Monday, August 1, 2011

Twitter Disaster

Twitter Disaster
executive summary by darmansjah godjali

Sad that we live under constant threat of disaster. And, this is our fate to always be alert to face the threat of disasters simultaneously and need to work closely in order to assist and relieve the burden of those who were knocked out of his house.

Appreciation must be given to all the volunteers who try constantly to use information communication technology advances such as Tim Airputih, Indosat IM2 Team, and others who are always ready to be in the disaster area using information communication technology to disseminate information linking with areas outside the disaster area.

By the time a disaster occurs simultaneously in several places, it would be a serious problem for us how to empower the understanding and information communications technology equipment that we have to be efficient rollout.

With the catastrophic eruption of Mount Merapi in Central Java and a tsunami in the Mentawai Islands, a lot of issues that arise when we must hold the information communication technology in places difficult to reach and full of threats caused by natural disaster itself.

The disaster that will constantly siphon various resources that we have so that it should be considered a long-term strategy by conducting various studies and analysis, as well as predicting the steps and use of resources in the event of natural disasters simultaneously at various places in Indonesia.

 tsunami disaster in mentawai

One technology that is available and highly efficient is Twitter, a social networking and digital are very popular forms of information dissemination is very efficient, fast, and inexpensive. A variety of information ranging from dissemination to the purposes of aid, spread quickly among Twitter users who number tens of thousands throughout Indonesia.

We also hope that the bureaucracy is responsible for using the budget is taken from the tax you pay can also do dissemination, coordination, and implementation of disaster management in a timely, efficient, and inexpensive. Not working office moved to the disaster areas and trouble many people.

Since the great tsunami disaster in Aceh, have many lessons to be learned to anticipate the various disasters that might arise at any time anywhere in Indonesia. Twitter as a communication system is the right choice cope with disasters that should also be used by bureaucrats.

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