Friday, February 2, 2018

Compulsion TOP JAPAN

Everyone wants to religious visit to the peak, including Yoko Ono, by Adiseno, executive summary by darmansjah.

The Japanese were seen Fuji as intimate Ohyama. But the mountains of Fuji-san is not familiar with the meaning behind the name of a person. Fuji-san itself means is Mount Fuji. Familiarity in Fuji-san rooted in culture.

The mountain is sacred, a place of pilgrimage, where every nation's children have visited. Struggled to climb. A tour of Fuji-san, who has dropped down from 500 years ago, Akira Yoneyama explained that
Yoko Ono led her to climb Fuji. John Lennon's wife is not proud Yoneyama-san. He was more than happy to tell his experiences led women aged 95 years to climb Fuji-san. "I had to walk backwards while going down to block the wind," he said proudly.

Ohyama stayed home Fujisanroku shaped dome, large windows facing towards Fuji-san. from his home to get to Kawaguchiko 5th Station is not far away.

The route from the other three routes within easy reach of the five lakes, popular location shooting Fuji-san. Station 5 is the location can still be reached by vehicle. Fujinomiya closest to the actual summit fuji-san. Known, the peak and the highest circle where there are weather research station, located in the southern part. While the lowest fifth station, which means that the most distant way in Gotemba. The fifth station on the fourth line is Subashiri.

I climb through the Yoshida route. Leaving one in the morning, even in the snow already blanketed the peaks, but the air is not too cold. In October, climbing season ends, because the winter started to go.
This mountain was first climbed Buddhist priest, En-no-Shokaku, in the 7th century. There are more than 13,000 temples in the vicinity. While all Japanese like a pilgrimage to it, only one percent of the estimated work.

Accidents fall and push each other like dominoes blades and never repeated. But during the winter ahead, slip hazard on steep slopes and sliding freely hundreds of meters can be fatal.

And climb Fuji-san means walking path width. In the rugged highlands lodge building between food and lodging available steps. After the long slope, and nearly four hours passed, blew the light began to wander. Final ascent visible, targeted Torii Gate. The closer, looks full of coins wooden pole. Inserted as a prayer and gratitude.