Monday, September 9, 2019


By Hendra N.S. executive summary by darmansjah

I and my entourage arrived about four in the afternoon. At that time one of tour buses leaving the village Shirakawa-go, located in Gifu Prefecture. I joined with a team of Toyota Astra Motor, amounting to 12 people, the cold-weather greeted approximately five degrees Celsius. I also pressed a thick jacket and gloves.

Officially named shirakawa-mura, village history has gained worldwide recognition. Unesco has established the village as a historical world heritage site since December 9, 1995. What makes it chosen? I'm not hard to get an answer. The view is dominated by rural farm houses, built in a unique architectural style known as Gassho-zukuri. Citizens and governments have agreed to maintain the originality of village life, particularly the lives of mulberry cultivation and silkworm.

I had entered one of the greatest Gassho. After getting an explanation from the tour guide, I rushed to the attic Gassho. Arriving at the top of the building I saw the cultivation of silkworms. Incredible.

Shirakawa-go is in the valley is flanked by Mount Ryohaku and Ningyo. With a landscape like this, always in the village
temperature cool. In fact, the more cool when winter arrives.

Moreover, more than half of the area covered by forest - but its total area is only half the land area of ​​Jakarta. The numbers inhabitants, about 2,000 souls.

Besides GasshoWada we entered, recorded to this day there are 111 other Gassho. A small portion into a museum, tourist information center and the most doubles on the front as atalase to sell souvenirs and accessories typical of Shirakawa-go.

According to the saga, there is a castle called Gassho long Kerikumo. However, the building was lost in the earth along with the surrounding city. This incident took place when a large earthquake struck the village in 1586. A gold mine co-ingested into the bowels of the earth. Currently, the value of the mine about one billion usd. Next time, I'll try to find out his whereabouts.