Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1001 Enchantment Karst Area


Original text by Dr. Pindi Setiawan, an executive summary by Darmansjah

Sangkurilang-Mangkalihat a vast karst area in East Kalimantan, about 350 miles north of Aberdeen sbelah. According to experts karstologi and speleologi Dr Robby KT Ko, natural corridor generally located in karst areas. This hallway called the cave is the result of the process water that eroded the karst rocks millions of years. The area has mountains and cliffs towering thousands of tower karst scratch sky like a race. Seeing it from the air by helicopter, and landed on exposure to karst 'lapiza' is like plunging into the planet's middle of nowhere, as depicted in the film Star Trek.

Section most westerly row shows the beg-wall hundreds of feet high. From the existence of thousands of small cave-large, then the karst mountains Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat millions of years has clearly become the main water tank for area coast. Abundance of water was flowing major rivers winding avoid karst rocks, sometimes forming waterfalls, rocky gorges cascade or white. The rivers then converge and grow, splitting the winding forest greenery and swamp towards its eastern coast. Karst rivers filled with various types of fish, Udan, turtles, and crocodiles of the river. Sustained its east coast beaches in the mineral rich solution of karst mountains, a heaven for giant estuarine crocodiles and accommodation play a variety of big-fish such as whales, sharks, tuna, or stingray.

Karstnya even stretches down to the small karst islands in the Sulawesi Sea and pretty, like islands Derawan, Birah-birahan, or Miang Besar. Karst water sources popping up in these small islands, and many karst river that empties into the bottom of the sea-coast Sangkulirang Mangkalihat. Pad karst area like that, no wonder if life in the sea is a coral colony is missed by the divers of the world. As my experience, Indonesia's karst region as spectacular Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat it's just the Bird's Head neck area-Raja Ampat in Papua.

Nothing is more touching than adventuring in the mountains of stone giants this mempersona dengna use of water transportation. Starting from the karst islands on the coast, then into the river, and finally headed upstream squiggly eroded karst rocks. Coastal, river, and boat-are the soul of Sangkurilang-Mangkalihat people. They are raised in a culture of water and boats. The rivers were also used to be the main criterion for prehistoric people in the 'build' cultural-landscape it.

Wealth Karst Area

The tip is an area of ​​karst Mangkalihat big-fish for food, so often seen whales to dolphins.

Crocodile River in East Kalimantan faced typical coastal estuarine crocodile-like, it's just a short body (2-3 meters). Local people call it alligator frog, because of the distance mirp giant frogs, and this endangered species!

Orangutans, primates typical in this area appear darker than the other orangutans in Borneo. Not many are aware there orangutan habitat in the area of ​​karst Sangkurilang.

Swallow the world needs 80% depending on the preservation of the mountains, called karst mountains stone by the Dayaks. "Saliva gold" bird's nest worth tens of millions.

Sangkurilang historic images, Image prehistoric rock found in the karst region Sangkurilang between 1994 and 2006. Perhaps rock drawings made by the Austroasiatik, the livelihood of hunting, and came around 12.000-9000 years ago, when still united with Asia Borneo, Java and Sumatra. Kutai Prehistoric rock drawings in red and purple is dominated by images of the palm of the hand stamp made by spray paint, either by mouth or animal bones. There are at least 2000 stamped his hand found scattered at 37 sites. In addition to hand stamp images, pictorial Kutai prehistoric site is also filled with images of deer horns and images GEKO (geckos, lizards, crocodiles). Another important figure is images of leaves.

Protected Area Permits entered Karst, the Environment Agency of East Kutai regency, contact person: beni hermawan. Area Map can be obtained at the East Kutai District Forest Service, contact: Irwan Fecho. Porter and Mountain guides : Mountain Gergaji (Bangalon): Tewet or Ham of the village Bengalon. Mount Tabang-Hulu and Tintang: Isamail from village Perondongan In. Mount Tabalar or Stone LepoQ: Masri from the ward Felling Lembak km 10, Mount Tutunambo (Got): Adip from Pengadan Village, Mountain Manubar: Andi Nurdin of the village Takat Manubar, Mount Toadstool: Agus from his hometown Merapun, Tariff guide at least U.S. $ 15 perh day plus rooms, rates porter minimal US7, 5 per day , rate of U.S. $ 100 Transportation lodging per day by renting a car for U.S. $ 90, rent per up to U.S. $ 60 depending on the route

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