Thursday, August 25, 2011


Banyak island pushed


Taste the waves roll high, white sandy beaches are clean, with underwater scenery that is so rich and flaunt her beauty, is often the perfect image of an adventure vacation at once dreamy soul, releasing emotional fatigue from the hustle and bustle of indifference to the State and the nation sustainment , beauty of my homeland Indonesia natural attractions. Luckily for the State of Indonesia, with a cluster of islands, the choice to enjoy a pleasure tour of nature scattered directions.

In the far west of State We're there Banyak Island Singkil district, Banda Aceh, which showcased the beauty of his collection of 99 islands. This makes it have more value than the other islands are commonly encountered. Ta for the sake of fulfilling one or two activities, this island presents a variety of different pleasures to suit each person.

one of beach on  bangkaru island

For the surfers, please enjoy surfing activities with the tide of nature that can reach a height of 6 meters. The surfers can also try playing with the waves settle at 12 points of the waves that spread across the island Bangkaru, Ujung Silngar , and the southern island of Tuangku.

 one of the beach on bangkaru island

Her beauty was not only visible on the surface. It also offers its own pleasure in nature under the sea, so it is often advisable to carry dive gear. Minimal bring goggles and fins for snorkeling, with a clarity that makes the views the deep sea water feels good.

 bangkaru island

But for those who want to just spend time and sunbathe was no problem. After all, anyone would be tempted to capture every angle in order to take home as a sketch of the frame memories in the mind and instincts of humanity in the journey up the labyrinth.

However, it seems less delicious  if not taking the time to the island Bangakaru to see turtles laying eggs when night falls. Observing a process of life exposed on the eyelids to try graceful divine grace for us who enjoy independence of logical thinking as a civilized and cultured man without destroying the harmony of the creature's life, starting from the discharge of babies turtles crawl from their shells until the moment of his life sail toward the blue sea and dark, it would serene to share this experience.

 graceful divine

In simplicity and silence of nature, the island and waves of white foam strikes our mind's eye, the island is not much visited by tourists managed to radiate an aura of beauty. Many of the island can be grasped from Singkil in a matter of about 3-4 hours using a motor boat. Furthermore, please gulp and the gift of freedom you're grateful into  natural mother's arms and enjoy the time seemed to stop at this place as quiet in the wisdom of nature is always giving. Do not think let alone behave regardless of your soul for always cleaning up the environment where you stand in a second breath.

 tuangku island

Congratulations on vacation and will depend of the truth that you think is right in the minds of your faith that you believe to be absolutely sure her. Is not God always give and be thankful for the gift without polluting the earth and the environment where you stand.

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