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Lines point Rajah Java

Executive summary by Darmansjah
Teeett! Sound the horn startled us followed fallen empty plastic drum is rolled tight due to car hitting. "A `` Kowe! Java curses of a worker who was weighing the carp ponds in the direction away from our sedan. For me, the rest not far from the drum, carp ponds harvest in northern beach side fun at the same time it looks creepy.

pantai utara view

The workers continue to weigh carp pond and then put it into drums for transport vans to the market. Laughing, they seemed to forget about the incident fallen plastic drums that still makes me shocked. "Huh, from Jakarta? No cape what? Asked one embankment's worker  his eyes off the scales, as she looked at us as if in disbelief.

The workers continue to weigh carp pond and then put it into drums for transport vans to the market. Laughing, they seemed to forget about the incident plastic drums drop that still makes me shocked. "Huh, from Jakarta? No cape what? Asked one worker pond gaze from the scales, as she looked at us as if in disbelief.

"Yes, Man, we did not have money for the return home, so riding a bike," said  CakKris, one of my cycling colleagues who followed us all laugh.


The air that morning, in Kandanghaur located approximately 30 miles after Pamanukan feels so fresh with a sky so blue. The smell of the sea is still unclear though occasionally marred smell the black smoke from a speeding bus. Once satisfied flexing leg muscles and chatted with workers pond, we went back to get ready to continue our second stage, after the previous stage which starts from Jakarta to Pamanukan. Morning on the second day of our trip so much beach view decorated with fish ponds and salt typical of the coast.


This is my first time cycling through the North Coast line or abbreviated Pantura. Together with Kris and Lil Warsono-fellow bike enthusiasts. Initially just touring, and then turned into a batik hunt in every center of batik we met along the way.

Honestly, for me personally who live in metropolitan, batik is worn only during the day Friday at the office. I knew him as a priceless heritage and was ordained as a world heritage by UNESCO but how in the sense that batik for me who grew up with western-style dress? Trully, how deep sense of having an emotional moment; is the same as when I have the latest gadget product? This cycling trip took me to various places the birth of batik with the people who contributed to the 'birth', able to teach me about the true meaning of batik.

mount ciremai

Our arrival in the city of shrimp was greeted by the elegance of the peak of Mount Ciremai hiding in the clouds as the afternoon sun began to make friends with the skin. Center of batik Trusmi be our first destination before resting at the hotel. Frenzied center of batik illustrates how the power of a product capable of supporting the cultural life of its people. Bicycles we started down the aisles Trusmi hidden in the complex which consists of the Village Trusmi  Kulon and Village Trusmi Wetan. This is our advantage compared to a trip on a bike ride in motor vehicles; can explore this complex is as easy as we turned the bike when meeting a blind alley.

I sometimes notice the reflection of his own shadow that is being cycled through the glass window of a boutique lined up along the way. "How filthy is his body" I think after a long day Pamanukan-Cirebon. Every time I look in the mirror not only the shadow, the eye is always caughtglomy cloud’ (mega mendung) pattern are present, almost every product displayed fashion.

Motif 'megamendung' which describes the cloud has a deep and complex philosophy for society Cirebon. This motif is the result of acculturation of Chinese culture and Cirebon the peak occurs when Sunan Gunung Jati married Princess Tien Ong. At first glance, this motif is similar to cloud motifs that adorn the Chinese emperor's robe past that is often depicted with a dragon or phoenix. For the Chinese, the cloud is always synonymous with the world above (heaven) as a symbol of immortality, strength and protection of the gods. Belief in a beautiful philosophy to inspire me to design a bike jersey or shirt printed motif 'megamendung', as the hope of getting protection from the cycling time is on top. Unfortunately this jersey I could not wear when cycling in Cirebon.

In the village of Trusmi Wetan, our bicycles parked in front of a gate made ​​of red brick, at first glance similar to Kramat Buyut Trusmi. The history of batik Trusmi centers, even Cirebon is not separated from the role of Ki Gede Trusmi or commonly also called Ki Yang Trusmi. As one loyal follower of Sunan Gunung Jati, he was able to make batik as a medium for the spread of Islam in Cirebon at that time. Red brick gate is the gate to his grave which is always crowded with tourists for pilgrimage.

"Mas Well, here is always crowded, if you want to come right event Replace shingles," says seller 'tahu gejrot' (type of taofu is pressed) as he made ​​our order. Replace shingles which is a ritual meant to replace the roof of the tomb complex that uses a shingle every four years. Replace shingles when people always stand shoulder to shoulder maulai of power, money, and food.

"If Replace shingles've all come to help, all merchants must provide snacks all for free. Yes, intended as reciprocation to Ki Buyut Trusmi, thanks to his efforts we are still alive, " he said as he made ​​‘ tahu gejrot my second order.

Replace shingles addition, each year is also unusual roof replacement ceremony held at the tomb complex is made ​​of grass called ‘Ganti Welit’. Just like shingles Replace, ‘Ganti Welit’ also carried out during ‘Friday kliwon’ night at the end of the month Maulud every year. Both are always enlivened with puppet shows, entertainment dangdut, until the procession Ki BuyutTrusmi  heritage.

When the evening call to prayer echoed from minarets cirebon great, we had arrived at the hotel jasmine that distance is not far from Station Cirebon. After we finished cleaning up and enjoy lying for a moment, it's time to hunt for food with ‘NasiLengko’.

The next day, we arrived in Pekalongan when it was getting dark. Entering Pekalongan speed we started over 25 miles per hour because of a rush to the hotel. Hunting experience in Pekalongan batik actually started when we were about to leave town to Semarang.

In the morning while enjoying black coffee on the terrace of a hotel room, I was greeted by one of the batik sellers around. Goods it sells mostly t-shirts are printed batik motifs typical of Java such as machetes, kawung and truntum.

Knowing I was cycling from Jakarta, the batik sellers searching among his wares as he said, "I know that is suitable for you." He give away batik shirts printed with a picture of a bicycle-as if reading my mind. Immediately I took the wallet because the price in a friendly in the bag. While showing it off to the Cak Kris, I admire how creative batik craftsmen Pekalongan, bold batik motifs create a different and unique like the bike though.
sentono wholesale pekalongan

Finished packing and breakfast, bikes were ready for our ride to Semarang. Before leaving Pekalongan, Cak Kris took us to the wholesale market Sentono within 4.5 km from the center of Pekalongan. Things that caught my attention is the number of police cars outside Pekalongan numbered parked in the market area, this place seems to famous marks to get out of town. Wholesale Markets Sentono itself is made as convenient for the tourists, a large parking area, alley paving free of trash, toilets are clean and equipped with facilities foodcourt. Coupled with the easy access of infrastructure, wholesale markets clearly this one is one proof of the seriousness of the local government to make it as one of the centers of national batik industry.
Unfortunately we do not have time to visit Batik Pesindon Sentra that are on the road Hayam Wuruk and Sentra weaving ATBM Medono which is about three kilometers from the Wholesale Markets Sentono of having to hunt down the time to Semarang. The trip to Semarang overshadowed by riding down a paved road with large trucks are slowly menanjakinya. Luckily teak forests dengna wide leaves that shade us from the sun as it crosses Alas Roban in broad daylight. Of all our trips, Stage Pekalongan-Semarang is the shortest as well as the heaviest. We arrived in Hyderabad in the evening so tired, closed with rain.
Morning in Semarang so bright, tend to sweltering night even after heavy rain. "We'll meet at Lawang Sewu yes, all right you've never been there," says Lady Kris by phone that morning. The night before Justin Kris broke away because he was staying at his brother's house. Once assembled and took down the underground cells of the famous Sewu Lawang we were headed for GPIB Immanuel Church, known as the Church Blenduk.
"It may borrow a screwdriver?" Said a western man to me when you're photographing Bleduk Church. He was only wearing shorts with T-shirts da ntopi skullcaps, were trying to fix his bike saddle that is too low. His name is Raymond Kasco and called Remi, Universita Malang State student from Hungary.
Remi was then being filled vacation dengna cycling from Malang to Jakarta. That makes me his head is he cycled alone from Malang, without a helmet, a mechanical lock, spare tire, and even GPS! He makes his own bicycle pannier of a tarpaulin with metal frame is.

"I just read a book and bring a map," said Remi, when I asked if he knew the way to Temple Gedongsongo goal at that time.
Chatting with Remi makes me admire him, especially love and hold a Rummy against Indonesia, even he majored in Literature Indonesia and parts of Indonesia has visited more than me. Every time we asked to use the British subject, he're always respond with Indonesian language fluently. Funny thing is, he did not even know when asked when arriving in Jakarta.
"If I like with a city, then I will stay for a few days to get bored. I like the city of Solo, especially batik village. I got to stay there for four days, "he said.
Then, if a village Semarang batik? There! I also do not think Cak Kris could find in the area, Bubakan. The form itself is not like a village, but just a house. The house is located just down the road, we can recognize it from far away places produce batik, because it looks wet batik batik-dried in front of the house.

Simple figure of a man greeted us, asking what can he help that turned out to be the owner, Eko Hariyanto. Eko has memuli since its batik industry in 2006 after receiving training from the Council of Handicrafts (Dekranas) Semarang. Eco-made batik motifs tend to be unique, he designed the iconic motifs such as Lawang sewu tourist Semarang Sewu or Blenduk Church, he even returned responding Semarang ancient motif that has become extinct, especially after the Japanese occupation. Collections of ancient Semarang motif can only be found in Dutch museums, as if nothing is left for this country. He even trained the kids out of school in his village to make batik and persuade during the exhibition.
"I want these kids could one day open his own batik industry, and advance the batik industry Semarang," said Eko.

When looking at batik is still drying, I fell in love with a fauna-patterned batik scarves designed Eko style surrealism. Headed dragon, bodied sheep as a symbol of Arab culture, Java and China that turn Semarang. Warsono also attracted a patterned scarf Lawang Sewu complete with chariot. Not just describe the tourist icons, some artificial motifs Eko also has a deep philosophy. One butterfly motif that tell about a metamorphosis, the process of change to be perfect as his hopes for the future of Batik Semarang.

kampung batik

Both batik scarf was still wet, the smell of the night was still stinging. We bought it really "fresh from the house". I thin when else can buy batik own by selecting from the clothesline pole. We were lucky as the first owner because the two motives were just made and no one has dried.

gedungsongo temple

It was time to continue the journey toward Salatiga. The road from Semarang to Salatiga tends to rise, without derivatives. Funny thing is the way to Bandungan, I, who was resting on the roadside and left far from Cak Kris and Warsono, even reunited with Remi, who was heading to the temple Gedongsongo. His face red like a boiled crab, with be out of  breathing heavily and sweat streaming down his shirt. He joined with me to take a break. We agree that cycling to Bandungan added to the traffic density is really exhausting and emotionally.
I pointed to a pagoda visible not far from where we rested, Remi was interested in stopping there. The pagoda is part of the Temple Buddhagaya Watugong  as MURI expressed as the highest pagoda in Indonesia. Seven-story, describes seven levels of human dharma. Each level is decorated with a statue of Kwan Im Goddess facing the four directions of the compass with the hope of dewai spread love everywhere, especially the city of Semarang. In front, there is a Bodhi tree that is the result of Bodhigaya grafts in India.
I admire this temple, as well as its architecture due it is a symbol of diversity and religious freedom. As if asserted that the city is built on diversity, just like illustrated yagn motives batik scarf that I bought from Eko, acculturation Chinese culture, Java, to the Arabs.
Klaten also be the end of our journey is not accidental, after we decided to spend the night of Cak Kris residence there. Finish packing the bike to be sent via courier will return to Jakarta because of the train, We spent a long night to visit the tomb  Sunan Pandanaran who was in the Bayat area.

The night wore on, the time was right but the full moon cemetery Sunan Pandanaran increasingly crowded. "This place is always open 24 hours, more over in many a school holiday pilgrimage," said Cak Kris. Large buses from out of town to meet his parking space plus the hustle and bustle of hawker stalls of different types of crafts, food, music to DVD regions. In this solemn place, I realized almost all pilgrims wear batik as if it has been a dress code. Inside the tomb chamber, batik with all his motives remain present in the middle solemn pilgrims at prayer.

This cycling trip, not only brings us to the place where batik is a source of livelihood, but a lot of messages and their noble purpose of the incised 'malam' (a type of material used for oil wax batik soaking) every motive. Although not only located in Java and some countries have their own versions, but here the line and its points are not just a philosophy or identity of the local specialty craftsmen, but transformed into a tattoo-forming line of life. He is present in every society's life cycle starting from the birth baby wrapping cloth, clothing menyemarakan in marriage, until the closing body.

mount merbabu from salatiga

No longer limited by social status, he bandaged tank top wearer from the bath, making a living in the market, sarongs for prayers, until the conductor sleeping blankets. Motives, not just record history, not just about celebrating the glory of nature, but also contains a tribute to those who depend on her life.
semarang tugu

Pedal and Enjoy

When cycling long distance touring mainly be some days there are a few things to note. Choose the dry season. Sudden turn of weather can affect the condition of the body, other than rain can disrupt travel, cycling in the rain force with wet road conditions and limited visibility tends to be dangerous. Riding bicyle with an average speed of 20 km / h, do not force more because it makes stamina speed steady when you travel long distances. Divide the stage journey of not more than 100km per day. Make sure you survey the route in advance and book hotel rooms in each city in the end your stage. Try to enter the hotel before dusk. Wear special trousers cycling and do not use a backpack that weighed back. Prepare pannier with bicycle racks, sober clothes because you can wash yourself after arrival at the hotel to be used again. Try to departure from etape every morning, but temperatures are friendly, so as not served until late in the next stage. Make sure all equipment such as a complete bike lights, helmets, goggles, GPS, drugs, and never own touring bike for safety.

the tomb of Ki Buyut Trusmi

Tourism in the studio while learning batik Batik katura, jl. Great-Trusmi No.439-Plered Trusmi Kulon-Cirebon Tel: 62-231-322127. or jia Studio in Semarang mampilah to Eko Hariyanto Kampung Batik Batik Semarang Bubakan Gedong. Tel: 024-7058873.

Temple Buddhagaya Watugong

Our pilgrimage tour in the article stopped at the tomb of Ki Buyut Trusmi complex is located in trusmi complex. the Tomb of Sunan Pandanaran and up, village transportation of klaten to the south, towards the sub-Bayat, Open 24 hours every day. For those who are Buddhists, you can also make pilgrimages to the Temple Buddhagaya Watugong, Perintis Kemerdekaan, Banyumanik, Semarang. Open every day, and is free of charge. Can be accessed from Semarang to Salattiga by using a small bus.

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