Monday, August 22, 2011

Also Ubud Friendly For The marsupial mediocre

executive summary by darmansjah godjali

Ubud. Based on the ejection Markandya Purana written centuries ago, the name is transcribed from the word Ubad Ubud, which means the drug. And in fact, Ubud is like a drug for the newcomers who seek peace and inspiration. Natural elegance blends a strong arts and culture Ubud make special. World class artists from the Netherlands kinds Rudolf Bonnet, Arie Smit and Walter Spies of Germany had settled in the 'village this internationa'l. Likewise, writers abroad, settled in Ubud stop choosing to get ideas for books or novels. Still remember the novel Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love finished his best-seller to become film. Since the book and the movie aired, the more famous Ubud. So did the medicine man, Ketut Lier. His home in Penggosekan never deserted from the guests from morning to evening. I myself have several times always asked a friend who came from Jakarta to deliver there.

In addition to the art of nature and culture, Ubud also has a spiritual charm. Pretending that surround the train and ritual ceremonies are often held as if wrapping the magical atmosphere of Ubud with a reassuring peace. Perhaps for that reason, Ubud found many spiritual and healing centers based natural. For yoga lovers, Ubud provides a lot of studios with a wide stream. From the Balinesse classic yoga to yin yoga.

Ubud Another advantage is the characteristic of a warm-hearted people. Point is the highest rated by readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine, a leading travel magazine from America, so the choice in Ubud as the best city in Asia before 2010 and then beat Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Singapore and Shanghai. Of course this is no small achievement because there are six criteria that must be met candidate is the best city. Among others, the atmosphere / ambience, culture / sites, hospitality, accommodation, restaurants and shopping.

The six criteria are there in Ubud. The atmosphere is beautiful nature, culture is thick, genuine hospitality, accommodations from super deluxe to the homestay is simple, fine dining restaurants to street stalls, and the class of boutique shopping to millions of prices until that was held in Ubud traditional market stalls.

With all the advantages and uniqueness, not surprisingly Ubud become a magnet for foreign and local tourists. But many think that the bag needs to Ubud thick. In magazines and books are always shown in the face of Ubud tour of the 'expensive'. Exotic resorts with room backgrounds valleys, fields, mountains and rivers. The rates mentioned hundreds to thousands of dollars. The restaurants, too.  Bengil famous duck a portion (half a yummy crispy duck tail) nearly one hundred thousand after taxes are added. Resto-restaurant that nearly all shades of cafe in downtown Ubud also fix the price at least IDR 30 thousand not including drinks. I once stuck in a restaurant that looks like a stall, order an appetizer portion of Indian-style bread, vegetable soup and ginger ale, was forced to pay IDR 80 thousand. For me the pockets ngepas it's price is quite expensive.

But that is visible on the surface, in magazines and websites. Ubud was the real face of 'populist' as well. If you are only willing to pay below IDR 100 thousand per day to sleep in a homestay or guest house is quite comfortable, go into the settlements of the population such as the banjo Tebesaya, Padangtegal, Penggosekan, Peliatan, many lodging houses that blend with the population. This price includes breakfast of fried rice or plain pancakes and hot sweet tea. The advantage to live together with our residents can see and feel the pulse of their everyday lives. Daily routine activities such as membanten, sadjen, pray in corrected, certainly interesting to watch. Not to mention the architecture of the houses occupied by native Balinese. The condition was already a tourist activity in itself. Very interesting.

Or if you want an even cheaper you could look into Petulu, Kedewatan, Teges, Padangtegal. But a bit far, about 15 to 20 minutes to the center of Ubud on a motorcycle.

For matters of the stomach, you do not worry. Many options for it. If you love Chinese cuisine, able to shop in the area Sandat Garden, not far from the famous Ubud market. Her cooking is really yummy! A plate of delicious grilled tuna plus potato or rice boiled vegetables plus a complement of only IDR 20 thousand. Same price for a serving of sweet and sour shrimp cooked meal with fresh pineapple chunks plus rice. Feel like? Delicious! Small shop run by a husband and wife (his wife the former chef at a Chinese restaurant) is always crowded visitors. Most of the foreign guests. I was so full, sometimes in hours of dinner guests who are willing to stand outside waiting for the empty chair!

If you like cooking mix, please go to Mango Honey in Peliatan. A plate of gado-gado only seven thousand dollars! Tuna steak steambot only IDR 15 thousand. Anyway, cheap and tasty. The difference is this place is very spacious (but hommy). So do not be afraid missed the seat.

Or you've heard the  Mangku Bu chicken rice in gods? Well, it's also very affordable bags. Early last year my last visit I think it was seporsinya only 17 thousand. Want a taste of Java? Java there are stalls on the road Cokorda Rai (Sorry if I'm not mistaken). A plate of rice mixed Java only  IDR 7500! My friend is Dutch nge-fans really ate there.

For business shopping souvenirs, please come to Ubud market in downtown (if you are lazy to the market in Gianyar Sukowati a distance of half an hour on a motorcycle). In the open market at about 9 am and close at 6 pm is all sorts of souvenirs there. Want barong shirts, woven bags, carved statues, knick knacks until there Balinese mask. Just be smart bargain. Sometimes they go crazy prices. For example barong boss that cost 15 thousand 40 thousand priced. If you want cheaper and still have the heart to bargain better to market Sukowati. If for crafts and carvings monggo to the highway that leads Tegalalang Andong. There could be wholesale prices.

Transportation problems, well this is rather a constraint. As generally towns in Bali, public transportation difficult in the can. If any, in Ubud only serve trajectory terntentu and even then the morning and afternoon aja. Understandable if public transportation, it lazy operate public transportation because very few passengers. They are often met empty. Probably almost all the residents already have a vehicle. Minimal motor cycle. So the way out, you can rent a bike. The rates vary. My friend recently to 45 thousand to 24 hours. Matic new motor anyway.

So, who says Ubud for the deep pockets instead? Ubud is also friendly to the pocket mediocre.

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