Skywalk 

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 grand canyon panoramic

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