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Tale Castle District in Northern France

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Sights that one is very unique and is rarely visited by tourists from Indonesia. Because of this uniqueness, then Traveler  taking the time to visit to Northern France, precisely in the area of ​​Normandy, after witnessing the beauty of one of this international cultural heritage. You can enjoy the trip reports in several series of articles below. Please enjoy.
Quite a while ago I heard about the beauty of Le Mont-Saint-Michel is situated off the north coast area of ​​Normandie, France; but over the years too, the desire to visit the place was never accomplished.
A friend of mine who happens to the original French and often travel to Bali, trying to give a picture of Le Mont through a variety of picture postcard he sent to me. From the picture on the postcard, I can already imagine how beautiful the area of ​​the former monastery (monastery) located far flung in the middle of the sea. That's what intrigued me to set foot on the 'island of the castle' is.

"It's like Tanah Lot Temple in Bali, Le Mont was also built in a secluded island in the middle of the sea. 

However, its size is much bigger than Tanah Lot, "so my friend's comments.

When at the end of May and then I got an invitation to travel to Europe for two weeks, then I do not forget to include a visit to Le Mont in my agenda.

Almost every year I always had the opportunity to Western Europe and Eastern Europe, but there was never any chance at all to go to Le Mont. This time, my desire was to materialize, so my resolve before departure.

From Paris, the city became home-base I was on a visit to Europe this time, the journey to Le Mont take quite long. I had to leave early in order to arrive at Le Mont before lunch arrived. Road trip for 5 to 6 hours is the 'price paid' for by visits to places included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

According to Paul Van Eden, Belgian bus driver who drove the bus I was riding at that time, there are independent reasons why the trip to Le Mont be done early in the morning. One is because this area becomes one of the main tourist destination in France. Lots of groups of foreign tourists who have the same intentions with me, and their average starting perjalananannya from Paris. The second reason is, when it will travel into rural areas in the Normandie region, will be hard to find a resort which can usually be easily found in almost all toll roads in Europe. For information, a resort on the toll roads in Europe usually have a very complete facilities where there are gas stations, restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes that are useful for those users a way to unwind while filling the stomach. I therefore feel 'nervous' because by the time he left me no time to eat breakfast (because it woke up late) and also unfortunately, I do not carry any provision for 'snacking' on the go.

Fortunately, a trip along the rural areas in the Normandy region make the time go faster, so that even in the belly I've heard the sounds of 'various musical instruments orchestra', at least the eyes are still satisfied. The atmosphere of peace and calm through the mountainous desert really contrasts with the frenzied atmosphere of Paris and frenetic.

When the bus finally pass through the coastal areas are used by many local people as a place to raise wheat because the soil texture is 'flat', I saw far away, behind a thick fog led to the open sea, a small coral island shadow standing 'alone' . The closer, the more visible too, that the above coral island stands a building with a tower patterned triangle soared into the sky. Looks majestic and mysterious.

Le Mont Saint Michel is included in the visited tourist destinations in the route is written in serial saving travel in europe. Please get a guide and full instructions, here

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Adventure in the Middle Sea
By Susie Berindra
Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali


 phangabay phuket

One corner of the James Bond Island in Phuket a favorite place for tourists to take pictures with. The island has become famous since used as a shooting one of the James Bond film in 1974. Phuket islands surrounded by unique rocks.

No remnants of the tsunami that hit Phuket, Thailand, in 2004. Every corner of Phuket visible foreign tourists around to enjoy a variety of tours offered. When the evening, bars and cafes on the beach is also filled with foreign tourists.

The atmosphere of the resort town was seen when the group of travel journalists and tour invited by Indonesia AirAsia and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at the end of last year. Starting late last year, AirAsia opens new flight routes, namely Jakarta-Phuket and Medan-Phuket. Of course the price is tilted so that the tourists Indonesia need not worry that much to spend money to travel to Phuket.

For instance scenery on the edge of Patong Beach is crowded with tourists from several countries. At the time of the tsunami, Patong Beach area is affected. On some street corners there is a rescue evacuation direction boards are installed after the tsunami disaster.

 Patong Beach

For the holiday beach resort, Phuket, which in Malay means "hill", offers a variety of attractive options. One of the interesting attractions are the Phang Nga Bay which consists of 42 islands. On the islands of Phang Nga Bay, tourists can enjoy one of the wonders of the world are charming, the unique rock formations.

The first island we visited was James Bond Island. The island is famous for once be a place to shoot one of the James Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun, in 1974. On this island, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery marble rocks. One favorite spot is photographed against the background of an oval stone that loomed at sea.

The next two islands are mangrove islands, namely Hong Island and Island Panak. To reach the second island, we had to climb the canoe containing only three people. Then the canoe through the rocks to get into the island surrounded by rocks and overgrown with mangrove trees.

hong island

Adventure was felt when visiting the island Panak. When the canoe through the rocks, we should be in a position to sleep because of the distance between water and rocks are very low. When the sea water began to rise, the body can be injured by sharp rocks. Fortunately, the canoe rower who drove us already knew the ins and outs of rock in the lake.

 the distance between water and rocks are very low close panak island

Not all tourists who come to the Island Panak get into the island. Sea water is higher the more difficult road to the island. If we can go in there, then when the return of the sea water rising, we had to wait three hours for the water to recede.

In fact, in the island can only see the mangrove trees on the canoe and surrounded by rocks.

Not only beaches and adventure tours in the middle of the sea, Phuket also offers interesting performances, like Simon Cabaret and Phuket Fantasea. Simon Cabaret show is played by tens of lady boy (term for transvestites in Thailand) with a sparkling dress like a festival. For an hour, they sang and danced.

Phuket Fantasea is a tourist place like Dufan Ancol. To get all the entertainment and dinner, a tourist must pay 2200 baht. Peak entertainment in Phuket Fantasea is a colossal show depicting Thai culture. All kinds of cultures in Thailand, including the animals that live in the country's elephant, appearing in this colossal show.

Indra of the TAT reveals, every year tourists come to Phuket to reach 35 million people. Phuket has the slogan "Amazing Thailand, Amazing Values​​". "Everyone who travel here will benefit more than just a walk. The price is affordable, not too expensive, "he said.

Coupled with the unique characteristic that is offered in Phuket Thailand. Seven uniqueness is Thainese, the nation's heritage of Thailand, beaches, culture, shopping trends, the typical Thai greeting "way", and festivals. In Phuket, there are dozens of festivals that were shown to the tourists. One of the famous festival is the Songkran Festival, which is a new year celebration for the people of Thailand.

songkran festival

However, Phuket is not a shopping destination for Indonesian tourists who want to get branded goods at lower prices. Branded goods on offer in Phuket is not much different in Indonesia. If you just want to get souvenirs typical of Thailand, on the edge of Patong Beach Road lot. It's just not very good quality.

There are two shopping centers that can be visited in Phuket, the Central Festival Phuket and Jungceylon. In Central Phuket Festival, visitors can find branded goods of quality number one, but the price is almost the same as in the big malls in Jakarta.

 central festival phuket

While Jungceylon in Patong Beach area. Mall offers souvenir items with prices skewed. All sorts of trinkets souvenirs bearing the image of an elephant which is a typical animal of Thailand. This mall is not too wide so it does not take long if you want around every corner 


When you are bored with malls, tourists can stroll in Phang La Road that turns into a night market when dusk. Along the pavements, street vendors offer the shirts that said Thailand, as well as accessories such as necklaces, bracelets earrings, and other souvenirs.

Phang La Road 

Do not forget to bargain for a lower price because vendors will open the bidding with a high enough price. Almost similar in China, souvenir merchants do not speak English so the bidding is done by calculator.

Tired after the around Phuket? Do not worry, Phuket also offers Thai Massage. Typical Thai massage is offered at a price of around 300 baht. However, to choose a good massage place needs foresight. Along the Road of Patong are so many places that offer massage by pretty girls. Not every place is convenient because it's transparent glass-walled room. If a massage at the place, like the spectacle of people passing by on the roadside.

thai massage

Well, already interested in Phuket? Do not hesitate to visit the Thai beach town in this region.

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The World Making Tiny

The World Making Tiny

by Darmansjah Godjali

It is the third planet from the eight planets in the solar system 4.6 billion years old, no one had ever said anything delouse opportunity that IBSA found on Earth. There are always new and interesting things to note and invite a question mark for a great deal of curious race.

Finding out these things can be a fun job. Tak need to be a researcher or scientist to do so, because of now everyone can do it with ease. Especially if not a pretext to exploit the internet managed to summarize Segal things that happen on earth that has a surface of 510 million square kilometers.

"When there is free time, I often browse on the Internet looking for various information. Starting from exciting attractions to plan the next vacation, or just read the news. Fun, leisure time was so useful because there are a lot of information that can be obtained, "said Rina, an active Internet user.

Internet has become a source of information and entertainment. In it includes imaging topics. No problem if you want to know more in the world of philosophy with Aristotle, Plato, and others, or that include lessons sekoalh, political, social, economic, health, movies, music, and much more. Millions or billions bhakan new data entered into the internet every day.
No wonder the internet is often referred to as a world without limits. Simply sit while relaxing, the whole world can be revealed through the tone of a computer screen. In fact, probably with the presence of smart mobile devices, the world is in gengaman and just as wide as the phone screen.

This is nothing but thanks to search engines that provide a variety of convenience for Internet users. In cyberspace, Google page may be the most visited sites. While maintaining a simple and clean pages, search engines are finding Sergey Brin and Larry Page are already using more than 100 languages.

In fact, when it first launched, Google was originally given the name Googol, only underestimated. In the process, Google also always give inov `new ation is increasingly giving comfort and convenience for its users.

Berhala Island Charm Of Concern

Orignal Text by  Irma Tambunan, executive summary by Darmansjah

Berhala Island on the border of Jambi and Riau Islands waters to save the beauty. Stretch of white sand surrounds the island. Always look beautiful scenery from any angle. Looming large quartz rocks and spread along the coast.

A collection of tongtong heron perched on the branches of mangroves. They are not disturbed when we use motor boats going past. However, when the boat slowed and we issued a camera, stork, heron flew away.

Although classified as protected wildlife, herons can easily tongtong we have encountered along the Batang Hari River estuary in the village of Duck River, District Sadu, Tanjung Jabung Eastern District, Jambi Province. Mangroves there are relatively close together they become a comfortable home for them.

After going through a stretch of mangrove trees that seemed endless, our ship finally entered the coastline. Berhala island began to appear from a distance even though the trip actually still is about 16 miles to go.

That is, we need about 1.5 hours to reach the island area of ​​60 hectares which is currently with the status quo because it disputed by the Jambi and Riau Islands.

The journey we traveled last October it was quite interesting. Not only in the waters of the River Village's only stork tongtong Ducks and gulls often we meet. Among rumpon shrimp nets surrounded wooden stilts near the sea too.

On top of the milestones that the herons and seagulls watched the fish prey, passing on the water surface. The group shot the bird was so nimble touch the surface of the water takes its prey and immediately flew into the air.

Ship Island is reaching the Berhala. From a distance looks a number of other islands, such as the postal Ciumar Island lighthouse, the island filled Eggs large quartz stones, and green-colored hair island in the eastern part of Idols.

Around 16:00, shipmaster, Arsad, and colleagues, Dody, tether ropes at the pier that was built Berhala Island Provincial Government of Riau Islands. Dock along the nearly 200 meters was broken at the edges.
Conditions were quite apprehensive pier damage. However, far more concerned about the condition of the pier that was built in Jambi Province. The dock is disconnected in the middle of the sea so completely unusable.

The wood pier made it even exists Jambi province that has been stolen citizens to be wood. "It's one more year of this second pier damaged. But there has been no improvement by each provincial government, "said Arsad tell.

Ghost Island

Idols in the past the island known as Pulau Dakjal, Bratail Island, Island or Pulau Bertayil Afgorl (Netherlands), Island Birella (Tome Pires), and the Island Verrela (Portuguese). In fact, some refer to it as the Ghost Island.

Although the name is rather creepy, Idols save the beauty. Stretch of white sand surrounds the island.

At any point on the island, the scenery is always beautiful. Quartz rocks looming large and spread out near the pier, heading the resort, and among the coconut trees that has aged nearly 30 years old. Trees that meet the island to near the top of the hill as high as 200 meters above sea level. Sea water around the coast is green, not blue, like most beaches.

There are a number of historic relics on the island. One is the tomb of Datuk Paduko Idolatry, founder of the kingdom of Jambi Malay, who was in the waist of the hill.

Continue up to the neck of the hill there is a frog cannon, and getting to the top there is a Japanese cannon among the wild bushes.

At the bottom of the island, we will meet the Japanese army kitchen, that looks more like a furnace heated as high as 1.5 meters. Not far from there, there is a hideout, aka bunker ground.

From a number of historical relics and natural beauty inherited Berhala Island, which is not less interesting precisely underwater wealth. Some divers often visit there to witness the beauty of the underwater world.

According to Agus Sudaryadi of Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall Edinburgh, by diving at a depth of 5 meters above sea level, we can already enjoy the expanse of the root bahar or gorgonian corals are colorful.

In addition, continued Agus, an estimated one from Thailand that sank the ship around the island Berhala. "It was known after the nets of a fisherman ever get a jar of Thailand about five years ago," he said.

Despite having a lot of tourism potential, Berhala Island is now even more lonely. According Junaedi, head of the local village, about five years ago, when he began to settle in the idols, there are many tourists visit, including foreign tourists.

"Bule-bule love to come here because the island is beautiful, but quiet. They are free to sunbathe all day and we were just stunned to see them sunbathing from far away, "he said.

During school holidays, Idols also frequented by a group of students. They generally arrive on the island late in the afternoon, then spend the night. The next day a new day they left the island. "Many also come to a special idol for fishing," the story Junaedi.


As the heat of the disputed island of idols, the rate of tourist visits declined during the last two years. Foreign tourists never even longer singggah to idol this past year.
In the school holidays in July, did not seem too group of students who vacation there. "The island became more quiet," added Junaedi.

Local governments argued, continued Junaedi, the island is in the status quo so that tourism development should not be done there. "Therefore, the dock is left broken," he said.

Garbage began much scattered. Construction of supporting facilities, such as lodging and sanitation, are also absent. Access to the island was left to be difficult, including for residents.

Therefore, to achieve the idols, travelers must pay at least IDR 1 million trips just to rent a boat.

Junaedi admitted quite concerned with such conditions. He worries that idol be forgotten. The government certainly needs to quickly find a solution to the dispute so that the two areas do not become islands dead idols.

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Thousands Watch Raja Pelebon Peliatan Ubud

executive summary by darmanjsh godjali

Thousands of residents and tourists watched the ceremony or cremation pelebon Dwagung Peliatan Ida, King of Puri Agung Peliatan IX, in the District of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, on Tuesday (2 / 11). The series of processions take place safely and smoothly by maintaining at least 300 police officers and hundreds of villages Pecalang in Ubud and surrounding.

Ubud, Thousands of residents and tourists watched the ceremony or cremation pelebon Dwagung Peliatan Ida, King of Puri Agung Peliatan IX, in the District of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, on Tuesday (2 / 11). The series of processions take place safely and smoothly by maintaining at least 300 police officers and hundreds of villages Pecalang in Ubud and surrounding areas.

Pelebon ceremony was the culmination of a series of ceremonies that began to be held since October 3. Ida Dwagung Peliatan died at the age of 71 years, August 21, 2010.

Puri Agung Peliatan figure who is also Secretary of the Gianyar Regency Cokorda Putra Nindia states, for Ida Dwagung ceremony was complete. Representing the family, he thanked the people who have helped and supported a series of such ceremonies.

Public attention and tourists, both foreign and domestic, against a series of ceremonies is quite large because it is done against one of the royal family (castle) in Bali. Finally, the ceremony that received similar attention is pelebon family members Puri Ubud, Tjokorda Gde Agung Suyasa, Tjokorda Gede Raka, and Gung Niang Raka, two years ago.

Boisterous atmosphere occurs when the body is placed in the bade (tower remains) as high as 25 meters away hundreds of people paraded from 35 banjo or hamlet of Ubud and District Sub Tegallalang. The procession was followed ornate statues of bulls and purified majestic statue of the Hindu community and Nagabanda. Statue of dragon only appears at the castle the elder family cremation.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AIR TRAFFIC | Mentawai

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali
There are a series of reasons to visited the Mentawai and hard not to immediately fall in love with it. Archipelago outermost region of West Sumatra is given of nature are so beautiful and unique culture of its people.

There are four main groups that inhabited islands, namely Pulau Siberut, Sipora, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai Island. The majority of residents are the Mentawai tribe, which has a culture of the Neolithic era.

Is a natural if the Mentawai tribe met with ornate tattoos on most of the body. Tattoo art has become one of the things that brought the name of the Mentawai all over the world. Culture also has a tattoo that is described as the oldest in the world. Not just tato, every tattoo is etched on the body it becomes part of identity, a symbol of social status, profession, and natural meaning.

Learn the art of tattooing is ultimately not just to understand the forms, motifs, and its beauty. But it also led researchers come all the way to each corner to listen more deeply the meaning of tattoo for each person's life. Judging from the point of culture and its role is no less telling.

On the other hand, the Mentawai also so famous among surfers thanks to the beauty of the waves. Mentioned more than 100 points can be found surfing, with waves caracteristic diverse.

No wonder the Mentawai several times to host the world surfing competition sponsored by a major label. Indeed in 2011 the Mentawai will return the surfers coming from all over the world number one event in surfing competitions. However, the tsunami first hit the islands on October 25, 2010, and still leave the tenderness and the continuing lack of post-disaster relief.

Tourist resort is a mainstay, too, swept away by the waves destroyed. Although up to now still trudge to regain its footing, many people who remain optimistic about the tourism industry Mentawai. Because the Mentawai have a relatively faithful to its own market by playing the waves, and natural beauty that are categorized as virgins.

Mentawai is not just a collection of islands in West Sumatra. He had all the potential that should be maintained to preserve, known not only in foreign countries but also by the nation itself, and developed.
Now comes the waiting period Mentawai recovery, hopefully he is able to spread its charm even further.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beauty of Silence in Tanah Lot

Executive Summary By Darmansjah Godjali

Tanah Lot is kept a mystery. Cliff and the sea blend harmoniously. And tip reef, a graceful temple stood. What a beauty.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, the weather does not support. We come from Kuta and arrived around 11 am in Tanah Lot, located on the southern coast of Bali in the Tabanan area of ​​level 2. We were greeted by a fairly heavy rain, with clouds of dense shade. And when it comes to the park to the rock where the temple building, with fierce waves crashing.

Sea really looks volatile. But it still looks the kids to play waves and surf. Cried once. In the rain it was still a lot of tourists come. There are of Korean, Japanese, Arabic, europe. Everything is busy there snap here. Yes, although the results are not good times yes. Like the photographs featured here are also sorry yes, if somewhat blurry. Because it does rain and overcast.

That said, the land was built by Dahyang Lot (ya, forgot his name), a Brahmin from Java. After a tour of Bali, this Dahyang built temples with supernatural power. This temple is specifically addressed to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God Almighty). Ehmm, it was how peaceful prayer combined with nature like this. Humans seemed small and insignificant. Experiencing the Divine presence in silence. Beautiful and so peaceful.