Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's Study in the Tourism Village

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Travelling is the right choice to face release after the fatigue tests and exams at school. Beaches, malls, and zoos, coffee, restaurant, discotheque, outbound, may be used for urban cities.
Let's Study in the Tourism Village. Can think of tour and travel to the village?

Natural villages with verdant padi fields, shrubs and thorny shrubs, and a pinch of the remaining forests far from the crowds, and pollution-free air seemed to be an oasis for those who are accustomed to living in cities are cramped and stuffy like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan , Palembang, Makasar, Manado, Merauke even though that has been flooded with urban civilization of turmoil that only the mere pursuit of physical pleasure (Hedonism). Crystal clear river water, fresh air, and the friendliness of its people as has been the identity of a remote village atmosphere of political manipulation group, and away from greed conglomerate and treasure hunters from Indonesia.

Behind all the beauty, there are many things that can still be learned from local wisdom that is from nature and the surrounding villages. Therefore, nowadays many tour packages to offering live in or a home stay in rural tourism. Package tours visit the village is already available in some areas. Call tourist villages in Bantul, Yogyakarta or Sukabumi, WestJava.

By going directly to the countryside, the student will experience the process in the life of local communities and their customs and culture, and science applications that have been studied in school.

For example, simple things like a simple peasant life, but always respecting and caring nature, mutual help, and simplicity of thinking. Indirectly, students will have new things like local wisdom in an area.

Students can also join the farmers go directly to plow the fields and learning. This will be a special experience when stepping foot on the field wet mud. On the other hand, this experience is a practice in a natural laboratory for deepening the biology lesson. For example, on how to grow rice, what kind of land suitable for growing rice, when the planting season, when the harvest season, and applied technology what could be aligned with state and local environment, all provide experience and learning for the person who wanted independence.

Students who visit the rural tourism can also learn the local culture. For example, how to make batik, gamelan or angklung play, pay attention to the meaning contained and implied in the play or puppet man puppet show, dancing in a mesmerizing dance, and much more.

With this method live in or home stay in rural tourism, students will learn about how socialization in the community. Although the program into a tourist village just a few days, will remain memorable in the natural mind about the situation of rural quiet, peaceful, a sense of openness and hospitality of the villagers, as well as many life lessons that come from nature and capable of giving meaning to life from nature and return to nature

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