Thursday, June 30, 2011

Down elegance Ambulabung

For nature lovers who like to be a challenge, an area in East Kutai Sangkuriang certainly familiar. This area is a karst area with a lot of natural caves are beautiful and interesting to explore.

One of the well-known is the Cave Ambulabung. Arguably, Cave Ambulabung was still very natural and untouched by human hands. So far that is often visited the region just a bird's nest seekers flock wallet and lizards.

In fact, there are stories circulating in the community that is htempat bertandangnya Ambulabung Cave snakes. However, many also argue that it is actually not a snake who visit or stay there, but the occasional lizard to bask in the mouth of the cave.

For nature lovers who often perform a search of the cave, Cave Ambulabung did provide its own challenges. No wonder the adventure of a single object is always capable of triggering and satisfy the desires adventure in the wild. I was so natural, not infrequently these caves used as research objects.

The situation is still a natural cave that is what makes the explore requires proper preparation and tools that support. This is of course necessary to anticipate things that are not desirable.

Almost every trail in Cave Ambulabung give the sensation of adventure that can not be unsaid. Even the journey to the Cave Ambulabung also provides its own sensation. Understandably, access to the location was not exactly easy. You also have to keep changing vehicles and also walking in the distance. Walkways, lush forests, rivers, and marshes are a few obstacles must be overcome to reach the Cave Ambulabung.

To enter the mouth of the cave and still have to pass through stream and large space that can not be achieved easily. That is why preparations should be carefully set.

If you claim a true adventurer, it's time to make the traverse to the Cave Ambulabung.
Tourism is not just out of the saturated activity routines. Visit a place and get to know the way, then it would be an excellent tour of the world expand, it became a mediums to reach friends and relatives, also acquired luxury experience

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kalasan Shrine, the Oldest Buddhism Temple

Executive summary by Darmansjah godjali
For lovers of archaeological tourism, heritage this one to be missed when visiting Yogyakarta. Kalasan, never heard the name of this temple?. For those who have not been there it would not hurt to spend a little time to visit this temple. Kalasan temple are near the highway, 50 m south of the road Jogja-Solo. If from Jogja want to Prambanan temple or Solo Kalasan will pass, the road will seem part of the temple. Admission price is not only expensive, usd 0.2 Close to highway and entrance tickets cheap so nothing to lose visiting this shrine. Although not as large or Brobudur Prambanan temple, still interesting to visit because it has its own uniqueness.

Kalasan shrine located in Kali Bening, Tirtomantani Village, District Kalasan, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, 50 M south of Yogyakarta-Solo road. Kalasan temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Jogjakarta and Central Java which was founded in Saka 777 or 778 AD by the Rakai Panangkaran of Sanjaya dynasty. Kalasan shrine established for the worship of the Buddhist goddess Tara. The temple is not used by the family of Sanjaya because they embraced the Hindu religion. Rakai Panangkaran founded this temple because of persuasion by a Buddhist teacher. This temple shows the harmony among Hindus and Buddhists at that time.
With age, Kalasan temple buildings are no longer intact. Some parts have been damaged and the top of the temple should be a large bell-shaped stupa is also absent. Restoration was carried out in 1927-1929 can not make the temple back in one piece because a lot of stone temples that have been lost. However, when viewed as a whole building of the temple is still good.

Uniqueness Kalasan shrine found on the beautiful decorations and a fine stone carvings. In addition ornaments and reliefs on the exterior walls covered with old-fashioned type of cement called Valjralepa. Valjralepa uses aims to protect the temple from the algae and fungi. Valjralepa also refine sculptured reliefs and give effect to the golden color temple. Valjralepa layer rarely found in the temples of Prambanan area. In addition Kalasan temple. The temple is the use Valjralepa Sari temple. The temple of Sari is a series with the construction of a temple Kalasan. Kalasan temple as a place of worship while Sari temple serves as a dormitory for Buddhist monks.

Temple as the historical evidence that was once our country was led by job-patterned Hindu or Buddhist kingdom. Although those days have passed and we have different beliefs we still have to maintain and preserve this heritage. Nation's heritage is a valuable asset. Do not want Seeing the temple that is made in our country, we have to go to another country first because it was in their possession claims.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Foreign Trip To The Endless Lonely

By Darmansjah

A feat in itself if Indonesia was able to achieve the target of tourist visits. As carved in 2010. According to the minister of culture and tourism that the level of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia to reach 7 million people?

In fact, the arrival of foreign tourists has been plagued by the cancellation of 14 airline flights to Indonesia because of the outstanding issue of terrorism in Bali and the major cities in Indonesia. However, this disaster did not deter foreign tourists who visited Indonesia. You need to know, targets 7 million foreign tourists are able to produce about 7 billion U.S. dollars.

The number of foreign tourists who visited Indonesia (inbound) is encouraging. However, on the other hand, Indonesia is also a growing number of tourists and does not hesitate to breathe in the charm of foreign travel.

Target tourists from Indonesia are usually the European countries, the United States, Australia, and Asian countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Singapore. For example, the number of Indonesian tourists who vacation in Malaysia totaled 23.65 million people.

Factor supporters

There are some underlying aspects of Indonesian society who looked at tourism abroad. Among these are a fairly good economic conditions. Although the world was hit by the economic crisis. Indonesia's economic condition could be said relative calm. Incomes are getting better also get people to consider finding a different atmosphere in the foreign tourist.

coloradao river

Indonesia outbound tourism prospects are quite good. Moreover, fiscal now gone, the cost of overseas became more affordable. Economic development in Indonesia is also quite within the average level. Communities are increasingly able to issue a fee for the tour.

Menjangan Island Bali

Tourism is clearly visible indication of the number of flights abroad. For example, a flight from Jakarta to Singapore to grow up to 6 times a day. Some airlines also adds to its fleet.

Another factor, some people want a different taste experience abroad. Accustomed to living in a tropical country, Indonesia is also the desire to feel the nuances of the country four seasons, one of which is a snowy atmosphere.


In addition, overseas travel is famous for its infrastructure is complete. Starting from the access road to tourist attractions, to the comfortable accommodations. Generally, many countries have given more attention in terms of tourism. Where tourists are not spoiled with this kind of service?


Indonesia is usually a lot of tourists from abroad come to at certain times. For example during school holidays children (around June-July) or post-holiday The Eidul Fitri.

High season is usually during school vacations or after the Eidul Fitri  and other festivals. Other months there is a demand, but not as much this time.

For low season, or outside of these times, the public interest is quite large. The reason, the price is quite skewed compared to the high season.

Recommended, prior to travel abroad, you have to book or order a tour package far in advance. Therefore, approaching the day of departure, ticket prices will be more expensive. Similarly with accommodation.

One way to look for inspiration abroad is to follow the exhibition tour. Exhibition tours generally featured not only the airline or travel agent (travel agents), but both guides.

There are many benefits you can get from the exhibition tour. For example, booking a fare plane, famous sights, and other benefits such as promos new tourist destinations.

One thing to note, before the tour, people should first set a goal, the destination and budget. For example, if the tour is in conformity with the allocation of funds? Is interesting to visit a tourist attraction complete with facilities? Usually the credit card holder, there are special discounts. So, take advantage of the excess credit cards when going sightseeing.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Vacation | The Australian

At a Glance About Australia

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali
In  Among the many vacation options, Australia can be ogled.

Australia name is taken from the Latin, australis, which means that in the south. Then, the Europeans called it terra incognito Australia which means big land south of the unknown.

Historically, the inventor and creator of the first map of the Australian continent is captain James Cook of England in 1770.

James Cook accidentally discovered the island of return trip from Tahiti with two scientists, Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander by using the ship Endeavour.

Australia itself has an area of ​​approximately 7.7 million square km which makes it known as the 6th largest country in the world with a population of about 19 million inhabitants.

The capital of Australia is Canberra with an area of ​​approximately 2400 square kilometers and polulasinya approximately 310 thousand inhabitants.

Not only the history, nature, culinary, and attractions which have become a tourism potential that will always attract travelers. Moreover the Australian government itself appears to be serious polish his country to remain mempersona.

The result, now known karean sectors other than education, Australia is also popular as a vacation spot because it has so many attractions. Call it the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Phillip Island in Melbourne, the Gold Coast, famous throughout the world, and much more. Interested in visiting? www.OnlyYouTrust.Com invites you to bersilancar on the internet before you really ready to visit Australia in a fun filled vacation.

Tips on holiday to Australia.

The city that must be visited within a period of nine days on vacation, namely Melbourne (Fizroy Garden, Cook's Cottage, Conservatory, Crown Casino, Melbourne Criket Ground, Shirine of Remebrance, Parlianment House and Queen Victoria Market), in Sydney (Sydney Tower, Harbour Bridge, Saint Mary's Cathedral, Hyde Park, The Rocks, Queen Victoria Building, Mrs. Macquire, Rose and Double Bay, The Gap, Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera House, and Paddy's Market), in Brisbane (Tangaloma Island), and the Gold Coast (Surfer Paradise, Movie World, Dream World, Aquaduck, Catch a Crab Cruise).


Use within the currency used is Australian dollars (AUD), and recommended that buy directly from your Home Country, because if you bring U.S. dollars and exchanged there, will be exposed to a fairly low rate and cut the bank commission.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

LAKE Tamblingan BALI

Executive Summary By Darmansjah Godjali

Buyan Lake

Two lakes that seemed to be the twin lakes of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, has an appeal that is very charming. Especially Tamblingan lake, the lake is the activities to the tourists had managed professionally.


In the area of Lake Tamblingan, the tourists can perform activities like trecking in the tropical forest with a variety of distances, ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours of travel.

Provided also sailed the lake Tamblingan activities using traditional boats.

Tamblingan located in the Sukasada district, 21 km south of Singaraja.

 singaraja bali

Its location is quite high at about 1000 meters above sea level, thus making the air in this place is very cool.

Tamblingan Lake is also located in very strategic places on the path towards Bedugul area - Munduk - Singaraja.


Along the road leading to Lake Tamblingan, we will be treated to a very beautiful scenery. Tamblingan lake itself has an area of about 1.9 km2, with a maximum depth of 90 m.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


El Dorado Modern Age
By Darmansjah Godjali

Lucille Lievaux (25), a French woman who worked as a geologist, working back and forth as far as 1300 kilometers from Perth to the city Karatha. In the Aboriginal language, means the State a good Karratha. Kotaini located in the southwest of Perth.

Lievaux initially only as a tourist. However, Australia needs will force geologists make it last with a salary of around 5,000 Australian dollars per month. "Australia is the same as El Dorado," he said, referring to the gold mines in the U.S. that a few hundred years ago made people rich quick inventors. "Very easy to get a job here."

Remarkably, the salary received Geolog Lievaux in the world that is booming is not quite spectacular. A supervisory personnel at the mining company can reach more than 200,000 Australian dollars per year or the salary more higher than Federal Reserve Governor Ben Bernanke salary.

Salary of a truck driver also can reach six figures. A construction worker could reach 150,000 Australian dollars per year, more than the salary of a doctor or a lawyer. "You'll easily find a woman cleaning a toilet with a salary of 100,000 Australian dollars per year," said Tracy Reis (42), employee travel agency in Karratha.

Australia only has a population of 22 million inhabitants. This country has a mining business that is needed economic Asia. The existence of Australians own is not enough to full fill of demand for labor. Mining project to project investment of 400 billion U.S. dollars and require 70,000 workers up to five years, as the government estimated.

The construction sector is also projected to require 196,000 workers over the same period. Construction sector is related to the mining sector.

Australian labor shortages, not only for menial jobs category. However, Australia not like Singapore or Dubai, which opened the door for foreign workers. Economists said the Australian limit the presence of foreign workers.

Australis mining billionaire, Gina Rinehart, asserted, Australia must change the system. "Australia needs guest workers," said Australia's richest resident who has a wealth of more than 10 billion Australian dollars.

Be able in English

Rinehart is chairman of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd and the daughter of the late founder of Lang Hancock, who began adding iron ore decade the 1950s and 1960s.

"Australia does not only require skilled workers, but also blue-collar workers, guest workers, and construction workers. Australia should emulate Singapore's foreign worker permited although some were not allowed to live permanently, "he said.

However, Australia is sometimes politically shortsighted and anti-foreign. Paul Howes, union leaders and workers including the impact on the Australian Labor Party, recently denounced the arrival of low-wage workers from the Philippines.

"We can not blindly accept the existence of cheap labor to work in remote areas in Australia," said Howes Head of the Australian Workers Union (Awu).

Attitudes like these make it difficult enterprise, Jared Fitzclarence, Aluminum Welding Karaatha owner, said the most difficult to obtain the necessary workers. He had trouble getting local residents to work in his company. Finally he could only get employees immigrants from Bangladesh, who happened to be a hard worker.

"We are extremely difficult to get workers who are drug free. It's not just happening in Karratha, but also in various locations who need good workers, "said Fitzclarence.

He agreed if the foreign workers allowed to more freely enter Australia. "Moreover jikga foreign workers could speak English," he said.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tour Detailed Guide to New Zealand

Executive summary By Darmansjah Godjali

In 1979, a satirical writer from New Zealand - Tom Scott, wrote an article in the NZ Listener magazine with the headline: "Terrible tragedy in the South Seas. Three million people trapped alive. "If the language Indonesianising, about a title like this" tragedy of the Great South Sea: Three million people trapped alive! "
The article was written to satirize the presence of New Zealand is located at the southern tip of the hemisphere, which is a country that is relatively 'isolated' from the traffic roar of his world at that time inhabited by 3 million people.

In 2003 Kiwi Country population has increased to 4 million people, where the increase in population was caused by immigration from outside New Zealand. Deep pockets of immigrants came from all over the world to immerse its investment in various sectors.

However, population growth in the country consisting of two main large islands - North Island and South Island, can not beat the amount of livestock populations of sheep reached 44 million heads! It is re-written in an another article that discusses the dangers of hunger in the world, stated that residents in this country would be the last man who would be able to survive on earth without experiencing hunger not worry, because every population will have a 'rations' average average 11 lambs. Hehehe ....

The tourism sector in New Zealand grew by leaps and bounds thanks to the circulation of the film trilogy "Lord of the Rings" which was shooting with the natural setting of this beautiful New Zealand. Not only that, many films popular TV series such as "Xena - The Warrior Princess" also took the natural mountain setting of this amazing New Zealand.

Although including the land located at the ends of the earth, does not mean that this country lags far from modern civilization. In the midst of nature and fresh air and natural scenery is still beautiful, large cities in New Zealand has a modern shopping centers are open 7 days a week - things may not be found when we traveled to Europe - with different brands of boards upper-class world.

In terms of transportation facilities and infrastructure, the order system is also very neat and modern pamper the tourists who visit there. The motorway is roomy and smooth stretches from the northern tip of North Island to the southern tip of South Island; modern railway line following the departures are always on time and various international class airports - is an example of the seriousness of local governments working on the tourism sector of this country. Convenience of transport typical developed country you can feel here.

In terms of crime, the country is still relatively safer than other developed countries. This is again the main attraction for foreign tourists to visit and then .... fall in love.

No wonder, if some people from other parts of the earth are many who plan to spend time with his parents settled in New Zealand because of its natural beauty, even in winter, temperatures in the cluster of islands this country - especially in the South Island - can be quite extreme .

So do not wait any longer to see for yourself how beautiful New Zealand, although the country with the indigenous Maori people is not exactly as a cheap tourist destination. But do not worry, in TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com this, you will find instructions on how to complete your trip can be more efficient ...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Castle Heaven Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam Natural Enchantment 

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

After breakfast and check out at a hotel in the old town of Hanoi, the trip to Halong Bay was begun that morning. Tour to one of the sites in the world of natural magic, who had entered the list of candidates for New 7 Wonders of Nature, it passed the width of the road without the beautiful scenery, and even tend to be boring.

the old town of Hanoi  

We rode the L-300 car travel to the north of Hanoi. Inside the car there is, among other things, Din Huyen Tram, employees Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Vietnam; two staff Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi, Mrs  Ana and Pak Nyoman. Tram was a guide.

The road is wide enough and free of obstacles, but dusty. One of the cities worst hit due to dust is the Cam Pha. Houses and other buildings, roads and crops here covered in dust. Residents wearing hats and masks.

"Dust from the coal mining industry," said Tram.

the Cam Pha  

Boredom on the road can be driven by listening to music from your iPod, chatting, reading books about Vietnam, or sleep. Before passing Cam Pha, the car stopped at a craft center stone sculpting, carving, painting, and weaving. The workers were physically disabled.

halongba junk 

The car we were riding finally drove again. Not long ago, we had entered the border province of Ninh Quanh. Views of the beach began to entertain a previous trip flat. Three hours after leaving Hanoi with a distance of about 100 miles, we arrived at Pier Bay Cay.

the border province of Ninh Quanh  

Pier Bay Cay.  

There was a lot of timber ships (junk). One of them is ready to transport us to the rocky island, Thien Cung Grotto, to see the stalactite and stalagmite caves of the largest in the region, Don Tien Chung. When in "open sea", it appears a lot of junk with the model, size, and kind of different.

Thien Cung Grotto  

Timber ships with one floor, such as carrying at the time, for day-tours are only serving lunch on the ship and returned to Hanoi in the afternoon, or staying in a hotel in the city of Halong Bay. This ship with a capacity of 20 persons.

the city of Halong Bay  

There are also ships with two floors, just for a private cruise with a restaurant on the second floor. There is a ship into a hotel, cabin type was undifferentiated. The fares are very expensive. Can more than one million dong, or $ 80 per night.


The journey begins with jubilation see the wonderful panorama of the bay. In this bay, with an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square, scattered about 1996 coral islands and some of them appear green. This stretch of one of world heritage by the Organisation Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Suddenly the fog blocking the view of inter-island.

According to the literature on Halong Bay, on the islands there are 435 plant species, 22 species of marine animals, and 76 species of birds. In addition there are 28 varieties of mangroves, 315 species of fish, as well as 545 animal species and 234 types of coral Invertebrate. "Halong Bay is a beautiful natural painting," said Tram.

The ship that we were riding quite comfortably. Approximately 30 minutes of sailing, Tram said, "That Thien Cung Grotto, our goal this time". Thien Cung means the palace of heaven. The island seemed covered with dense forest. After descending to the dock, climbed the 51 rungs of natural stones, we arrived at a narrow door into the cave.

Everyone looked stunned, stunned for a moment, so knowing he was already inside the cave. Involves the layout of artificial lights that highlight the most salient parts of the characters and legends of the cave, as if feeling the fantasy world of animated nature. 11000-700000 age coral island that year.

According to the legend told by one of the guides in the cave, a young woman named May caught the eye of the Dragon Prince and he fell in love with her. They became engaged. The wedding lasted seven days and seven nights at the center of the cave.

In honor of their wedding, small dragons flying through a stalactite and stalagmite. Joined the dance happy elephant, snake wrapped himself like he was spinning cloth around the tree. An elephant big, well dressed, waiting to transport the bride and groom. Genies from various parts also come to attend the banquet.

"All scenes have now been fossilized in the cave," says Ms. Thuy, a guide in the cave.

In the middle of the cave there are four large pillars supporting the "roof of heaven." (Roof of heaven). From the bottom to the top of a lot of strange pictures of birds, fish, flowers, and even a view of human life. On the north wall of the cave a group of fairies seem to dance and sing in honor of the marriage.

Arriving at the last part of the cave, it seems natural water flow from the rock hole. There are three small ponds of clear water. In the small pond was littered with coins dollar and dong. According to legend, bathed in the pool this May 100 children, making them wise and happy being a teenager.

One passage out of the cave is a way for November along with 50 children took to the new crop land. The remaining 50 children, along with their father, were left to rebuild the country of the original.

Lunch on board that evening was delicious. The menu specials, not far from the fish. After eating, the boat took us past the reefs are magnificent. Under overcast skies and cold weather, temperatures around 16 degrees celsius, we headed to the hotel where to stay overnight before returning home.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Icon Velvet Revolution

Budiarto Shambazy, executive summary by Darmansjah

Vaclav Havel (74), the icon is credited with knocking down Velvet Revolution Czechoslovak communist regime in 1989. Playwright who became the first Czech president after the split with Slovakia is now busy directing the film "departure" which was appointed to the big screen of one of his novels.

In his small office and filled with shelves of books in Prague, the son of former ambassador and renowned journalist is leading the various institutions engaged in cultural activities, social, and political. One of the Forum 2000, held annual conferences since 1997 that was attended by leaders and scientists from various countries.

Since the 1960 recipient of dozens of honorary doctorates from various national and international universities that are already struggling against communism, including mobilizing the forces of democracy are silenced by the invasion of Soviet troops who came to fame as the Prague Spring in 1968. In 1977 he formed the Charta 77 who opposed the communist regime, which imprisoned him. Since then Havel, who comes from a wealthy family and intellectuals, the opposition leader who has the support of national and international.

Former heavy smokers had presided at "Velvet Revolution" November 1989, which would trigger a change in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Communist regimes collapsed, the Berlin Wall collapsed taun 1989, Germany reunited in 1990, and the Soviet Union broke up in 1991. Velvet Revolution meroketkan Havel's political career is elected as President of Czechoslovakia, in December 1989, through multiparty democratic elections.

During the lead, Havel is now seen as the moral leader of Czechoslovakia's herding towards a new era, including the Czech Republic with Slovakia's separation is he really about. Czech is now a modern country that joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union. Havel, who are friends with the rock stars, such as the Rolling Stones and U2 personnel, receive Compass for an interview about an hour,

 What are your daily activities?

My two activities. First, in this old age I am trying to be a director. I make films, his shooting is almost complete. It's time consuming and stressful, much heavier than I expected. Second, perform the function as the former president in this small office with three members of my staff, namely writing, answering letters, and organizing meetings.

How is the view of the changes in Eastern Europe? Are there any concerns with the current state because some countries have experienced economic crisis?

Overall we were satisfied that some of the ideals of social change have been met, at least in our society lead to it. We are a democratic country with a parliamentary system and market economy. We already have security guarantees as NATO members. And it is not easy to achieve the goal of expanding membership of NATO. So also with the expansion of EU membership. This is why we are satisfied. However, I have 1001 reasons to be dissatisfied. In the end there's always things that are complained of in any circumstances under any regime.

I would like to add. You mention about the role of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the idea of ​​change stood for. What happens when the crisis of a system (communism) and of course was initiated by Gorbachev's perestroika is not the only influential factor. Our struggle through the Charta 77, dissident movements in the Soviet Union and other communist countries, is the result of a profound crisis of the system. And of course the change is accelerated when Gorbachev came to power.

Czech and Slovakia has been separated long enough. There is remorse, perhaps?

My generation, like generations before me, raised by our awareness of the Czechoslovak state and anyone who wants to split up is a fascist or an enemy state. This awareness is survived by the divisions (Czech with Slovak) major trauma, especially for the Czech nation. No matter how all had been forgotten and now no longer so traumatic for anyone. Now we are two independent states which establish intimate relationships in a better condition than when it is still one country. So, this separation takes place well.

In my opinion, this separation is required .. Of course this separation resulted in negative things.

For example, once people understand the language of Slovakia and the Czech vice versa. Now it is not because the news was broadcast in two languages ​​as it once was. Cultural cooperation is not as tightly as before. However, overall I feel we live in the best era of bilateral relations as two independent states.

I consider the most important separation peaceful and quiet. That may be related to the fact both the Czechs and Slovaks are not easily tempered, who completed a difference in the store, (not) through the war. And is also associated with a clear border of our region. Since the first of Czechoslovakia did not have a problem that is often so early a local conflict, namely the problem of border regions.

There is an assumption plan the deployment of NATO missile defense system initiated by U.S. President George W Bush and Barack Obama proved that the Czech nation the U.S. can be arranged.

I disagree. We are part of the Allied members who listened to every sound that participated in the decision making process. Of course the U.S. is one hundred times larger than the Czech had a greater influence, obviously. And related missile defense system, leave to the experts how to best shape the system. Unfortunately, in our country who do not consider that there are scientific or technical issues, but issues of national pride. What is the problem if we have a radar? My value does not make sense of their objections to the plan under the pretext of nationalism or patriotism a strange, who do not respect the Allies.

Within that framework there are signs of U.S. and Russian relations back stiffened, for example they do not want to agree on New START (reduction of strategic nuclear weapons). Did you see this as a sign of new Cold War?

I hope this is not going to develop into a new Cold War. I value this agreement is important because the number of nuclear weapons in the world too much. Even if the nations largest owner to reduce the amount to be half anything, it is not influential, they can still do anything. However, there was no threat of the Cold War not only because the conditions in Russia and Europe changed significantly, but also because the world no longer divided into two poles. Now there are many superpower and they offset each other in ways that are quite complicated.

How is your assessment of China as there are who think the second Cold War between the U.S. and China now has the power of economic, political, and military so powerful?

China's growing economic role and growing rapidly. However, in my opinion, and I also wrote about this in a congratulatory letter to (Nobel Laureate) Liu Xiaobo, a fast growing economy is not compatible with authoritarian political system in the long run. In my opinion, the future of China will experience the process of democratization because it's their only chance. Otherwise, they stop economic progress. On the other hand, the rapid progress of China should be admired. Of course there are various shortcomings, such as a flood of pirated goods export them and others.

Are you worried about the military might of China in the Asia-Pacific region will be used to attack other countries?

I do not know, but all the escalation of tensions leading to conflict of suicide and I value highly unlikely China would commit suicide. Globally connected world and regional conflicts can lead to conflict involving all parties quickly. And no doubt, wise leaders recognize this.

Now many border conflicts among the countries in the Asia-Pacific. We in this region are very concerned with recent developments.

Sure I understand, but with a glimpse from afar, without in-depth knowledge of all conflicts, I value it will not develop a disaster. What I find most dangerous North Korea. It seems that reigned there people who are less sane.

Is Korean reunification is achieved within one or two years?

Perhaps, but North Korea must change. South Korea, based on my visit there, ready for reunification. However it seems difficult to bring together the authoritarian regimes that are less sane democratic country, is not it? Maybe it can be done, but we were hard to imagine.

In the last ten years most of the people disillusioned with democracy in Indonesia because of money politics and elections / disputed 2009 election to the Constitutional Court. How is your view?

I have no particular opinion about the development in Indonesia because it is not involved in politics again. I do not concern themselves with politics from morning till night. However, there is an obvious thing. After each transformation from an authoritarian to a democratic system, there is a phase of euphoria and disappointment later stage. And it is a normal phenomenon.

There is a third stage?

Everyday life.

Indonesia has experienced various problems of diversity, tolerance towards other religions increasingly disrespected. Your view?

It's a paradox, but the range of serious danger that threatens civilization stems from the fact that we lose God, loss of confidence and awareness of the infinite universe, or loss of a higher moral authority. It was on one side. On the other hand, at the same time too many local conflicts that took place in the name of various religions. It seems we drive out the good side of religion through the door, but he came back through the window in an amorphous condition again.

There are two prominent Asian interesting comment, namely Liu Xiaobo and Aung San Suu Kyi, who had just been released from house arrest.

I have the right to nominate Nobel Peace Prize recipient, in my opinion has always discussed the Nobel Committee. I was very moved by these two characters my proposal was accepted (as the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize). Of course I'm not the only one who was running for Suu Kyi and Liu. Two days ago I spoke by phone with Suu Kyi since she is now more freely.

Still listening to rock music?

I am not a music expert, but fond of each type of good music, whether classical, rock, or jazz.

've Read the autobiography of Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards published recently titled Life?

Not yet. If not mistaken he had sent the book because we are good friends. However, I have little time to read.