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5 Things To Do In PALAWAN Now

EL NIDO is booming. With an airport terminal at Lio (which offers free merienda to departing passengers), a direct flight via Air Swift, and new establishements opening daily, there’s no reason to skip this beach town.
Here are five things to do now:

Go for a dive
Palawan is a hot spot for divers, thanks to its rich marine life and coral gardens. Try scuba diving or free diving with companies like Palawan Divers, which offers classes to newbies and intermediate level divers.
There are plenty of dive sites within reach, with a diverse mix of depths-from walls that drop down 40 meters, to shallower sites. Visit

Stay at a design hotel
Lagun Hotel, situated within El Nido town across stunning limestone cliffs, was designed by Cecile Ravelas.
Inspired by El Nido, Spanish for “the nest,” key design elements were taken from bird’s nests, which can also be found peppering the limestone cliffs.
Ravelas created a foyer that evokes the interior of a nest, with its warm wooden tones, bamboo ceiling and mix of rattan furniture custom-made for the hotel.
Colorful SZ Vizcarra hanging lamps dot the area, while a large wooden table anchors the space. A prow-shaped desk at reception mimics the spatial dimensions of a bird’s nest with its overlapping wooden frame. Glass walls provide a backdrop for the limestone cliffs.
lagun hotel in El Nido is situated across stunning limestone cliffs
The rooms feature details evoking the island’s native elements, like a reef pattern above the bed, or a modern blue-tiled bathroom.
Though the look of the hotel is its primary allure, along with its view of the cliffs, make sure to make time to eat at their Habi restaurant, which has some really good Filipino food. Fro mgrilled squid and seafood, sinigang to binakol to timutungan, a chicken dish cooked in a gata make from toasted coconut, their selection is surprisingly substantial and well-made. Perfedt cup to a day spent island hopping. Call 0917-1561507, follow@lagunhotel on Instagram.
#The “sisig” burger at Tambok’s

Take a private tour of the islands and lagoons
Palawan is famous for its tours-infamously labeled tour A,B,C,D, which covers both Big and Small Island, Matinloc Shrine, Cathedral Cave, and more.
We were lucky enough to get a private tour through Lagun Hotel, which arranged a private boat for our group, which took us to Kadlao Lagoon, a majestic patch of aquamarine water and cliffs.
At Big Lagoon, we kayaked (with the help of our guide, who-let’s be honest-actually did most of the kayaking). It’s about a 15-minutes boat ride from El Nido beach. Our boat, a large Bangka that could comfrtabley seat 20, offered views of Helicopter Island, and fish and turtles.
We spent half the day on Ipil Island, a private beach with soft, white sand. Ipil Waterfront, which has a house you can rent for P25,000 a night (which means you have the whole island to yourself), can be accessed through the private tour of Lagun. Spend the day sunning on a rock (there are plenty on Ipil) or floating in one of the many lagoons of Palawan.

Visitors mus tour the stunning islands and lagoons of El Nido

Call 0908-880286: follow @ipilwaterfront on Instagram.

Eat at Tambok’s
Bacolod-based Josef Sagemuller was invited by Bea Zobel to set up shop in El Nido. The Negros native opened a grill, inspired by his grandmother Lina Montilla’s recipes.
“Her place was like an open house,” Sagemuller said. “Anyone who was hungry would just come in.

His grandmother’s signature leche flan recipe is on the menu, alongside banana and jackfruit turon with homemade salted caramel sauce.Tambok’s is primarily a grill, and Bacolod-style chicken insal is one of their mainstays alogn with their fish-of-the-day specials. Try the sisig burger, made with atchara, fried egg, tomato, aioli and an atsuete oil-basted bun.

Call 0926-0785343, follow: @tambokselnido on Instagram

Visit Kalye Artisano
Kayle Artisano is divided into three spaces. “Cogon House is entirely dedicated to the local Palawan artists in residency. In this building, the artists have set up shops targeted toward tourists and local business owners as well as offering workshops and immersion programs,” Paloma Zobel says.
“Rattan House is our food and beverage outlet. It offers visitors a taste of Filipino cuisine.
“Bamoo House is a hostel and co-working space, which offers visitors the chance to not only visit, but a chance to immerce themselves and interact with the community over a period of time.”
At Cogon House, you’ll find Paloma Zobel’s brand Piopio, alongside shops selling local wares. I found locally woven bags, art, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil soap, bamboo toothbrushes and evenfried taro chips.
Follow @Kalyeartisano on Instagram. [ANN/Philipine Daily Inquirer/Words by Bea J. Ledesma and photos by ANN/Philipine Daily Inquirer]

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Sakura picnic

Sakura picnic

By Hesti Setiarini, executive summary by darmansjah

For the Japanese spring brings blessings. This time they were looking to enjoy the cherry blossoms are in bloom. When the flowers are in full bloom, they are relaxing with family, friends, or lovers to indulge the senses to see the beautiful flowers. In fact, no one takes all the co-workers, coordinated by the company. Staring sakura blossom like a ritual. Residents called hanami or cherry blossoms looked. From here, a picnic sakura begins.

Before the cruise, we had better recognize the first way and the country's geography affect bloom time. Japan has a geography that extends from south to north. People already know the difference between weather which will affect the bloom. They knew him as zensen sakura or cherry blossom time sequence.

In January
, the cherry blossom in the south of the Okinawa Prefecture, then continue north, Hokkaido Prefecture. There, sakura bloom in late May. If you want to visit the major cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, should arrive in early April-open eyelids wide open relationship.

Because is determined by the weather, cherry blossoms do not have a definite schedule every year. If the spring weather warms, it will quickly open petals. Still do not have to be angry, because the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency has issued forecasts blooming flowers. They provide information that can be seen around February end or early March.

Once in bloom, immediately picnic. Petals only show beauty is only about two weeks. When the winds and the rain has come, the time of fall of the faster connection. Once the flowers fall, white and pink are no longer dominate As the leaves change color green shoots growing. Thus, the uniqueness of the cherry blossoms are short-lived but wonderful. So, too shame to miss sakura picnic.