Friday, March 3, 2017

Wanderer Japan Country

True impression of Japan began planning destination choice, by Didi Caspian Kasim, executive summary by darmanjsah

First, the region in the form of islands called Japan. Shaped like an elongated chain following the mainland of Asia, from eastern Siberia to the bottom, almost close to Taiwan. Next, a Japanese traveler can establish true based on something he likes. Devise your destination. Starting from the Tokyo-metropolis and multicultural-up to Kyoto that provides a series of fortress culture and traditions. 

Options tranquil destinations in western and northern Honshu or Shikoku. Highland areas-about 75%-as predominantly mountainous Iwate present purposes charming outdoor pleasure. One key design, traveled up the right time.


Modern and busy region featuring the best destinations. - By Adiseno, executive summary by darmansjah.

Concrete jungle contains tens of millions of people who look busy and modern. Tokyo, the world's largest metropolis as the buffer zone reaches more than 35 million people. For me, Tokyo is the last obstacle before venturing Fuji-san. At least from the point of view of "nature lovers".

Understanding the pulse of the metropolis and its landscape is most easily watched from the heights. The easiest way: go up to the 44th floor of the building mayor of Tokyo in Shinjuku. If the day is sunny then get eyes away looking all direction, the building looks wilderness. Even Fuji-san can be seen.

If we look into the distance buildings can seemingly open green area. That's the palace gardens of the Japanese empire. Metropolitan Tokyo itself has also national parks and farms and outlying islands.

Travelers entering Japan usually through major cities such as Tokyo or Osaka. Impression while watching both transport facilities, automatic machine row of food vendors, a giant super screens in Tokyo, Japan is a developed country. The community crammed in commuter trains, silence,. No hawkers milling.

Driving toward, say city tour Kamikochi, central Nihon Arupusu - Alp Japan, modern impression at the entrance. Even in a city surrounded by spectacular peaks, if it enters a small room, toilet seats offer heating facilities.

This impression was all lost when it entered into the mountain. Different from train commuters, people greet each other as they passed. "Ikimasu, Ganbatte," which means more or less let go, and be strong. This is the spirit of the nation hit hard by World War II to bounce back from the ruins become the ruler of the world economy.

Moreover, if the cross Hida Arupusu, or Alp North, and down into the village. Although farmers there have a car, but their behavior is the same as the villagers everywhere, friendly. If we can go beyond modernity, Japanese spirit of adventure will unveil a charming culture based