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Best Cruisers, executive summary by Darmansjah

Special mounts of All Time

Big fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles (HD) true are those that have been aged over 50 years. That fact along with the growing popularity of HD among young United States in the 1950s. A big size and shape other than motorcycles on the market became one of the allure of HD. Now, more than half a century seteah confirmed as the official ride of young people in the country, Uncle Sam, HD remains the idol, including in Indonesia. The Fan it now is a generation born long after the HD was proclaimed as a mount legal men in the United States.

Amid the onslaught of a motorcycle with the latest model, the HD actually appear to maintain the classic model. "Although the model is a classic style, but the technology has undergone a change," said Country GM HD Indonesia, as a public relations official in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the HD is marketed with a variety of types. Starting from touring until Sportster. Although the price is in the top position, just touring models most in demand. Interestingly, some of the latest touring models marketed in Indonesia precisely yan has not circulated in the United States. Among these types are FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide Ultra Limited, Road King, Road King Calssic, and Road Glide Custom. "In 2011, the HD will lunch to the market  FLTRU Road Glide Ultra family of touring, XL 1200 X Forty Eight and Super XL 883 L Sportster Low of the family, as well as FLTRUSE CVO Screamin Eagle Road Glide," said GM HD.

FLTRU Road Glide Ultra is the result of a cross between a typical frame-mounted fairing with the Road Glide touring luxury accommodation. Accompanied by a Twin Cam 103 engine ABS brakes, King Tour Park, Smart Scurity System, cruise control, and 80 watt audio system from Harman Kardon, FLTRU Road Glide Ultra will be released at a price of U.S. $ 71,350.00.

In addition to HD, there are also big motor output automotive manufacturer Honda Goldwing. Two-wheeled vehicles are Japanese motorcycles produced since the 1970's designed and in-assembling in the United States. Not surprisingly, the largest community of users of this brand in the country's superpower.

In this year  Honda released the GL 1800 Goldwing. The product of this big motor was almost not changed much compared to the prior year products. Honda only gives a lot of color choices for the Goldwing 2010 edition. motors are also used by the President of the Security Forces is touted as the best touring bike and safest. Despite weighing nearly 360 pounds but produces almost no vibration Goldwing. Mortor 1.8322cc engine is also equipped with airbags to minimize the risk if it accident occurs, and has a high handling and comfort, making it very suitable for long distance touring.

Goldwing also is a type of motor that its use can be adjusted to the taste of the owner. So, you are in the mood to drive fast or have your own design for a chair seat or want a different alloy wheels with Goldwing a opy owners, this motorcycle can easily be in the "who tinkers" according to taste.

Goldwing addition, HD is the toughest challenger vulcan Kawasaki Voyager 1700. The motors are also made ​​by samurai country is referred to as the motor of the best and most transplanted technologically advanced comparing the other big motor. One is the technology of electronic cruise control and advanced braking system called Kawasaki Coactive Advance Braking Technology. Both technologies are able to translate the wishes and comfort of the rider when riding two-wheeled vehicles are. Kawasaki also equip this bike with a bigger trunk box but still able to give comfort to the rider.

Kawasaki Vulcan is also equipped with a large power supply facilities. This is to meet the needs and provide comfort for their owners. Just look at her body in a variety of sophisticated gadgets be assembled and LCD display for displaying GPS, measuring heat, measuring the speed of electronics. There is also a cradle for the iPod and the iPad. Motorists can easily manage all devices from the two existing multipurpose buttons on the right and left of the driver. Kawasaki purposely made ​​plugs for up to provide comfort for the owner of the motor in order to stay connected with his favorite gadgets while driving.

Big motor that has a 6-speed is designed to be able to provide comfort for two passengers. The seat is slightly larger than similar motors but still gives the impression of sporty and nice views.

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