Monday, October 31, 2011

Tips for Holiday Travel

By Parlin Naingolang, executive summary by Darmanjah

To prepare all the needs at the time willing to travel vacation, then it should be:
Learn the destination to be visited, to find out what equipment is needed and required when traveling to the venue.
Messages tickets and hotel bookings, long before the days of H.
Prepare the necessary clothing and adapted to the holiday destination.
Prepare personalized medicine.
Prepare toiletries.
Prepare the camera (if needed) and charger Mobile.
Check the condition of the vehicle, especially the tires (if used vehicle).
If the streets in unfamiliar destinations, prepare a map (map).
Good luck .

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puri Kelodan Agung Rai

Traditional Balinese houses always divide the space into two parts, for sanctuary and housing.
Original Text by Putu Fajar Arcana, executive summary by Darmansjah

Agung Rai has some room for everyday activities. He used to get around from Arma Museum, galleries, restaurants and hotels, but in the end always come back to the Castle Kelodan Peliatan Ubud, Bali, the house where he lived with his family.

The house was always giving energy to move again tomorrow. "Even though I met all day guests at the hotel, for example, I always return home," said the owner of Arma Museum Ubud, Bali, on Friday (31/12) in Ubud.

Houses, for the Agung Rai, not just a function for physical rest after a day of work. Moreover, the house seemed to always give encouragement to the maximum and then move outside.

Agung Rai family home situated within Kelodan Peliatan Puri Ubud, an environment in which assembled the Sukawati royal dynasty. As a traditional house, the rooms in his house is divided in two parts: parahyangan and Pawongan. Parahyangan always located in the northeast of the sacred buildings of merajan (family temple).

In the space then there is a building known as bale Pawongan daja, home to the parents, then Bale Dangin designated as the spacecraft conducted various rituals. There is also a bale Dauh, where the children lived, while the bale delod is room for the kitchen. Agung Rai's house is also equipped with klumpu, a place to store rice granary.

"Although the extent of only about 500 square meters, but as the house that goes in the castle complex, I still follow what is required under the doctrine Kosali Kosala," said Agung Rai.

Kosala Kosali Agung Rai is none other than the Balinese traditional guidelines in utilizing the spaces of everyday life. The doctrine is then translated by the construction of a building complex that always prioritizes relations with God among residents.

Bali style

The entire building in Agung Rai's house was designed by what was then known as bali style. The main characteristic of Balinese style using red brick walls, carved sandstone, and thatched roofs. The entire group of buildings bounded by Penyengker wall (barrier) and at the entrance is always built-angkul angkul (gate).

"The whole building has also been designed such that no need to use coolant. In addition there are air grilles, roof thatch also provides coolness. No need air conditioning, "said the former trader entrepreneurs acung (peddlers) in Kuta.

In addition to buildings, homes Agung Rai also has a living room, situated between the buildings. This space, he said, not only serves as a vehicle for interaction between family members, but also as a forum for organizing the ritual. "If there is a wedding ceremony, for example, is always centered in the home. We usually build fangs, temporary building of bamboo and palm leaves in the yard. "

All activities related to the family ritual is always held in the house. "Because it is associated with merajan. Events such as receptions, for example, we hold a new museum in the yard, "said Agung Rai who was just married his youngest daughter.

According Suartini Anak Agung Rai, the wife of Agung Rai, as a traditional house located in the castle complex, the house belongs to the family may not be transferable. "Especially sold. This heritage because it is built on land owned by descendants of the king family, "said Rai Suartini.

Although the new building was founded by Agung Rai circa the 1980s, but because it stands on the estate king, he can not be traded. "So, it becomes heritage, protected areas," said Rai Suartini.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Toraja original text by Fachrul Khairuddin
, executive summary by darmansjah

Never assess poverty in Toraja. You see a simple family with clothing that is and livelihoods are not promising a lot of money.Are they poor? No, when one of their family member dies, they are able to provide approximately 20 to 60 head of buffalo at once to show signs Solo (Ceremony of Death). Toraja families united by culture, not matter.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Image Creates a Full Impressions

executive summary By Darmansjah

Despite progress by some people predicted would see a saturation point, yet until now digital cameras are still loved. Time to race in the form of a tiny, scale-megapixel, and features, digital camera vendors are constantly looking for ways to maintain basic share.

Digital cameras are easy to open for anyone to be able to take pictures without having to bother to learn photography techniques. However, the process is also not without problems, especially when users deal with low light intensity conditions (low light).

Blurred photos or full grain noise into the results of a multi-faced when shooting in these conditions. To overcome this, vendors attempt to offer solutions, such as Canon with HS System technology, or a combination of light-sensitive sensor (high sensitivy sensor) and DIGIC 4 processor premises algorithmic process to date.

There are four models of Canon digital cameras are alreadthe Canon PowerShot G12, PowerShot S95, IXUS 1000HS, and IXUS 300HS.y using the technology,

Canon PowerShot G12 attend continuing success of the series G in Indonesia started to go at the end of 2000 with the arrival Powershot G1.

With vari-angle LCD monitor measuring 2.8 inches which can be rotated in any direction to shoot from various angles extreme, this camera is equipped with front dial to comfort the comfortable and fast operation.

Tracking AF to lock and follow focus on the desired subject and the electronic level that gives an indication of the position of the camera to the horizontal plane into the other features of interest. Including high-dynamic range (HDR), which automatically combines several images with different lighting to get all the details in dark areas and bright areas on the shooting conditions that have high contrast.

PoweShot Canon S95 digital camera comes as a pocket-sized prosumer compact that carries features like tracking AF, high-dynamic range (HDR), f/2.0 wide aperture and low light shooting mode with the ISO that can be raised to 12,800. While the Canon IXUS 10 Megapixel High 1000HS brings Sensitivy sensor with 10x optical zoom power.

The camera is also equipped with HD-quality video recording feature (1920x 1080p), the recording speed of 240 fps to then be rotated into slow motion, until the night scene handheld technology and high speed burst mode with 8,8 fps an added value that is worth mentioning.

Finally, the Canon IXUS 300 HS ,HS System is the first tech cameras and feature high-speed burst shooting speed to 8.4 fps. The camera is also equipped with fish-eye photo effects and miniature effects. To optimize the shots, the Canon IXUS 300 diagfragma HS also has a big lens up to f/2.0.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Airborne | Nusa Tenggara Barat

Enjoy the enchantment of the heaven Waterfall In Rinjani
By Darmansjah

I might compare, it seems there is no other country in the world that Indonesia has a beautiful natural charm. From Sabang to Merauke end, there are beautiful places are offered in every province. Starting from the natural charm that is still considered a virgin until that has been arranged in such a way as to welcome the tourists.
rinjani mountain

One of the charms of nature are classified as virgin and very alluring Spring Gila waterfall is located in the area of ​​Rinjani, in the northern area of ​​Central Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Located about 60 km from the provincial capital, Mataram, Spring Gila waterfall has a unique story. According to local local residents, the waterfall was inadvertently discovered when membur crazy lion who was then the center screw in a village. Then the lion went into the forest, where waterfalls are found. It is also causing the waterfall is called Spring Gila.

This waterfall has a height of approximately 31 meters and emerges from the cliff and fell into the river below it. Riverbeds that are not too many tourists in making fun swim or just bathing under a waterfall that is beautiful.

The atmosphere on offer at this waterfall was so peaceful and comfortable, away from the frenetic urban atmosphere that is sometimes deafening. No wonder so many people who had come to this place to simply eliminate fatigue and boredom, although to reach the tourists have to walk down 300 steps through the valley.

Not only able to offer a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, many people also believe that Spring Gila waterfall has magical powers that can memubat people much younger than his age with a shower or just washing the face with a waterfall.

Believe it or not believe, a clear panorama of nature has to offer Spring Gila waterfall is able calm the eyes like a waterfall from heaven.

You are interested in visiting?

But there is always regrettable access infrastructure is far from decent, and most of the behavior of Indonesia which is still littering, clearly visible from plastic bags and garbage scattered that pollute the natural environment that was beautiful and the remedy. Hopefully this nation realize the meaning of goodness and discipline together in order to maintain and preserve Indonesia's environment clean and pleasing to the eye and far from being the perpetrators of corrupt administration this country.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ISLAND Mansinam

Missionary Moment So tradition Tourism


Manokwari, Manokwari Thousands of citizens and residents of other areas in the province of West Papua Evangelism celebrate the yearly tradition of Christians in Papua. In addition to preservation of culture, ritual is both a momentum and tourism assets of the city of Manokwari.

Since Saturday (5 / 2) morning, residents began coming to the island boating Mansinam-ten minutes from the coast of Manokwari-island missionary who landed by two Germans, Johann G and Carl W. Ottow Geissler, who introduced Christianity in Papua. Tradition Evangelism is warning the Christians commemorate the entry of the Gospel in Papua, 156 years ago, exactly on February 5, 1855.

According to the Head of Development Activities of Culture and Tourism Tourism District West Papua, Sergius Rumsayon, this island is one of tourism assets in Manokwari that can bring thousands of tourists in one day.

The celebration begins with the Gospel brought by a number of priests and tribal population inhabiting Doreri Mansinam Island, with boarded the ship meyeberangi strait toward the city of Manokwari. They were greeted by representatives of tribes who accepted the Gospel Arfak. It describes the procession after the island Mansinam, Christianity began to spread to the mainland of Papua.

According to the pastor at the Church Mansinam Lahai-Roi, Alexander Amandowen, this warning is not only addressed to the Christians, but also to entire communities in Papua. That's because the expectations of this celebration are nurtured Interfaith harmony despite different religions, which has been running well in Manokwari.

For this year, the celebration centered on the City Evangelism Wasior, Wondama Gulf, and the city of Manokwari. Typically, processions and prayers are conducted in Pulua Mansinam.

Nico (39), residents of Manokwari, said the number of churches or visitors who come will be more crowded on the five-year celebration, as in 2010. Various cultural activities will be more shown.

Not only a religious celebration, this tradition became an annual tourism event in the city of Manokwari. Local tourists, foreign tourists even came flooding Mansinam Island. Anyone enjoying the beauty of the beach, but some are building a tent to stay. The fishermen are also enjoying it, and make the ship as a sea taxi to Mansinam. (ENT)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wanfujing Beijing

Beijing's Best Shoping Street
Executive summary by Darmansjah

When traveling with limited funds, one of the least expensive form of vacation is window shopping. For those of you who like shopping, this event will certainly be a tough challenge, especially if the budgeted funds are limited. If you are the type of observer who likes to see and try to understand the behavior of the local community, look around the shops would be a very enjoyable activity.

If you are fond of spending the day at Orchard Road in Singapore or visit the interesting shops along the way Najing Lu Shanghai, then this is definitely one area that you like. Located just east of the Forbidden Palace is Wangfujing, shopping street in Beijing first. This is where the main retail heart of the city, where some of the leading mall with boutiques and shops that had stood since hundreds of years ago proudly showing off the latest products through displays that tempt faith every shopaholic.

Wanfujing role as one of the main shopping street in Beijing began  Yuan dynasty  Chinese rule. Formerly this area as a bustling commercial center because of its strategic location close to the central government. Through the Ming and Qing dynasties, continue to survive as the Wangfujing commercial area even further established himself as one of the center of Beijing's most important economies.

What can you see here? 1500-meter-long road is specifically intended for pedestrian has several shopping centers that you can go. The first and Paing near the exit is metro Wangfujing Oriental Plaza. Although it only consists of three floors, this mall is one of Asia's largest commercial building because the building includes several large blocks. In this shopping center, you can see a variety of boutiques from which selling writs watch up to luxury cars.
oriental plaza

On the bottom floor there is a hawker center serving a variety of foods from all over China also international  cuisine, at the north end of Wangfujing, you can also visit the Sun Dong An Plaza, a mall as high as seven stories that will show the preferred brands of local residents or Intimate Lotte is also featuring a wide selection of the world's leading brands.

Sun Dong An Plaza

Among the malls that are scattered on the road. You can find many unique shops that sell typical products of china. You can stop by the store that sells a wide range Wujutai teas from various corners of china. You can also drop into a small shop that sells Carpenter Tan's comb with a wide range of shapes that never even imagined before. Meanwhile Tongshenghe provide the best quality chinese traditional shoes. there are many more shops selling traditional goods such as china specialist Daiyuexuan that sells t-shirts for writing or calligraphy, Shenxifu which for hundreds of years has made the best quality hats, until Ruifuxiang which offers high-quality silk. If you want to get a souvenir of quality china, Wangfujing Gongmei Emporium is the place you should visit. This five-storey-high building sells variety typical range of handicraft products are appropriately priced china. Wanfujing also has a place for you who love to read. Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore, the bookstore as high as six floors adjacent to the Oriental Plaza, will make you amazed by the variety of collections of books he owned. Although most colection using the local language, do not be afraid, due to on the second floor of the largest book store in China this you can get English language books, ranging from classic novels to books about Chinese culture.

Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore
We know, you definitely can not wait to taste the typical food in this area is not it? Wangfujing, as other commercial areas in china has a lot of hawker centers that will pamper your tongue as well as test your nerve. How not, a variety of foods ranging from roasted duck to sea animals which some considered rare animal lover, you can get here. Not far from the Oriental Plaza, Donghuamen Night Fair awaits you with every serving. Horse sparks? Scorpions range in size? Star of the Sea? They're all here, ready to be fried as you are heating a cold night. Pasa nights are always filled with local and foreign visitors every day also provides a variety of other foods such as candied kahs china fruit covered in sugar, dim sum, up to grilled lamb, and all can be obtained at a cheap price. While enjoying the snacks market, you can also look at various suvernir to take home. Replica statue of Mao, fridge magnets china great wall picture, or decorative lacquer can be purchased here, certainly after his exhausting bargaining process. Outside this region Wangfujing night market also has a variety of interesting restaurants that you can go from the typical Beijing hot pot restaurant to an international franchise network such as McDonald's and KFC. For the deep-pocketed, serving roast duck restaurant Quanjude must try. Using the recipes in the former royal chef  Qing dynasty, the restaurant which stood since the 19th century has make one major culinary destination in Beijing. If you love dumplings, Gonbuli presented with a variety of flavors that you can visit. A little more to the middle on the eighth floor Intime Lotte, you can eat delicious hot pot dishes in Haidilaohuoguo. Meanwhile Donglaishun in Sung Dong An Plaza serves kosher hot pot that is no less delicious.
Donghuamen Night Fair

Wangfujing you can visit anytime, but evenings are the best times to enjoy a variety of sensation. Do not forget to stop for a moment at the Cathedral Dongtang, catholic church with a long history. Building that was renovated in the early 20th century to provide fresh variation of this commercial area. Exactly in front of him there is a plaza where children practice calligraphy with a brush and water giant.
Cathedral Dongtang

When To Go
Beijing is a city of four seasons with weather that can sometimes change in the extreme. When you visit Wangfujing, use clothes that are comfortable with the seasons apply. Do not forget to use comfortable shoes and bring enough money.

What Around
Locations in the district of Wangfujing Dongcheng make strategic place to visit after travel or Tiananmen Square Forbidden City. All around you can also visit Hutong, the old residential area of ​​Beijing residents as well as the National Art Museum of China with 21 rooms featuring a diverse collection of valuable art

Where To Stay
Hotel Kapok Beijing, 16 Donghuamen Street, Beijing. Tel: +86 10 6525 9988
Wangfujing Youth Hotel, 21 Xitangzi Alley, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Tel: +86 10 6525 9685

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thousand Isalnd and White Crater TOURISM

Holiday Nights

Visitors take pictures at the White crater, Ciwidey, Bandung regency, West Java, on Saturday (18/12). White crater nearly a week of beauty hampered by thick fog coming down. Nevertheless, it remains a tourist attraction visited by tourists.

 White crater, Ciwidey

It's time to pack a suitcase and glanced at tourist destinations with a relatively low cost in the vicinity of Jakarta. You do not need to ask for a sabbatical in the office. You also do not need to spend lots of money. However, do not worry. You can still enjoy the holiday year-end in one night.

Pulau Untung Java

Thousand Islands became increasingly popular destination capital city residents who want to unwind. With a distance of 45 kilometers from the coast of North Jakarta, or 1-1.5 hours by fast boat, you can arrive at the cluster of beautiful islands.

Onrust Island

From a number of islands, some locations, such as Pulau Untung Java and Onrust Island , could be an option. In fact, only with IDR10.000 cost per person, you can already ride a fishing boat from Tanjung Pasir, Tangerang, and arrived in  Pulau Untung Java or Onrust . "It can be cheaper and shorter and at will visitors want to come at what time," said Achmad Hidayat of Relax Tour and Travel.

Pramuka Island

If you want a more compact, with a cost of IDR 220,000 per person, you can join the two day overnight tour packages. This is for groups with 30-50 people; includes meals, transportation, and lodging. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the reef, enjoying the scenery underwater with scuba diving or snorkeling, with an additional fee of course. Or, if you want free, you can play sand or just climbing the coastline to close by year end.

Tidung island

Escape momentarily from the capital city is so popular that package bookings for December and January have been closed. "All messages since three months ago, mainly to December 31," Achmad said.

Adventure Island, a provider of travel services to the Thousand Islands, is also preparing a package a day and night tours to the island Tidung which is one of the largest islands in the Thousand Islands. For the complete package, travelers must pay IDR 350,000 per person.

Cost is already included transportation costs, lodging, three meals, snorkeling, and tours around the island. "If the group even more, the cost incurred per person is getting cheaper," said Noviana, in charge of Adventure Island.

Air cool

The beach is not the only destination. The addict can also targeting tourist towns in the highlands of cool air, such as Bogor and Bandung, West Java.

Though dense and jammed, London is still a popular tourist destination for residents of Jakarta who want a vacation.

The high interest in vacation in Bandung can be seen from the hotel occupancy rate. Public Relations Hotel Grand Royal Panghegar, Restina Setiawan, said of the 158 rooms available, all have been booked for December 31, 2011 until January 1, 2012. "The peak occupancy occurred on New Year's Eve," he said.

Tourists from Jakarta still dominate. Seeing an opportunity, the travel agency to make Jakarta-Bandung tour packages. Amadine Tour and Travel, for example, offers a package of two day one night tour to Bandung and Bogor in West Java.

Packages offered include South Bandung Tour. On the first day, tourists departing from Jakarta to the White crater in Patuha Mountain, Bandung regency. Once satisfied to see the beauty panorama of the crater White, proceed to Situ, which is a beautiful lake located in the middle of tea gardens in Bandung Regency.

dago pakar treking

On the second day, tourists will be escorted to shop in the area of ​​Dago, Bandung. If you're satisfied shopping, tourist new escorted back to Jakarta.

According Wulan of Amadine Tour and Travel, ordering a two-day tour packages that at least one night must be numbered four. Tour cost per person starts from IDR 1.5 million. "We provide car and bus, depending on the number of subscribers. Buyer can also determine the route, "he said.


There are also tour packages that appear to carry the environmental issues and education. Adventure Island, for example, offers eco-tourism. Travelers who join the tour to the island to plant mangroves Tidung can participate by contributing IDR10.000 per tree. "With the contribution, the tourists have to pay maintenance costs of mangrove," said Noviana.

Crossed over to Pramuka Island, visitors may adopt by purchasing a coral reef IDR25,000. They then plant the corals that have been purchased at the location of marine national parks located around the island. There is also a turtle to visit.

Noviana said, it worked with the Thousand Islands residents to preserve the environment. "So, while traveling, travelers are invited to preserve the environment," he said.

Moved from area beaches, ecotourism offered medicinal plants Karyasari development center could be an option for those who want to vacation educative. Participants invited to a trip at once recognize 500 species of medicinal plants. From Jakarta, you can go to the garden of medicinal plants in Bogor with IDR125.000 cost per person, or garden in Bandung IDR 190,000 per person. Travelers will be escorted by cars with a capacity of 12 people.

"We deliver and pick up the participants," said Secretary Tuti Karyasari Winarto. The time required for travel is quite short, so you do not have to stay. That in Bogor duration 8-10 hours, while in Bandung takes 14-15 hours. As a bonus, there is also shopping in Bandung. That is, so you can practice the science of medicinal plants to treat a sore foot after tracing a number of factory outlets in Bandung. Ready? (SIN / ARA / gre)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pink Beach Scenery

executive summary by Darmansjah

The reluctance by Indonesia to host 7 Wonders of the declaration of the New World or the New 7 Wonders to fruition in the suspension of the Komodo National Park as one of 28 finalists. Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, explains, the rejection was because of the amount of money should be spent Indonesia is about 45 million U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp400 billion. A statement from the organizers, who will write off Komodo if not willing to host, is regarded as a threat.

"Apparently they threatened me. Indonesia if baseball wants to be a host, yes we will remove the dragon," said Jero imitate speech party organizers, the New7Wonders Foundation, after the Plenary Meeting of the Cabinet, the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/02/2011) night.

In breaking news listed, as the organizer of the New7Wonders New7Wonders Foundation announced the Komodo status as finalists will be suspended starting February 7, 2011. Komodo Island is one of the finalists of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World category. The announcement quoted the reasons for the delay because "official statements and contracts with related parties are not fulfilled. "

"I said, I already answered his letter as I mentioned earlier, is not willing to host because it is expensive. When threatened, I got up nationalism. Cook threatened NGOs threatens this same baseball clearly. The validity of these foundations are not or may not be credible. If threatened , my sense of nationhood emerged. I do not want to send a letter. He said on 7 at the verdict, "said Jero.

He said, do not be a problem for Indonesia if the Komodo crossed out and vote results already obtained are considered missing. In fact, the government also has issued a number of funds for promotional purposes and to get support through a public vote.

Komodo Island

"But peace alone. After all, since there is the New 7 Wonder, now more famous Komodo Island region. visits have gone up 400 percent since 2007. We'll see, there is already a benefit that is a good name. Rather than host had to get out 45 million U.S. dollars .unfortunately of state funds. If he's willing to delete us, means that (New7Wonders) only just business, "he said.

As reported earlier, Indonesia offered to host the declaration on November 11, 2011. As a commitment fee, Indonesia is obliged to pay 10 million dollars and provide funds at least 35 million U.S. dollars for its implementation. However, the Indonesian government refused because he thought the fund was too large.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Penang and surprise

Executive summary by Darmansjah

If a holiday to Penang by the year 2011, it will feel other than normal. Because the cruise ship SuperStar Libera was docked in Malaysia's western-most island for a full year.

Ships that can accommodate up to 1,500 people that will navigate the waters of  Penang-Phuket route Krabi-Penang. Route for four days and three mini mala will set sail as of February 20, 2011.

Of course, the ship will dock in Phuket and Krabi, for about 10 hours to bring you explore the city. "From this can follow the City Tour can be booked on board. Able discussions with members of the crew had to figure out a good tour and fitting, considering that there are several tour options, "explained Senior Executive Slaes Star Cruises Jakarta.


No problem if you do not want to sail security everywhere, but still want to feel the thrill spend the night aboard the cruise. Because the Super Star Libra is also serving a daily route, ie one night wading Penang.

 penang bridge

"Instead of staying at the hotel, as an alternative can spend the night on board that already includes dinner and breakfast facilities," added Senor Executive Star Cruises.

 krabi island

Moreover, while in the boat there are many facilities that can be enjoyed. Various tasting menus ranging from fine dining, watching various shows such as Las Vegas Show, or enjoy the sporting facilities it has. With a total of 10 floors, there are many things that can be explored here, including a desire to channel the shop since there is a special place to shop.

If an order right from now, the available prices and take advantage of early bird discounts of up to 25 percent. This price is valid for bookings 60 days before departure. [HDG]