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The Enchanting Taiwan Tourism remembered

By darmansjah

Modernization side by side with tradition. That is printed in mind while visiting Taiwan. Region which was allied with China's state is known for its electronic products and high-tech gadgets.

sun moon lake

Taiwan's economic success can be seen from the buildings towering skyscraper in Taipei, the main town in Taiwan. In fact, there is a building in Taipei is touted as one of the world's tallest building, the Taipei 101.
taitung hot spirng

On the other hand, the roots of the tradition is still strongly entrenched in Taiwan. Nuances attached to the Chinese tradition would you feel, especially when visiting Taiwan on Lunar New Year celebration. The colors red light gold color that blends with the cities in Taiwan. The buildings are also typical of traditional Chinese are still well maintained.

As if not to be outdone by other East Asian region, Taiwan's natural scenery was allowed thumbs up. For example, when you visit the Taitung Rift Valley Scenic Area, enjoy Taitung Hot Spring. Or, taken up to the Sun Moon Lake is phenomenal. Largest lake in Taiwan has a sparkling clear water with views of the slick. Natural treats that lure you can enjoy the Eternal Spring Shrine and Swallow Caves.

Eternal Spring Shrine

Taiwan is the right choice if you want to travel at the end of the year because even in winter, but temperatures are not so cool and acceptable to the people who used to live in the Asian tropics. The average temperature winter in Taiwan is only about 10 degrees celsius.

swallow caves

Invite your family and enjoy the tour visiting the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Chang Kai Sek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, and numerous other attractions in Taiwan. While traveling, children can also learn about Taiwan and its history.

national palace museum

Meanwhile, for fans of heavy shopping. Taiwan also be a suitable destination. The locations bleak Taipei 101 Mall, Mitsukoshi Mall, and the Dream Shopping Mall should not be overlooked from the shopping list of targets. Taiwan is known fashion products at affordable prices with good quality. In fact, there is a presumption of fashion products more fashionable than Taiwan with China.

Mitsukoshi Mall

Problem culinary, Taiwan's culinary diversity presents a unique and delicious. Try oolong tea, tea with a distinctive Taiwanese variations. For example scented chrysanthemum tea ( chrysanthemum tea) or tea with the taste and aroma of fresh fruits. As souvenir, and need to be carrying a typical Taiwan Nastar mochi.

oolong tea farm

Of course the typical Taiwanese snacks is different than in Singapore. To mochi Taiwan, you can find the content of the fruit mochi with red bean pineapple or content. Meanwhile, Taiwan Nastar known to have a box shape, with more content of butter, more savory, larger, and certainly more stable than the usual Nastar we enjoy in Malaysia.

Visiting Taiwan as if not enough just in the winter. If you want to kiss Taiwan elegance, try to visit when spring arrives, which is about the month from February to April. Flower buds are ready blossom crown will welcome your arrival at almost every corner in Taiwan.

cherry blossom

With temperatures as warm as Malaysia, in the spring, you will be more free to visit interesting tourist objects in Taiwan, such as Peacok Garden, Wen Wu Temple, Chung Tai Temple, Shihlin Official Garden, and so on.

peacok garden
We recommend that you plan your travel to Taiwan with the best. Can not be in the winter, the spring was so. To be more comfortable again, and can design a tour and enjoy a variety of interesting information such as those offered TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com. Good luck a tour!

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