Wednesday, May 5, 2021


TANJUNG LESUNG, hailed by the government as one of the country’s new, Bali-like international destinations, centers on Cikarang-based Jababeka & Co’s exclusive enclave of pricey beachfront resorts and the special economic zone currently being developed at Ladda Beach. The absence of any equal competitor and the inconvenience of low-end options outside the enclabe means there are no alternatives to choose from.
While Bali has its recently-erupting Mt.Agung and the West Bali National Park, the Tanjung Lesung enclave is located in close proximity to Krakatoa, a volcanic island formed after a colossal eruption in 1883, and to the pristine Ujung Kulon National Park. Unlike Bali, however, it doesn’t have any strong, distinct cultural or religious heritage of tis won. Although it is situated in Banten, it’s not the home of the Badui, the traditional Bantenese community, whose hilly homeland is, in fact, closer to Jakarta (120 km) than to Tanjung Lesung (194 km). This may explain why it built a Mongolian food and culture center to entertain tourists. This, and some decorative attempts to imitate Bali, indicate the lack of a strong vision for its development.

Located a 3-t0-4-hour’s drive from Jakarta (and a shorter ride by helicopter from Cikarang  if you’re a potential investor), the giant enclave’s top hotels are the Kalicaa Villa Resort and the neighboring, almost two decade-old Tanjugn Lesung Beach Hotel. The later boasts a great family villa, a beautiful beach, a very enjoyable swimming pool, but institutionalized, uninspiring food. Currently, the resorts are awash with visitors when there are sport events or company gatherings. Lower-priced promotional packages also attract guests during the low season. A stay there comes wit hfree access to the Beach Club, where different water sports (such as jet ski and snorkeling) are offered.
Despite the club’s dilapidated look, new structures were being built when I went
[From : The Jakarta Post Travel Edition, August 2018  | Words: ]