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HongKong. Areas that have special authority in China is indeed not exhausted discussed. Modern, open, and offers a variety of exciting entertainment that becomes magnetic. Worth if the area is divided into four major sections, namely Kowllon, Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, and New territory has become the target of the tourist.

TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com said, almost in every season, Hong Kong has a number of special events. For example, Halloween Party, Christmas and New Year are celebrated in festive.

Feel the thrill of enjoying themselves, especially when Hong Kong's New Year's Eve. From Kowloon-Island, on the lip dock, you can see the wonderful fireworks as if competing to illuminate the night sky of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the skyscraper buildings in Hong Kong as not to be outdone themselves showing off sparkling lights.

The rise of Asian countries to Hong Kong tourists is because it is not too far away and there are many airlines that serve the purpose to Hong Kong. Hong Kong seems to realize this potential. Many hotels have opened a comfortable accommodation for tourists. Means of local transport like buses and MRT were addressed. Thus, as facilitated tourists stroll and enjoy the atmosphere of Hong Kong.

Affairs of the stomach, Hong Kong has many street markets are ready to pamper you with a variety of chinese food dishes and other dishes. Just choose the course according to taste. Similarly, if the tone you want to shop, Hong Kong is one right choice. A variety of high quality fashion products at prices more affordable present in Hong Kong.

After enjoying Hong Kong, you can be visited Shenzhen and Macau. Two locations is somewhat not so far from Hong Kong. Macau, for example, can be reached within one hour from Hong Kong by ferry. Macau is known to have the City of Dream Area, an entertainment center, hotel, world-class performances, and a favorite shopping site. It is estimated there are approximately 300 branded products in the world here. So, do not miss the opportunity to hunt designer goods such as promo lasts.

No less cool than Honkong and Macau is Taiwan. Night Market or the market that many street vendors selling handmade souvenirs or snacks typical of Taiwan easily found in various corners of the city.

Problem culinary, you should try the Pearl Milk Tea. This is the famous bubble tea drinks thanks to a distinctive and delicious taste. Or, you can also walk in the Tam Sui Old Street. This location is known as a shooting location Taiwanese serial Meteor Garden version that could boom in some Asian developing countries a few years ago.

You also should not forget the charm of Taroko Gorge. The Taroko Gorge is a rocky cliff with beautiful natural scenery. The extent of approximately 920 square kilometers of white marble cliffs that lure mountain. Even the mini-style sculptured elegance made ​​Taroko Gorge is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Asia. In the meantime, if you take the train on the way Chiufen-Hualien, you will menyaskikan scenery charming blue Pacific Ocean.

No need to worry if it will be a culinary tour in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Therefore, the available number of specialty restaurants that provide halal food (processed materials do not contain pork and proceeds of corruption). Or, if you want to taste the variety of halal snacks you can asks you whether or not the seller. Usually they understand and choose the type of show or a halal confectionary. Ready to travel to other destinations?

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