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Graha Maria Annai, People Home

At first glance, this building was like a pagoda surrounded by a ring ladder. Seven level tower atop the building that blends with three domes create an impression of odd for a church. That among other characteristics, or better known churches Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni at Jalan Sakura III, Tanjung Selamat, Sunggal Medan, Medan.Jesuit Father James Bharataputra church building cost $ 4 billion in the outer ring road as far as 15 kilometers from Medan.

 "God is the architect of this building, I'm just the designer," he said when asked about the building on Wednesday (22/12).

James combines architecture Mugal Indo-Asian architecture in an attempt inculturation. Feels true joint Hindu-Muslim architecture in the building. There are three domes are similar to the Taj Mahal as well as ornaments and striking paint colors that are similar to building a Hindu temple.

Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni name itself refers to the emergence of trust in Vailangkanni Maria, a village in Tanjung Bengal in southern India in the 17th century. Catholics in India believe the figure of Mother Annai could cure many people.

Well, the feel of the new Catholics felt when visitors enter the main room on the second floor of the church. There were statues of 12 apostles on 12 pillars, a statue of Jesus crucified, and quotes the Bible that was written in three languages: English, Indonesia, and Tamil.

The windows of the church decorated with pictures that explain the mysteries of the rosary meditations, the event happy, sad, and noble. All images burned into stainglass.

The building that stands on the footprint 450 square meters which is part of the land area of ​​6,000 square meters that consists of two floors. Second floor serves as a sanctuary, portrayed as a haven and meeting place between heaven plated seven (towers) and earth (first floor).


First floor, where the Hall of Santa Anna is located, is often a meeting place or a wedding citizens, whether Muslim, Hindu, Protestant, or Catholic. Anyone entitled to enter the room with a capacity of 600 people.

"I wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere for all religions when they come here. There is no need to feel threatened because we only differ in religion, but one as God's people. The spirit of unity in diversity that I bring, "said James explains filo-Sofi buildings and purposes.

Though Graha Maria is a Catholic church, many Protestants who prayed in this church. "Once inside the church, the atmosphere is calm, peaceful, and quiet. I can pray for quiet calm. Perhaps because it is far from the crowds, "said Sinulingga Mustika (40), Protestants.

That afternoon, several junior secondary students Assisi Medan out of the prayer room. "We are grateful for having received a report card," said Tarin Wilfrida Brunouli Rosary (12).

Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni which was completed in 2005, has now become one of the marker region and the attractions the city of Medan. No fewer than 2,000 tourists, mainly from Malaysia and Singapore, visited this place every year. Manager also provides a place to stay for 25 people.

"But this simple inn. Without a star, "joked James. However, the existence of Graha Maria Annai itself has become a peaceful torch star.
(Mohammad Hilmi Faiq)

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