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When Set Foot In Between Mountains Stunning.

When set foot in Between Mountains Stunning.
Executive summary by Darmansjah

Catastrophic eruption of Mount Merapi some time ago indeed leaves a lot of grief and destruction everywhere. However, the spirit to bounce back and continue to live well must be grown, including for tourism. One of the potential that could be resurrected in the area around Merapi is Ketep Pass attractions in Magelang District. Sights is presenting an incredible sight and knowledge of educating and learning.

 mount merapi
Attractions that officiated by President Megawati on October 17th, 2002 lies at an altitude 1200meter above sea level (asl). The area Ketep Passs is about 8000 square meters. Initially, Ketep Pass initiated by the former Central Java Governor H Mardiyanto, to refine and develop new attractions in the area of Borobudur-Solo-Selo (SSB).
You can reach Ketep Pass from many directions, that is 30 kilometers from the city of Magelang, 35 km from Boyolali, 32 kilometers from the city of Salatiga, and 30 kilometers from Borobudur Temple. Although the road that will be passed quite steep and winding, you can use different types of vehicles or transportation to Ketep Pass, like a motorcycle, a large bus or minibus and 4WD (four While Drive). The winding road is so special because you can enjoy the unique scenery and fresh green mountains around you. Until the Ketep Pass, you can get so much valuable experience through a variety of amenities offered.
"Vulcano Ketep Theater"
From the name, you can certainly guess what could be done in Ketep Vulcano Theater. Vulcano Ketep Theater presents and playing the documentary about the activities of Mount Merapi. This building capacity of 78 seats, and the audience will be treated to a variety of events at Mount Merapi, climbing lane, the research on the top of Garuda, and the eruptions that occurred at the mountain altitude over 2900 meters above sea level is.

 mount sindoro
Substation Overview
From different angles too, you can get a different sensation and not dull when in Ketep. No one comes to Ketep if you occasionally want to relax, while the wind buffeted the mountains that brush all the burden on the buttom from your heart. Although you can choose different angles to watch the wonderful panorama, there are places that have the most ideal for you to get the treats maximum, ie at the substation of view. Viewing post in the form of two pieces gazebo rectangular and octagonal with a side length of five meters. From the substation, you can freely look around Ketep mountain scenery, verdant farm fields, even the smile of blood sweat and hard work that appears so small from a distance.

mount merbabu salatiga
"Ketep Vulcano Center"
Tourism education in the region increasingly Ketep perfectly with the Ketep Vulcano Center which is a kind museum of volcanologist area of 550 square meters containing a miniature of Mount Merapi, an interactive computer containing various documents about volcanoes, rocks a few examples of proof of eruption from year to year, the top poster Garuda size of 3x3 meters, and a poster warning of Mount Merapi lava.

 mount sumbing
"Panca Arga"
The highest peak Ketep Pass attractions in Panca Arga, which means the Five Mountains. Because of those places you can see five mountains around Ketep, namely Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, and Mount Slamet. In addition, you can get a bonus view other natural eye would not be tiring.

 mount selamat
Ketep Pass also has a fairly complete facilities, such as mosque, parking area, restaurant, and others who can support your convenience. Roasted or boiled corn seller was ready to warm your heart with warm corn and his friendly smile. You can go home with a cheerful heart [HDG].

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