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Vacationing in Villefrance-de-Rouergue

Vacationing in Villefrance-de-Rouergu

Naration by David executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Southern Aveyron region not too far from the Hérault region in which we live. For example, Millau in southern Aveyron region only about 100 km from Montpellier town we live. And in the town of Millau, the grandfather and grandmother lived there my husband, who is now famous for the highest motorway bridge with a panoramic valley of the Tarn. So usually our best when there is time to come visit him.

But in addition to the bridge which has become a byword and a place for tourism, the city of Millau itself is not very attractive as a tourist town. Because it is usually when we visit the Aveyron region, past the Millau bridge is a part of your tour.

Ayeyron area which I will tell you this time is in the northern hemisphere. Areas that previously had never come into my ear. My story and David, my husband wants to spend time in quiet for 3 days. Far from the hustle and nearby natural wonders. But also not too far from where we live. After the enormous buzz on the internet finally came out beautiful city with photographs that made us both instantly fell in love. The area is rich with medieval cities, valleys and mountains, castles royal heritage and tradition of delicious cuisine. All is well suited for us who are happy with everything about antique, ancient, rich in history and certainly a good meal.

Villefrance-de-Rouergue, Najac and Figeac, three cities that is the choice we were on vacation for three days alone, it was counted as a honeymoon anymore ....

What about lodging? In every town there are several hotels which are very adequate. But we were always trying to avoid the hotel if possible. Chambre d'hotes more fit for us. But in France, chambres d'hotes more interesting. Usually the residence that is used is an ancient building, antique or castle.

There was also a large barn for cattle or ancient relics waterwheel building, renovated to become beautiful and very comfortable. Chambres d'hotes We chose the town between the city Villefrance Sanvensa-de-Rouergue and Najac. Lodging was formerly a cattle farm with a house that was renovated by the owner. One of the other advantages of the chambre d'hotes is the owner himself who care stay guests. Because the rooms are available usually are not allowed more than 5 rooms. For example, for breakfast or if there are facilities for lunch and dinner the owner who will cook for us. We were both really happy uncover the story of the places we visit are friendly, not like the hotel, with a stretched paper brochures and hotel employees explain in outline only.

I often visited the old town in some areas of France. But most are crowded with tourists. In Villefrance-de-Rouergue is new this time I can enjoy every building, one by one. Record on the camera, never stopped chuckled amazed to see every detail of the paintings and sculptures are found in every ancient building.

Antique wood as pole building still in use. I do not know how much wealth will teresap history in the pores of wood that looked so old. Here the medieval buildings is strictly maintained. No wonder that this city dubbed as the city of art and history.

Formerly in this city there is no church and does not constitute an important city. Then in 1252 the city started to bear the name Villefrance-de-Rouergue and the start of the awakening several important buildings for urban dwellers.

This medieval town is worth visited for those who like history. The atmosphere of the local market every day, commercial places are still in the ancient building. Chartreuse Saint-Sauver, places of worship and the clergy residence built in in 1451. The building which is the architecture gothique has a hall which was decorated by charming carved pillars.

Amazed by a dwelling that is so small but oppressed by towering buildings. And in every building that city, still inhabited by its original inhabitants. Unlike most other antique city that turned into a tourist place.

Unfortunately it when we come rain soaked city. But nothing prevents us to scour the rocky road along the old city. One other thing that pleases us is that there are some boutique breads and cakes that have retained characteristics of the building. The town is divided by a bridge like this, known by the local cuisine of the many uses duck, dried pork and beef. Cooked with seasonal mushrooms. In this city, there are several boutiques that sell local products, one product of the duck. The famous course foies gras, the duck liver and duck confit, duck preserved in salt and fat. Usually sold in cans and cooked by frying or burning. It was tasty and crunchy, like a duck bali.

I have noticed, people here are very friendly. They are very open, and will be happy to answer also explained the questions we ask.

That night my husband and I enjoy dinner at our inn. But we chose to eat dessert in town Villefrance which is only 15 minutes from the chambre d'hotes us. After the last coffee in a cafe because the more air chills my husband and I choose to enjoy a night with cinematic. Again the friendliness of local inhabitants perched on us. When we jokingly asked for the price of cinema tickets with students, turned out to cinema staff are happy to offer a discount to us.

After the film as it exits the cinema we were surprised with a grain of newly fallen snow. Seeing the first snow fell in December in this city. Due to our inn located 14 km from the city Villefrance located in mountainous areas. Bismillah said we hope there is no obstruction in the course. Frankly along the dark street I saw a lot of stress increasingly heavy snowfall and the roads more slippery. Driving on slippery roads winding and certainly not easy. And the landlord seems to follow worry about us. That night from our bedroom window looks increasingly heavy snows replace rain all day.

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And The World Was Enchanted

Prince William kissed his wife, Kate Middleton, on the balcony of Buckingham  Palace after their wedding ceremony in London, England, Friday (29 / 4).

And the world was enchanted

London - The world admired the seconds following the wedding procession of  Prince William and Kate Middleton in London, England, Friday (29 / 4). Grandeur  and greatness of the United Kingdom appears in the best shape. All of that makes  people look away for a moment from a variety of problems, misfortunes, and  disasters that hit the world.

Each detail of the procession like a fairy tale wedding come true. Since the car carrying Prince William and Prince Harry drove into Westminster Abbey, the masses like trance feel of happiness. Similarly, when Kate and her father, Michael Middleton, drove a similar location. journalist Retno Bintarti reported   from London, overnight.

In the church, the couple down the aisle accompanied by the song "I was Glad" by  Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry. Kate's brother, James Middleton, presents  readings from the Gospels, Romans, Article 12:1-2, 9-18. Strains of classical  music a touch of Elgar, Britten and Vaughan Williams graced the celebration in  addition to rebound hymn "Jerusalem" and the song "Greensleeves" with melodies  British nuances.

"I declare they became husband and wife," said Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan  Williams in a wedding ceremony that took place solemn and serene, was watched by England's Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, family, the nobles of the world,  and the super VIP guest of the world. William and Kate are now officially bears  the name of his Majesty (His Royal Highness / HRH) the Duke of Cambridge and His  Majesty (Her Royal Highness / HRH), the Duchess of Cambridge.

Shouts of joy when the couple left formations Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace with a golden carriage. Audiences were abuzz walked toward the balcony of  the Palace. They await the bride and groom kissing. "Everyone is looking forward  to this. First kiss felt less and the audience asked for more, "said Jennie Bond, UK observers.

Lovecouples were doing a second kiss. "Massa was suddenly wild," says Bond who  saw the couple on the balcony, which also features attractions Royal Air Force  planes over Buckingham.

Aura of happiness and optimism emanated from couples who have formed a love since they were in college.

Sutherland Flora of the Isle of Skye of Scotland, who is now serving in Kabul,  Afghanistan, saying also watch via television. "We want to celebrate this  moment."


British soldiers at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, contributed  to say, "Good, yes, to William and Kate."

In the afternoon, William and Kate return to showing surprise. William driving  a Aston Martin Volante with license plates that read JU5T WED (newly married).  Prince took the car from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House, Prince Charles  occupancy, through audience roared back.

This is a wedding-like grand entertainment that echoed throughout the world. David Beckham and wife Victoria, also feel the happiness. "Beautiful and  touching," said the couple who flew from USA to UK.

Crowded but orderly


Events to look forward to it was over. Around a million people since a few days  waiting for the big day, Friday afternoon, broke up with orderly. London sunny  weather with temperatures 10-16 degrees Celsius and create the atmosphere of the city is really vibrant.

The presence of officers on nearly every street corner really helps the audience  who come from different directions. Despite the often heard cry of the officer  who tried to set the masses, it did not reduce the splendor. Moreover, not  infrequently also say thanks when officers obeyed his instructions.

Because so many visitors, not all can stand in the street that passed through  the bride. However, information about the full path visible through the sort of  display, such as "ceremonial route road and park St James'full'. That way the  masses do not have to force myself headed to the parade route.

Anticipation of the possibility that the masses can not see the bride is done by  installing giant screens in Hyde Park which is still next door to Buckingham  Palace.

A number of Indonesian citizens look at the ocean mass. a tourist, from Jakarta,  which should have been returned on 26 April after a tour around Europe, to  extend his visit.

Agro Tourism

History of Quinine eroded from Priangan stelsel executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

A number of people looking for grass around the land that still leaves the former tree trimming quinine in Kina Plantation land, Kertasari, Bandung, West Java, in early March. Sustainability heritage estates Priangan this stelsel floating.

End of March 2011, three middle-aged man was busy harvesting a few tons of carrots and cabbage at one Kertasari land in the region, the slopes of Mount Wayang, Citarum River, West Java. The vegetables grown by local farmers intercropping on quinine plantations managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII.

Vegetables are harvested directly purchased middlemen who then marketed to Bandung, Jakarta and surrounding cities. The price offered is always fluctuating, but local farmers still pursue business as a major life choices.

Intercropping system in the quinine plantation was done at the initiative of local residents since 1998 after the right to cultivate (HGU), which bagged PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) VIII expired on December 31, 1997. Local people then barged and quinine plantation master.

Land planted with vegetables, like carrots, leek, and cabbage. In fact, there was the quinine tree chopped down because of seasonal crops are considered to interfere.

"About 1,000 hectares (ha) of land in Kertasari quinine plantations have been planted with vegetables. As a result, the number of cinchona also contracted sharply. This condition is triggered by limited land and resources that encourage citizens surging revenues and state-owned land grab, "said Agus Degrees, Chairman
Tarumajaya Forest Village Community Institution.

The condition is recognized Director of Commodities Non Tea PTPN VIII Endang Rahmat. Until now, most of the garden area quinine sold out switch with a vegetable garden. "PTPN not able to do much because the maintenance of the extension of HGU in the National Land Agency was jammed,"said Endang.

Plantation Office Data Jabar said, quinine plantations in the province were scattered in the district of Bandung, Sukabumi, Cianjur, Subang, and the rest scattered in Sumedang, Bogor, Garut, and Majalengka. However, area and production tends to fall. If in 2005, quinine plantation area reached 4149 ha with a production of 820 tons, in 2009 only had 3379 ha producing 352 tonnes. Approximately 86.9 percent of the state managed by PTPN VIII.

Endang explained, quinine plantations are planned will focus on the Mount Tunggul, District Cilengkrang, Bandung regency. The area there is a combination of all commodity areas managed by PTPN VIII quinine. The land is spread across five gardens, each garden Kertamanah, Peak Gedeh, Cikembang, Bungamelur, and Cibitu.

"Plants quinine is shrinking because of weak competitiveness. Even so, we still maintain quinine as one of the peculiarities of products garden in West Java, "said Endang that mention the price of quinine world today it is uphill, which is usd 2,5 per kilogram quinine powder dry skin.

Quinine in West Java

Until the late twentieth century, quinine commodities (Chincona) has increased Earth Priangan name all over the universe. In fact, in 1939 more than 90 percent of the world's quinine powder supplied from various plantations in the highlands of Bandung. Ironic, magical plant that malaria eradication is now increasingly ignored in the middle range of the more valuable commodity economy.

The entry of plants endemic to the highlands of South America to Indonesia not separated from the dark period of agriculture in the archipelago is the application of the system forced cultivation or cultuur stelsel by the Dutch trading company Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie (VOC) in 1830.

Special land in Java because it is more specific areas of plantation commodities, self-regulated system and called Priangan stelsel.Slightly different from the motives planting coffee and tea prices in the world at that time very high, planted in Priangan quinine initially to keep the plant species was not extinct. The reason, then, quinine drugs proved to be highly important. After the medical world demand increases and prices become high, the Dutch government saw it as a business opportunity.

 Industry quinine in Priangan scattered in Bandung District and County West Bandung could not be separated from the role Junghuhn Franz Wilhelm (1809-1864) which known as the investment business and industry leaders quinine in Indonesia (formerly Dutch East Indies). Scientists as well as nature lovers a German national who was born Mansfeld in 1809, that is seeking the removal of quinine from the Garden nursery Raya Bogor to Pangalengan in 1855.

Haryoto Kunto, the "fragrant flowers in Bandung Raya" (1986), mentioned, when Junghuhn deal with quinine in Pangalengan nursery, the number of trees on the island of quinine 167 Java bar. However, 6, years later, the number was growing cinchona  to 1,359,877 stems and 70 percent of them Cinchona pahudiana manifold.
Although his condition is much reduced compared to decades ago, Jabar is still a major manufacturer of national quinine, in addition to a small portion Also planted in Central Java, East Java and West Sumatra.

Cinchona plants used by first peeling bark. Then processed as necessary, start the pill quinine (malaria cure), quinine salts,soft drinks, to cosmetics.Indonesia's heyday quinine experienced until World War II. More than 90 percent of world demand quinine powder sourced from the region Priangan with volume of 11000-12400 tons per year of dry skin quinine.

Post-independence (1945), the amount of quinine plantations in West Java is rapidly declining.The reason, among others damaged by the war, relations between Indonesia and countries importers cut off so that the "losing" market. For another, many plantations quinine convert to another crop which is more profitable.

After the 1998 reform, the more miserable quinine plantations. There is intention to PTPN VIII quinine as a commodity industry to maintain a typical region in addition to tea and Jabar coffee. However, the area continues to shrink from year to year because it encroached upon the residents. In fact, from the ecological aspect, quinine has preeminence. As plant roots strong, to 6,000 cinchona ever embedded in the Upper Citarum was able to a catchment area of ​​water absorption which prevents flooding and erosion. Now, when Citarum River looking upstream, invisible one left Cinchona tree. All bald, flat with a garden vegetable.

PTPN VIII himself in the work plan the company will reduce the area of ​​quinine which is still approximately 2339 ha to 1470 ha only. PTPN VIII also simultaneous plans to add an area of ​​prospective commodity areas, such as tea and palm oil. Quinine production in 2011 was also targeted only 96 tons of powdered quinine skin dry or shrink away from the realization in 2010 of 178.8 tons.

Judging from the company balance sheet, the neglect of quinine is considered quite reasonable. "Results quinine powder sales in 2010, only usd 5.1 million, or only half a percent  les value of all commodities PTPN VIII, "said Endang.

The fate of the garden area in the Upper Citarum quinine may represent the fate of plant legend drug rescue hundreds of millions of human lives is .... (Mukhamad Kurniawan)

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Smart Vacation

The presence of low-cost airlines (low cost carrier) and the rise of a holiday package offers real opportunities for a vacation "cheap. " Of course, these opportunities must be well thought out intelligent.

Opportunities are also open to take advantage of offers from various parties. Banking, for instance, including who diligently provide attractive offers, either directly or indirectly, related to the holiday.

Use of credit cards, for example, can be a payment solutions that are practical and profitable. For example, there are credit card publisher that provides benefits in the form of opportunities to obtain free tickets to a number of exciting vacation destinations.

Competition is increasingly fierce antarpenerbit credit card to make each party strives to provide the best deals. Directly rewarded dengna register a credit card or open a bank account is now no longer something special. In addition, get discounts up to 50 percent for credit card usage, has now become the norm rather than something special.

The fun, how to obtain these opportunities accessible. Consumers simply follow a number of steps is registering your credit card or open a bank account, credit card use in every occasion, and subscribe to electronic statements (e-statement), even, for the remaining balance of credit card bills with multiples of USD. 10 also will earn points to win raffle prizes!

Now who says vacation monopoly only a handful of people. The important thing is planning and how to intelligently utilize the various offerings and opportunities that are available. Let's plan a vacation.

Anchored Flower and Butterfly

Anchored Flower and Butterfly by  Myrna Ratna

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Sea of flowers that invite the presence of a butterfly. In the city of Victoria, Canada, blend them into a world charm.

Dusk was looming. Tourist buses one by one left the parking lot. Butchart Garden gradually deserted. The beauty in it as a private possession.

Autumn wind shaking the sea of flowers that lie on the 25-acre park. Almost all ornamental flowers and wild flower that grows in tropical countries or there are four seasons here. Call it lavatera, achillea, rdbeckia, hibiscus, dahlias, poppies, flowers are suitable to grow in the sun. Or groups of Zantedeschia (lilies groups) who need a little sunshine and also rhododendrons, begonias, daisies, physostegia, and others.

Past the entrance, direct eye essence park spoiled by flower beds. They were sticking out of the lattice pergola, coursed through wooden fences are made to build a Mediterranean atmosphere. The road was then curved and split into different directions.

Green-paced atmosphere and more "jungle" waiting in the corner. Large trees, of which more than a century old, shade the humus-covered walkways, reminiscent of the giant trees in our national parks. There populus, maple, Sequoia, with the sucker that hung almost touching the ground. The tranquility is sometimes broken by chirping birds clustered on tree trunks busy. Not long run, open space waiting in front of the eye. Landscape unfold like a picture postcard. This is the Sunken Garden which became an icon among the gardens here.

From the height, this garden-like basin surrounded by valleys. Flowers clustered by type grove. Begonia group, for example, juxtaposed with a group of white chrysanthemum, yellow, red, pink, orange, and blue. While the butterfly with colors that are not less conspicuous flying and perched in the tops of the flowers. A refreshing blend of beautiful eyes.

Age Butchart Gardens has more than one hundred years and since 2004 the park is visited by millions of tourists each year was designated a national historical site of Canada.

Creation of this park was started by Robert Pim Butchart (1856-1943) and his wife, Jennie Butchart (1866-1950), who has a country home design with wide expanse of land surrounding it.

Since 1939, park maintenance is handled their grandson, Ian Ross (1918-1997), who also shared Butchart Gardens into several "clusters", namely the Rose Garden, Sunken Garden, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, and Garden of the Mediterranean. Until now, the family retained ownership of it from generation to generation.

British Impressions

Butchart Garden
is just one of many city-owned assets are loaded with trail Victorian England. In addition to heritage buildings that still maintained the colonial period, the English tradition is still maintained. For example, with 55 Canadian dollars, you can enjoy afternoon tea party at the Fairmont Empress hotel. Hotel that he was already more than a century that is surrounded by spacious lawns and flower fence life. Even the front of the hotel's facade is covered by a creeping vine plant wall and the sides of the window. Porch facing directly toward the port (Inner Harbour), where dozens of cruise ships resting.

From across the hotel, the city can begin the search on foot. The road along the old city area fenced off the tree line that looks almost twins, so awake to maintain. The buildings of the colonial era relics mostly converted to restaurants, souvenir shops, clothing boutiques, and galleries, which have been aimed at tourists suck. Direct memory flashed to the old town of Jakarta, which is far more exotic, but until now still not be empowered and preserved areas.

Past noon, the crowd moved to the corners of cafes and restaurants. Store ice cream, pancakes, burgers, and hotdogs to be the target children. While the restaurant-restaurant with a full menu enthused elderly travelers could spend hours. The backpackers are many who choose to stretch the body and legs on the edge of the park while eating lunch and hear the free presentation of street musicians.

Victoria, who was mentioned as one of the "jewel" in parts of North America about 100 kilometers away from the city of Vancouver and can be taken about three hours by public transportation. We can book tickets at the bus station (Pacific Coach) in Vancouver with a price around 80 dollars to go home. With this convenient bus trip to the port takes about one hour, followed by a ferry, also about an hour. After landing, the same bus will take us to downtown Victoria.

All regular and all-round all-round security. The disabilities, including those using wheelchairs, also has access to visit tourist sites anywhere because those facilities are available, even preferred.

A resort fit to clear the mind and heart ... peace.

Welcome to Madura

Visit To Mandura 

executive summary by Darmansjah

In the midst of the rain Surabaya, after breakfast “Lontong Balap” near Surabaya Post Office we begin the journey toward the Madurese.

In Madura, the main object that we aim at is Bridge. Often times we see the bridge that has spent a total of 4.5 trillion rupiah this on TV. We never imagined can take pictures at the bridge which has a length of 5438 m. And it turns out our fantasies can become reality, could be fun though  time because of drizzle and especially fear of the police patrol that would cause it caught us as narcissistic in " Suramadu".

Because they do not want redundant rental car for 12 hours so we asked the driver to drop off our rental car we walk on the island of Madura. But unfortunately, it does not know arek Suroboyo sights on Madura. So armed with GPS in Blackberry friends, we find impromptu tourist attraction in the city of Bangkalan, namely Pasarean Aermata in” Areksurobaya”.

I think this Aermata name of a beach in Madura because there aer word or water. Because my brain have saved it as a beach, so will see the signpost signpost reading "Pasarean Aermata" I insist imagine a beach, do not remember if pasarean it is a bed or a tomb.

Arriving there is still morning at around 10's. Then we climbed the stairs to the tomb. A few meters from the complex of the funeral, we were besieged by fans of the children and mothers who ask for alms money. Because of the way that forces and direct them to attack, so we were surprised to get this sudden attack. Then finally we arrived at the cemetery and are required to report on the cemetery caretaker after that we were asked to give money.

We thought it was strange to see so many slippers outside the cemetery gates, but we did not find anyone inside. But when we walked further into before we knew was there we found a lot of people sit together around a large tomb. That is the tomb of the intended pilgrims, the tomb of a queen in Madura.

The origin of the burial complex of Aer Eye itself comes from the story of Prince Cakraningrat I who ruled the island of Madura in the period around 1624 during the rule-1648.Saat undergo it, Cakraningrat I have an empress who reportedly very beautiful, with a name that in the future Ambami Syarifah known as the Queen Mother. When Cakraningrat I own reign, Madura more controlled from Mataram. Because, at the time, energy, thoughts, and expertise Cakraningrat I also needed by Sultan Agung of Mataram as lead manager.

Seeing things like that (to be left in charge), making him (Syarifah Ambami) sad. Day and night crying, mourning him who hold since left her husband. Then he meditated and prayed for seven descendants became leaders in Madura. The husband was angry when told his wife's request in his asceticism. He was disappointed because the requested his wife only 7 offspring. Absurdly so, why not all the descendants? So the husband left his wife back to Mataram. After that tears the queen be-so, so that finally his tomb called Aermata Mother. After praying for the occupants of the complex, then we hurried to leave the funeral complex.

Towards noon we began to nagging stomach wants to be a meal, then we went back west towards Warung Bebek Bangkalan Sinjay. Previously we had passed a shop not far from Suramadu, but because it was raining and buyers shop exploded, so we do not desire to simply stop by the shop. But what may make for hungry and wanted to know the secret implied hectic with the shop, then two of our friends are willing to wait queue in the shop for 1.5 hours just to buy a six pack of rice dishes plus the flagship shop, Duck SinjayFinally, wrap the rice worth 11 thousand that we brush out at the Gallery Batik Trisno.

Both the owners and guardians of parking once there. We did not buy batik in there, but we can go to the restroom, eat also passengers ride for free car parking. Well, although we ended batik shop elsewhere, but the mind both the owner of this gallery we will always remember.

In Stores Batik Aulia we finally found a price appropriate for the contents of our pockets. Stairs to the shop located on the second floor is filled with pictures of the officials who visited. Unfortunately yes owner of the store and its employees do not recognize who we are, so, well, we willingly if not anyone ask for photos together.

Apparently this store to get items from batik craftsmen in several cities in Madura, such as from Sampang, from Pamekasan, Sumenep also from Bangkalan own. In my opinion, Madura batik motif is different from the others in terms of color batik. Batik Madura has a bright color and bold.

Actually we wanted to round up to the Sumenep Madura. Still remember a dozen years ago I went to Madura, where the car seemed to be at sea because of the many salt mines. However, due to rain and when we finally decided to return to Surabaya to visit tourist attractions that we have not had time to visit.

Enjoying the Beauty of Pangandaran.

Pangandaran Beach by Darmansjah Godjali

Talk about the beauty of beaches in Indonesia. Bali is not the only province has a beach with stunning panoramic views. West Java, precisely in the district Ciamis also has a beach that is not less elegant, namely Pangandaran Beach.

Pangandaran Beach
, and could see a beautiful beach with sand white with a gently sloping landscape structure and the grain of sand is white and beautiful and charming. not to mention the two hills that flank the Pangandaran Beach so that the visitors can comfortably perform a variety of activities.For those who want to relax around the tourist areas.

Apart from swimming and boating around the peninsula, visitors can also diving because in this region there are marine park has a variety of fauna and beautiful sea flora.Access to the beach of Pangandaran were already well ordered by road smooth asphalt, making it easier for those who want to visit tourist areas Pangandaran Beach.

To entertain the visitors, usually held every weekend performances local traditional arts.

Not infrequently also held various events adapted to the local community celebrations like urination sea fishing Pangandaran is usually held in March or " nyiar" pad lumar in june.

Not only local event that was held there. Sometimes there are also events International scale that was held at Pangandaran beach, as well as Kite festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) which falls in July. There are also carnival ornamental boat in August and fishing competition in the month of September.

From the direction of Bandung Pangandaran Beach is about 236 km and can be reached by bus. In addition, visitors can also use the mode of transportation Banjar railroad station and proceed to using the bus until Pangandaran.

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Do Something to Indonesia

We should maintain the diversity that united Indonesia, without exception

 raja ampat island

executive summary by Darmansjah
The atmosphere in Waigeo Aljui panoramic Bay, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, which swept bright sunshine early 2011, Saturday (1 / 1). The atmosphere was recorded from Waigeo Island, where Kalakay KRI-818 docked with the commander of the Sea Captain (P) Sunarya who were patrolling.

God was smiling when creating Indonesia. Beautiful lush country with all the diversity of cultural heritage. Diversity of local wisdom that teaches about the relationship between man and nature. Local wisdom, which is far from personal greed or a group, able touniting people of Indonesia for independence from colonialism .

However, now we can only feel the warmth of unity like that again at disaster sites. Thousands of people from different regions came directly to assist disaster victims. They struggled to evacuate the victims, bury the dead, to distribute logistics for refugees with no strings attached. Their joy is when watching disaster victims smile again. Nothing more.

Agent nobleness

They become agents of moral grandeur spreader nation has a population of 237 million souls. Country stretching from Sabang to Merauke, and from Miangas to Rote Island is evidently still has a strong humanitarian spirit.

Indonesia is not like sophist politicians who often do not produce a solution to the problem. Moreover, as the political scene lately has more incentive to voice the interests of groups rather than national.

The community tergiring fragmented life in the bulkhead primodialism and religion. They are increasingly caught in a democracy that relies on imaging consultant survey.

Actually there are many people in Indonesia who runs the noble values​​, such as mutual cooperation, consensus, and tolerance. Communities in Wasior, Wondama Bay District, West Papua; Mentawai Islands regency, West Sumatra; Wayame, Ambon Bay, Ambon, Maluku, and the slopes of Mount Merapi in Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region is still caring for the social solidarity of mature trees.

As in the Village Ramiki, Wasior. Agus brothers Sawaki (30 years) and Tera Sawaki (32 years) build a water pipeline from the spring as far as 100 meters to the location of temporary shelters the refugees in their village. Their efforts were not in vain. Magdalena Ramar (21 years) and 100 other refugee families no longer need to carry water from springs.

"Poor. If not assisted, IDPs have to haul water back and forth, "said Tera.


Without complaining about the government, Tera and Agus tried alone to build the pipeline of clean water for refugees. They also do not demand anything from the refugees for their toil.

Look alertness Yanto, the village head Banyuroto, Sawangan District, Magelang regency, Central Java. Yanto directly act quickly when thousands of citizens Shaman District, Magelang District, and District residents Selo, Boyolali district, fled from hot clouds of Mount Merapi, 5 November 2010. Banyuroto Village area is not a refugee. However, Yanto without doubt directly prepare people's houses, school buildings, and balaidesa to accommodate the refugees who physically and mentally exhausted.

Yanto directly asking each family in the village of Banyuroto donated five packs of rice with side dishes for consumption refugees. There is no question for whom rice is given or why every family should donate five packs.

They did it exactly like the freedom struggle of tens of years ago, when everyone fighting for the Republic of Indonesia. Not to race, religion, or their group. Banyuroto Villagers live it with joy. "Helping others is the duty of us all," said Yanti.

We learn from the disaster site, victims and volunteers aware of their strength is united. Conflict without a solution will only add to their burden and did not solve the problem. Decisiveness, transparency, and sincerity is the key factor to get out of the situation in the area of ​​disaster emergency department.

As in Hamlet Tumalei, Silabu Village, North Pagai District, which includes a remote region in the Mentawai Islands regency, West Sumatra. Residents worked together to build new settlements in an area of ​​7 acres which granted Saogo Cornelius (65), Christian Berisigep, Libertius Saogo, Robertinus Saogo, and Mortius Saogo (deceased), through his heirs, Nurman Saogo, voluntarily.

They do not care about trees white meranti, red meranti, balam, banana, coconut, and other economic-value crops are being felled to relocated residents. Cornelius said he has given up ground and garden to residential because it did not want to live alone. Now, three homes had stood up and followed the next four houses before all 43 houses are planned to be completed next year.


Community persistence value of nobleness nation run sometimes disturbed the temptation and seduction of a pragmatic politician. They use instant ways to embrace the support, then leave the people after getting the position.

Former General Chairman of Muhammadiyah's central leadership Ahmad Syafii Maarif said, at present, even the people of Indonesia are like being colonized by our own people. It is characterized by the efforts of various parties to exploit the people who, among other things, manifested in corruption practices that became

Syafii said, it becomes something to be aware because the initial symptoms of the destruction of the nation. "Indonesian people are feared to mimic traces the history of the VOC which was destroyed in 1799 because it encroached on corruption," he said.

Indonesia grew not because one group or class struggle. We should maintain the diversity that united Indonesia, without exception. Happy Easter Day, dd 22/04/2011

mount merapi

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walk to Taman Bunga Nusantara

There is still a coolness in the Peak

By Darmansjah Godjali

Saturday-Sunday it feels like to relax in a typical Japanese garden villa. Continue to boating around the lake like in Venice with my beloved partner. Children? Let them have fun up the banana boat. Not to forget, getting pampered with delicious food abundance.

At the resorts where ya dream come true? Not far away. The location of the dream still be around Bogor and Cianjur, West Java. At least, at this weekends include in the agenda of the streets you to visit the city of flowers and flower park in Cianjur Archipelago.

On the way to the city of interest to stay and relax, stop at Earth Aki, morning fog still blanketing parts of the earth's top restaurants are located on the edge of the battery main road Cipanas-Cisarua, Bogor, still pretty quiet.

A servant takes the visitor to the east wing of the main building exactly to the bale-bale number two from the edge of the highway. From this view best.

Bale-Bale was facing south. From a sitting position on the bale-bale number two, right overlooking Mount Gede Pangrango, with no buildings blocking.

he atmosphere in the restaurant was quite fun, in addition to landscape design comfortable and unique restaurant with wood, there are also hotspots for customers to surf in the virtual world for free.

Aki On Earth, the food menu on offer starting from satai goats, sati chicken, goat soup, oxtail soup, carp menu, until the fried rice. They also offer brown rice as an attractive alternative.

Earth Restaurant Aki started to operate more or less 20 years ago. The name of the restaurant owners were chosen by the couple to honor the couple's grandfather, who bequeathed land to the restaurant, which is relying on the natural scenery, as well as food.

Flower City


As the name implies, Flower City complex is a vast area and green, with flowers blooming in the gardens of his villa. The region that is more or less 80 km from Jakarta, precisely on Jalan Hanjawar. Skukanagalih Village, District Pacet, Cianjur regency, was built in an area of approximately 125 hectares since around 1993. until recently the number of villas built to reach around 2,500 homes.
Here there are a myriad of facilities, such as the attack pool, sauna, fishing pond, tennis court, Little Venice, Fantasy Arena, as well as horse riding rentals. Each facility serves an average of visitors from morning until 18:00 in the afternoon.

On weekends or school holidays, the villas are fully occupied not only by the owner of the villa, but also deliberately rented villa yan entrants. To get into the area this villa for free. New ticket will be charged to visitors who use the facility tours.

Relax, relax, relax

If it's in the City of Flowers is time to really relax, relaxed, and relaxed. After parking the vehicle and lowering the goods, a cup of hot drinks to be friends right to enjoy the villa. Relax your muscles first before explore complex of villas, Little Venice, Arena Fantasy, Family Gathering or event and Relationships.

Various design villa in the city of flowers is always nice is fun home to wash the eyes as well as objects. The villas are built with special themes, such as Japan or mimic a typical house building Europe. All vials constructed with various sizes, equipped with one or two rooms to multi room to accommodate dozens of people.

Little Venice is a complex artificial lake in the city of flowers, with a variety of recreational facilities, such as gondolas, Mississippi boats, duck boats, and banana boat. While area fantasy, as the name implies, it will toss your kids fantasy. In the design of a fairy tale like the U.S. style. The atmosphere is identical with the world's western cowboy greeted visitors thick.