Sunday, September 30, 2012

Machu Pichu

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'The Lost City of the Incas' is the historic site of the most famous Inca Empire and
became one of the world then and had forgotten until rediscovered in 1911. Many unsolved mysteries of the historic city, ranging from how to build structures in this culture between the two mountains to why they left the city.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

West Bengal, India

Text by Ken Kram is a Canadian educator living and working in Singapore; executive summary by darmansjah

Misty Mountains

I recently returned from a six-day trekking adventure to Singalila Ridge, located mostly in the Singalila Ridge National Park west of Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. The journey started  with a two-hour jeep ride from Darjeeling to the head of trail in a small village and ended with a four-hour jeep ride from Rimbick to Darjelling. Basically it took two days to climb up to Singalila Ridge from Manebhanjan, the starting point; two days along the ridge at elevations between 3,300 and 3,650 metres and then down from the ridge to Rimbick. This picture was taken from a hill above Sandakphu (3,636 am telling me that there were no clouds and the mountain views were very good. I joined him and we climbed the hill for the early morning mountain views but when I looked down towards the village, the mist was just rising and the village was mesmerisingly picturesque.

 The highest point of the Singalila Ridge, Sandakphu offers some amazing views, which on clear days can include sight of Mount Everest

Friday, September 28, 2012

Punjab Grill, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Food Treasure

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Punjab, a region in India which borders Pakistan has long been renowned as a culinary center because of its rich variety of cuisine. Good vegetarian dishes as well as the use of meat, the influence of Hindu, Sikh, Pathan, and Muslims gave the unique gastronomic pleasure for this region. Several cities in Punjab such as Lahore metropolitan, Peshwar, Rawalpindi, Kabul, Amritsar, Multan and Patiala are members of a culture and a diverse menu of food producers that you know today. Take for example tikka, one of the favorite snack in the Punjab.From Tandoor murgh up Malai Tikka murgh, and Tikka Baluchi until Murch makhani, paneer tikka from Multani to Tandoori Roti, every cuisine has its own story and have the distinction between one another. But basically, all the food was born in Punjab. Of cities is emerging from generation to generation chef who mastered and perfected the art of cooking and baking using a tandoor.

Punjab Grill is a North Indian restaurant of the most awarded in the last three years. First established in 2008 in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, this restaurant became one of the best in India. Now, Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra who have already had several branches in the cities in India, namely New Delhi, Guragon, chandigrah, as well as Mumbai and opened the first international branch in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Jigs Kalra Indian cuisine is known as the king and the first Asian inducted in the International Gourmet Hall of Fame. He is trying to revive the good cuisine and cooking ancient India that was nearly extinct. Through the restaurant, Jiggs Kalra offers a variety of delicacies such as roast four techniques that became his trademark traits, namely using the Tandoor, Sighri, Laughter, and Kadhai. Tandoor is an oven made ​​of clay that is often used to prepare the BBQ. Sighri is a manual for cooking appliances using coal. Laughter is a great disc-shaped pan, flat, or convex made ​​of iron, steel, or aluminum. Kadhai cooking pot is kind of thick, circular, and in (looks like a wok)
. You can try a variety of kebab with two choices, vegetarian and non vegetarian. Other menu you can try the Tandoori Duck or Salmon tikka using the best Scottish Salmon. Do not forget to try Gucchi (Morel Jumbo) and Tandoori Lobster, a combination that will satisfy your hunger will cuisines of India.

That makes it more attractive restaurant is the adjustment of the use of seasoning, so taste a dish that is served with tongue fits most Asians. Not only that, the presentation was strongly in maintaining the aesthetics, with the balance between the amount of food and garnishes that enhance the appearance. No wonder when the majority of the guests who come to visit this restaurant in early December, restaurant guests who meet the modern-style restaurant is mostly faceless India.

Nothing wrong with taking the time to Punjab Grill at Marina Bay Sands, if you travel to Singapore. After shopping at various boutiques at The Shoppes on board or enjoy the show Wicked is phenomenal, complete your visit to the resort is a culinary adventure, enjoy Indian food rich flavor in a comfortable atmosphere.

Punjab Grill By Jiggs Kalra B1 - 01A, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sandd, Singapore 018 972 2 Bayfront Avenue T. +65 66887395

Thursday, September 27, 2012

City At A Glance

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Bangkok lives up to being Thailand’s glitzy capital – its sights and sounds offer a spectrum of entertainment and activities that both entertain and titillate.

Transport – Air-conditioned taxis roam the streets alongside public buses connecting commuters to different corners of the city. Hopping on the Bangkok Mass Transit system, commonly known as the BTS Skytrain, an elevated rapid transit system,  the MRT underground railway line and the elevated Suvarnabhumi Airport Link (SARL), are options to evading the city’s notorious traffic jams. Travelling on foot is thebest way to take in the sights and sounds of this bustling cosmopolitan capital.

Season – There is no real winter season in Thailand, so expect generally hot and humid weather, with a good measure of rain, year around.

Sprawling Bangkok can often become an enigma for first time visitors. While the inner city boasts modern city transportation and dine-dining restaurants, behind the nooks and crannies you can spot Thai architectural homes standing next to skyscrapers and sino Portuguese edifices.

One of the most exiting ways to explore Bangkok is by foot. For gastronomy enthusiasts, the open air food markets are a huge opportunity to experiment and tantalise your palates. A leisurely stroll opens up opportunities to also come up close and personal with the locals, and experience first-hand how tradition and modernization exist side-by-side. After all the walking, there’s always a therapeutic Thai massage waiting around the corner.

Update – Thailand’s tourist sites that were badly  affected by the month-long flood late last year are slowly getting back to normal as waters begin to slowly but steadily recede in these areas. Tourist spots in the capital Bangkok are relatively unscathed as the floods were mostly restricted to residential communities. Other than the Grand Palace area, popular tourist hubs like Siam, Sukhumvit, Silom, and Khao San Road were not affected.

One of the best places to tantalise you taste buds is Yaorawat, the capital’s Chinatown. Cluster of food stalls pop up to serve dinner after 6pm in the vicinity surrounding Tahon Mangkon. It is a good idea to start along Soi Leng Buai and walk your way up. Here you will come across a large array of family restaurants, offering typical mouth-watering Chinese favourites like Hainanese chicken rice, known locally as kaho man kai and of course rice congee. Typical Thais dishes such as tom yam kung, path thai and yam talay are also widely available along the street corners.

Just over an hour’s drive from Bangkok, the Nahkhon Nayok province is a popular getaway among nature lovers thanks to its lush landscape. Nakhon Nayok also provides home stays for tourists keen on learning about the lifestyle of local farmers. ThaDan Home stay I one of the oldest serving home stays, housed in the lush fruit garden of farmer Prasit sumontha. The rustic accommodation comes with basic comforts such as clean running water, electricity and freshly washed pillowcases and bed covers (66 0 3738 5015; 54/2 Mu 3 Tambon Hintung Amphoe Mueang, Nakhon Nayok).

Located in up market Rajdarmri Road, the luxurious Hansar Bangkok just turned a year old. This member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World boasts an intimate 94 suites, enabling it to offer a boutique experience while keeping rooms sufficiently spacious. All suites feature sleek and inviting design, with blissful king-sized plus beds and unique individually hand-beaded headboards by Chiang mai artisan Kachama, and rain-showers and free-standing terrazzo bathtubs in the bathroom. Outside the room, Hansar Bangkok offers a plethora of dining options likebreakfast venue Shine , Zest juice bar, Café Boca, lobby bar Vue and French-inspired restaurant Eve (

If you are going to be in Bangkok for a week or more, make Marriot Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok you choice of stay. These stylish apartments offer the best of both worlds; take advantage of indulgent hotel services In the comfort of your own cosy getaway, backed up by the trusted Marriot name. guests get to choose from a comfortable studio to three-bedroom apartments. Beyond the gourmet kitchen and quality furnishings, each apartment comes complete with LCD TV, DVD player, a working area with private phone line and voice mail (

One of the oldest trading areas of Bangkok, Pratunam, is now a haven for those seeking discounted garments, shoes and fashion accessories, as well as a good deal on IT equipment. The Pratunam are bgins on Pehtchaburi Road at its intersaction with Ratchaprarop Road and extends wesward down Phetchaburi toward Phya Tahi Road. People desiring to shop in a cool air-conditioned environment can pick from a list of discount malls, the most popular being Pratunum Fashion Mall, Indra Arcade, Pratunam Centre and the IT Paradise Pantip Plaza.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madrid, Spain

Text by Anastasia Borisova, from Moscow, Russia, was in Spain in August 2011, executive summary by darmansjah

Follow your nose

Lavapies is a neighbourhood in Madrid; its name means ‘wash feet’, probably derived from the ritual of washing feet before entering temples. It was not the smell of feet that drew us here but rather the enticing aromas of food. Once a slum, Lavapies is now known for its multicultural resident mix and its food markets. My friends and I found our way here from out of the metro just by following the delicious smells.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mid-year vacation to Bali Fun

Until recently, Bali is still the target of many tourists. Understandably, this island is one that is able to store magical power to attract tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.

So do not be surprised if every corner of Bali was always filled with tourists and merriment that seemed endless. From the start of various kinds of entertainment that inspires Kecak, Barong Dance, until the ritual cremation, it presents a unique and extraordinary appeal.

Speaking of unique, Bali was always able to present something different and unique when compared to other places in the archipelago. Starting from the beach to the glittering nightlife was nothing presents a different and very unique. Similarly, a variety of accommodation in Bali. Many places that serve the unique interior and exterior that can not be found outside the island of Bali.

Some time ago, The Personal Memory (TPM) Hospitality announced the opening of the concept interior and friendly staff to pamper visitors. While many hotels offer bargain prices, The Spot offers something different. Not a budget hotel, nor a luxury hotel, but the inn with class and uniqueness.

Each room at The Spot has its own theme inspired by public figures, artists, food, or phenomena that are second to none, which is also under the spotlight of the world. Each of the rooms, of which there are a total of 21 rooms, has its own theme, such as Audrey Hepburn, Beatles, Disney, Einstein, Friends, Garfield, The Queen, Historian, James Bond, Kennedy, and others.

The Spot will surely also many other hotels in Bali who can inspire those who spirited fun. Enjoy a Balinese spa treatments are also well-known in foreign countries. Holiday fun in the middle of the year is certainly not just to refresh your spirit that has been saturated with routine activities, but also refresh the tired condition of the body to re-fit and ready to take the move. Congratulations on vacation.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gold Coast

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Gold Coast is famous for spectacular beaches, amusement parks, shopping centers, restaurants and exciting nightlife to explore. In addition to the popular tourist beaches, the city also has a Gold Coasat Hinterland, an outback tour that offers nature mountains, rain forests, flora and fauna typical of Australia, to the flower festival.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


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German art center has more than 30 museums, some of which the majority of prestigious museum is located on the banks of the River Main. The adage "an apple a day keep us from physicians' prevailing in the city is considering the popularity of the drink is apple wine. Frankfurt is also the jazz capital of Europe with Jazzkeller as one important venue for jazz music performances.