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My Preferred World

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Is measured in moments; your fist night away. A private gondola. A premium beaujolais. Use the Resort Escape offer from Preferred Hotel & Resorts, Preferred Boutique, and Summit Hotels & Resorts to match a dream destination with the little extras that turn travel into some of the indelible memories of your life. Be treated to complimentary breakfast daily and a valuable resort credit at over 60 of the world’s finest resorts. Please visited and feel fre for the next vacation! On as to book today.

the leela kavalam beach, kerala, India

The Leela Palace, Udaifur, India

Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa, Borneo, Malaysia

Serentity Resort & Residence, Phuket, Thailand

The Tongsai Bay, Ko Samui, Thailand

La Flora Resort Patong, Phuket, Tahiland

Gayana Eco Resort, Borneo, Malaysia


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Eastern Promise

Sweeping city views from the  private terrace of the Mandarin Oriental Paris’s Royal Mandarin suite.

Checking in Paris, Asian-accented hospitality is shaking up the luxury hotel scene in the French capital, By Alexander Lobrano, executive summary by darmansjah

As a trio of Asian-born luxury hotel brands debuts in Paris, it looks like the faux chateau may finally be getting the heave-ho. Ever since the first boom in global tourism during the 19th century sent hordes of newly affluent Britons and Americans to the City of Light, Paris’s cream-of-the-crop accommodations—”palace” hotels in local parlance—have been peddling a carefully studied approximation of aristocratic French chateau style and hospitality to anyone who can swing their sky-high rates for a night. Think major Gallic gilt trips on tap at such opulent addresses as the Place Vendôme or the Place de la Concorde, where liveried doormen, lavish Louis-the-something furniture, and daunting doses of formality are the norm. Now, these grande dames are getting their feathers ruffled as new Asian competitors arrive with the famously gracious service and deep-dish modern luxury that have made them the new benchmarks of the hotel industry in the 21st century.

Mandarin Oriental Paris
Five years in the making, the hotly anticipated Mandarin Oriental Paris opened its doors in June, and le tout Paris has been trooping across its vestibule’s fiber-optic-inlaid carpeting ever since to see the results. Occupying the shell of a 1925 Art Deco building on Rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré, the 138-room hotel is the work of esteemed French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who retained the original facade but completely rebuilt the interiors around a central garden planted with magnolia and camellia trees (a stone fountain divides the courtyard between the outdoor serving areas of Bar 8 and Camélia, one of the hotel’s two restaurants). The luxury of a quiet breath of fresh air in the heart of the city has enthused Parisians almost as much as the hotel’s superb bar (sculpted from a nine-ton piece of Spanish marble) and its smiling and seamless service. The room decor, by French designer Sybille de Margerie, deploys reproductions of the famous Man Ray photograph The Kiss as headboards, but what’s really been impressing guests are amenities like built-in iPod plugs, Nespresso machines, Frette sheets and bath robes, complimentary sweets from chocolatier Fabrice Gillotte, and an exclusive new line of toiletries by famous Parisian perfumery Diptyque. The hotel’s 900-square-meter spa, with a treatment menu that uses Guerlain and Aromatherapy Associates products, has been winning raves, too—though local food critics have had a more querulous response to the elaborate contemporary French cooking of chef Thierry Marx at Sur Mesure, the hotel’s signature restaurant. 251 Rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré; 33-1/7098-7888;; doubles from US$1,200.

The entrance to the Shangri-La Hotel Paris, whose building once served as the mansion of Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

If Mandarin Oriental has boldly created a Paris hotel aimed more at emerging overseas (mostly Asian) markets than such traditionally Francophile markets as Europe and North America, Shangri-La chose to kneel at the altar of time-honored Gallic elegance. Opened late last year, the 81-room hotel inhabits a grand limestone mansion that was originally the home of Prince Roland Bonap-arte, Napoleon’s grandnephew. But can a Hong Kong–based hotel group beat the French at their own game? Perhaps. Shangri-La spent a fortune renovating the place, which is perched on a hillside in the sedate 16th arrondissement with stunning views over the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. Public spaces are awash in ormolu and lavish moldings, the staff are all pomp and circumstance, and guest rooms are Franco-Asian chic with lots of celadon, powder-blue, and taupe silks. Still, there’s a distinctive Eastern stamp on this pedigreed French mold, from the high quality of in-room amenities to the food served at two of the hotel’s three restaurants. La Bauhinia offers curry laksa alongside classic French specialties, while the Shang Palace, with its Cantonese chefs, has created nothing short of a sensation in Paris, a city with only middling Asian fare despite France’s colonial connection. 10 Ave. d’Iéna; 33-1/5367-1998;; doubles from US$1,210.

Outside Le Royal Monceau-Raffles, a historic property overhauled by Philippe Starck.

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Windsor, England

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Population: + / - 28,000 people
Language: English
Currencies: Pundsterling
Calling code: +44

Eton College

You need a visa to enter the UK. No need to visit the British Embassy, ​​because they had handed over all the affairs of the IVA proposal to PT VFS Services Indonesia which is open Monday through Friday (except holidays Consulate / public) at 08:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00
PT VFS Services Indonesia, Plaza ABDA Lt.22. Zone B, Jl. General Sudirman Kav 59 Jakarta 12190, E.mail: info.ukid @,

How to Get There
This small town is within easy reach of London. Tones can use the train or bus to travel the approximately 1.5 hours. Because kastilbuka at 9:45 sebeaiknya you've arrived some time earlier to avoid long queues. From Heathrow Airport you can also use a taxi directly to Windsor at the rate of about 15-20 pounds. Because the price of admission Windsor Castle is quite expensive (15 pounds) should you use that time to the maximum extent possible to enjoy the beauty of this castle.

How to Explore
The city is small enough so that you can be surrounded only by foot. Eton is located across the river can be reached easily dengna was the same with Legoland.

Where to Stay
Budget: For many travelers who choose to stay in London, not many budget hotels or hostels located in this city. One is Dee & Steves B & B, a traditional guest house run by the family. With a warm atmosphere, this inn also provides free internet facility nirkable.

Dee and Steve's B & B
169 Oxford Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5DX UK, tel.: 01753854489 e.mail.: or website:
Mid: This five-star hotel has spectacular views overlooking the River Thames. Can be traced its history to the year 1335, The Manor hotel has various types of rooms and apartments are ideal for families.

The Manor Hotel
Datcjet. Windsor, Berkshire SL3 9EA, tel.: +44 (0) 543 442 1753, e.mail: or website:

St. Paul's Church

Eton College
Lux: The location is just off the lake and adjacent to St. Paul's Church, Eton College, and St. Mary's Church to make the hotel 30 rooms with a classic-style building is much preferred. Beautiful gardens often become the location of a garden party and if you want to enjoy the banquet-style English nobility, this is where the most perfect!

Stoke Place Hotel
Stoke Green Stoke Poges Slough, Buckinghamshire SL2 4HT, tel. : +44 (0) 1753 534 790. email: or

Useful websites

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Tourism Info | Hong Kong

Substitution Symphony Year

Executive summary by Darmansjah

HongKong. Areas that have special authority in China is indeed not exhausted discussed. Modern, open, and offers a variety of exciting entertainment that becomes magnetic. Worth if the area is divided into four major sections, namely Kowllon, Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, and New territory has become the target of the tourist.

TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com said, almost in every season, Hong Kong has a number of special events. For example, Halloween Party, Christmas and New Year are celebrated in festive.

Feel the thrill of enjoying themselves, especially when Hong Kong's New Year's Eve. From Kowloon-Island, on the lip dock, you can see the wonderful fireworks as if competing to illuminate the night sky of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the skyscraper buildings in Hong Kong as not to be outdone themselves showing off sparkling lights.

The rise of Asian countries to Hong Kong tourists is because it is not too far away and there are many airlines that serve the purpose to Hong Kong. Hong Kong seems to realize this potential. Many hotels have opened a comfortable accommodation for tourists. Means of local transport like buses and MRT were addressed. Thus, as facilitated tourists stroll and enjoy the atmosphere of Hong Kong.

Affairs of the stomach, Hong Kong has many street markets are ready to pamper you with a variety of chinese food dishes and other dishes. Just choose the course according to taste. Similarly, if the tone you want to shop, Hong Kong is one right choice. A variety of high quality fashion products at prices more affordable present in Hong Kong.

After enjoying Hong Kong, you can be visited Shenzhen and Macau. Two locations is somewhat not so far from Hong Kong. Macau, for example, can be reached within one hour from Hong Kong by ferry. Macau is known to have the City of Dream Area, an entertainment center, hotel, world-class performances, and a favorite shopping site. It is estimated there are approximately 300 branded products in the world here. So, do not miss the opportunity to hunt designer goods such as promo lasts.

No less cool than Honkong and Macau is Taiwan. Night Market or the market that many street vendors selling handmade souvenirs or snacks typical of Taiwan easily found in various corners of the city.

Problem culinary, you should try the Pearl Milk Tea. This is the famous bubble tea drinks thanks to a distinctive and delicious taste. Or, you can also walk in the Tam Sui Old Street. This location is known as a shooting location Taiwanese serial Meteor Garden version that could boom in some Asian developing countries a few years ago.

You also should not forget the charm of Taroko Gorge. The Taroko Gorge is a rocky cliff with beautiful natural scenery. The extent of approximately 920 square kilometers of white marble cliffs that lure mountain. Even the mini-style sculptured elegance made ​​Taroko Gorge is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Asia. In the meantime, if you take the train on the way Chiufen-Hualien, you will menyaskikan scenery charming blue Pacific Ocean.

No need to worry if it will be a culinary tour in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Therefore, the available number of specialty restaurants that provide halal food (processed materials do not contain pork and proceeds of corruption). Or, if you want to taste the variety of halal snacks you can asks you whether or not the seller. Usually they understand and choose the type of show or a halal confectionary. Ready to travel to other destinations?

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Info Tourism | South Korea

Fishing Fish in ICE
Executive summary  by darmansjah

Little things simple if packaged well and can be very attractive. For example, although many who enjoyed, including fishing for ordinary activity. However, how the fish beneath the ice? If you want to know the answer, please visit to South Korea.

In a country of four seasons, winter is synonymous with snow and piercing cold. For local residents, the snow is no longer attractive. It sucks actually. Especially when the snow fell, the streets become slippery. Not to mention, if the piles of snow thickened, means pedestrian paths should be cleaned by means shoveled. Certainly additional work is very annoying.

If you do not need, necessarily true, most people are reluctant to leave the house. More comfortable sitting in the warm room. If you leave the house, means have to wear heavy clothing in layers if you do not want to freeze. Besides, not many things to do. Where snow in everywhere. In fact, the pool or puddle of water also freezes.

In South Korea, precisely in Inje County, Gangwon Province, the river is frozen even be the object of tourism. Pad around the peak winter months of January and February, the frozen river ice thickness can reach 30-40 cm. It's thick enough not only to pass on foot, but also use a sled.

However, beneath the ice thickness, in which cold water was almost frozen, it turns out there are still fish to survive. Small fish measuring about 20 cm it is known in Korean as bingeo. Well, the most awaited attractions in Inje County is a fishing festival. The trick, ice riddled thick with a diameter of 10-15 cm. Then, the hook that was baited lowered into the ice. No need to wear a hook, because the fishing line is not too long. Besides small-sized fish are lured only.

In order for leg cramps not because of squatting, anglers may sit on a small folding stool that has been provided. In the meantime, if you can not stand exposed to the cold breeze, provided tents. Therefore, do not be surprised if it passed the river in Inje County, and saw lots of tents and a bunch of people crowded a small hole in the frozen river. They're fishing. Pad peak fishing festival, the number of anglers can reach thousands of people.

Inje County, including the tracks if you are traveling from Seoul to Mount Seorak. If you happen to ride public transportation, there are buses connecting Injie to the city with Bupyeong-ri. Inje can be reached about 15 minutes from Bupyeong-ri.

Granite Peak


In addition to fishing in Inje County, another interesting tourist attractions visited in South Korea of ​​course enjoy the view of the granite peaks of Mount Seoraksan. The best time to visit Mount Seoraksan is indeed in the summer around July and August. Only, you have to deal with the many tourists and prices are soaring.

In winter, views of Mount Seoraksan no less spectacular. Peak granite combined with snow flakes here and there. Hanyasaja, be careful because of the slippery snow can make a slip.

Seoraksan National Park can be entered through three main gates, namely Seorak Outer, Inner Seorak, and Southern Seorak. The most easily accessible and very popular is the Outer Seorak, not far from the seaside city of Sokcho. Facilities and infrastructure here is very supportive, such as transport and accommodation.

Well, if you are interested in visiting South Korea, is now even easier because the national carrier Garuda Indonesia ( has provided a route into the State Ginseng, Come on, are you waiting for, for life is contained in the body!

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Tourism Info | Macau

Enchantment Macau Past and Present
By Darmansjah

Macau is not only limited to charm the world of fantasy as fabled people. Moreover, Macau promises many things, including pleasure and history that can not be separated from his life.

one central macau

Historically, sailors from Fuji and farmers from Guangdong is known as the one who is first settled in Macau who was then known as Ou Mun, or Gate of Commerce, because of its location on the Pearl River downstream from Guangzhou (Canton).

Boulevard du City of Dreams

At the time, Macau is part of a busy silk road stop off loading ships which silk fabric from Rome. Arguably, the existence of Macau is more than just important.

Shoppes at Four Seasons

In modern times, Macao has developed several industries, namely textiles, electronics, toys, and world-class tourism industry with a large selection of hotels, resorts, sports facilities, restaurants, facilities, exhibitions and meetings, as well as casinos.

Grand Canal Shoppes

As a special area (Special Administrative Region) of China, Macau has grown in line with the increase of buildings and land reclamation, and the diversity of its attractions. This is what makes Macau unique community with a blend of East and West complementing each other, thereby supporting efforts to increase domestic and foreign tourists visit.
Wynn Esplanade

Known as a meeting place of East and West cultural ideal, Macau is presenting something unique. In a period of more than four centuries, Macau is not only inspiring architecture from various traditions, but also keep and maintain a number of buildings is very unusual today.

The result, we can see the Temple of Tao of the Ming Dynasty and the Baroque churches of the 18th century, the fortress on the hill from the 17th century shops and houses in a classic style of coastal China, the oldest theater in Asia and the first Western-style lighthouse, palace halalaman colonial palaces and Chinese-style pages. All this wonderful blend of architecture you can only find in Macau.
New Yaohan Department Store

Holidays in Macau certainly feels less complete if it does not enjoy the agenda for the shopping. For the shopping enthusiast, Macau is a place you can buy almost everything you want. Duty free and boutique with internationally recognized Lable can be found at Fisherman's Wharf, New Yaohan Department Store, Landmark, and so on. Meanwhile, retail shopping with luxury brands, it's time to visit the Wynn Esplanade, The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Shoppes at Four Seasons, The Boulevard du City of Dreams, and One Central Macao.
Avenida Almeida Riberio Road

One more who never miss the variety jewelry. Here, the jewelry is imported duty free so the price is unbelievably cheap. There are so many famous jewelry store located in the famous hotels in and Avenida Almeida Riberio Road and Avenida Horta e Costa Road.
Avenida Horta e Costa Road.

According TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com, December is one of the best months to visit to Macau because they can enjoy the tradition of New Year celebrations are very lively with fireworks at the Nam Van Lake.
Fisherman's Wharf

If you are curious about the excitement of New Year fireworks in Macau, it's time to book tickets and
hotels. Do not miss out!

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Your Journey | Shaoguan

Natural Enchantment pleasure of Shaoguan
By Darmansjah

Vacation and travel abroad at the end of the year will give a different pleasure. East Asia is a region that is not too far away to be used as tourist destinations. Affairs of China, is one of the country worth a visit at a time when holidays.

China, as presenting endless variety of tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by visitors. One is Shaoguan, a small town in the north province of Guandong (Canton) with less tourists stunning landscape that is unique. When departure from Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, there are two ways that can be used to go to Shaoguan, which is using the bus, while enjoying the scenery along the journey for three hours, or use a fast train while enjoying the technological sophistication of the train for about an hour


Arriving at Shagoguan, ktia natural phenomena presented in Danxia Mountain Park, which is a national park in the category of World Heritage by UNESCO, which consists of clusters of coral-colored hills and mountains of red. Here, tourists can enjoy a unique landscape with a cruise up the river.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the trail in May Ku Guan Dao, a region which lies on the border between Jiangxi and Guandong Province, where tourists will be fascinated by the rows of plum trees blossom (flower star or mei hua) that are blooming in winter , while walking toward the gate of ancient boundary marker for both provinces.

guandong province

After enjoying the natural charm of Shaoguan, we can also experience comfortable accommodation in one of the luxury hotel that has a unique design. There are many other interesting attractions found in this country worth visiting china tourists by the end of the year.

Exploration trip to China can be found in one of the tourist sites TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com that provide information about tourist resorts in China as well as modes of transportation and accommodation of the leading airlines, flights and travel to China is becoming a vacation experience that is not forgotten.

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Tokyo Essentials

Executive summary by darmansjah

There's sushi, sake, kimono, alphabet hiragana, kanji, and manga, Yokoso Japan! Like Kuala Lumpur for Malaysia, Tokyo for the Japanese community is densely populated metropolitan city that dominates the country's one million nicknames. Bartasan Wauran traveled for seven and a half hours by plane from Singapore last SQ A380 to Narita, Tokyo, to enjoy the panorama and culture that served the various corners of the city located on the islands of Honshu, Kanto province, southern Japan.
  Views of downtown Tokyo from Tokyo Tower

Before the Meiji Restoration in the city is known as Edo, the political base of feudal government established by the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1603 leyasu. capital of Nippon (Sunrise) with a population of 8,483,050 souls has 47 ku (district), consisting of 26 shi (city), 5 gun (county), and 8 cho (village), including two small islands of Ogasawara and Izu. Over time, the city became the witness of the times in cultural persistence and has many places of historic and interesting place to visit. In all areas of Japan, a visit to Tokyo is a must for tourists who will take a trip to the country this Sakuran. From the results of my exploration in Tokyo in two weeks, there are some important and interesting places that must to be visited.


This region is the largest and busiest train station in Tokyo and located right in the heart of the city. Stretching the daily activities of working people and travelers who want to enjoy the rhythms of local residents appear centered in the region this station. You can start the story 'get lost' from this station. How not, this station has recorded six train services provider that serves tens of rail and subway, so you must be smart to read the billboards pointing the area of ​​this region. Metropolitan government office building visible towering grab a glimpse of the sky and similar to the Petronas Tower. In addition to regional offices, also crowned as the Shinjuku area of ​​the top spot for the shopaholic the world to satisfy the shopping desire. No hearted, there are seven major shopping malls entrenched in the shade of buildings skyscraper gradual more than 10 floors and fenced in city parks. Not only made in Japan has to offer, branded goods were nearly all world class displayed in this area either in the form of local boutiques and shopping malls such as Isetan, Seibu or Takashimaya. Night in Shinjuku are rampant with various colors of large neon light area of ​​Kabukicho, the most famous Redlight district in Tokyo, is ready to lull your dreams dengna various metropolis.
Siangpore Airlines A380 Double Decker


Often dipautkan the Shinjuku district, Shibuya is located west of Tokyo. This area is one of the many shopping centers and entertainment venues in Tokyo. Harajuku structure here is similar to many small alleys filled with shops and outlets middle range. Only, the appearance of this region visitors are not as extreme as in Harajuku are always quirky and weird. They tend to be more conservative and casual style. In addition to the standard brands of the world, the variety of goods made in Japan were also a lot to offer the region. After satisfying your shopping desires can stop by the famous franchise restaurants or enjoy the latest movies in several cinemas located in the region. Do not worry, despite
converted voiced into the Japanese language, you can still enjoy the story through text translation is available in English. Region that is always full of people milling around it and also can find a garden decorated the statue of Hachiko, a dog is known for his loyalty to his employer until his death. Shibuya browse this trip also brought me had stopped at a shop called Indonesia Groceries Store that sells goods from Indonesia, ranging from handicraft products to the Indonesian-style food, such as instant noodles, spices so, until tea, coffee and other . The waiter at this store almost all of them are citizens of Indonesia who are studying.
  Shibuya in the afternoon

  Harajuku night

Tokyo tower

What makes a region located between Shinjuku and Shibuya in Japan is so famous if not 'style super weird' and quirky a birth? Not just a matter of fashion and accessories, even hair style trends Hirajuku also has worldwide. Typical appearance of the artists have become part of the euphoria of this eccentric fashion style. Harajuku is already renowned as a venue for teenage slang Japanese for decades. Exploring on weekends, you will undoubtedly feel the unique sensation brought about by the teenagers who hang out in this area. Their performance was quite daring, even a hit-and-color style trends also seem to be something that is mandatory. Dressed a la hip-hop, punk, goth, cartoon characters to the style of top Japanese style dominates in this region. Want to be like them? You can just select all the attributes according to the chosen style of the many shops of Harajuku style that unfolded side of the road region. When the weekend arrives, a park near the station Hajuku also appear crowded Japanese jocks and traders attribute special Harajuku on the patio. The park is also often used as a musical art show featuring several Japanese bands both beginners or who have become stars.


Not much different from the Shinjuku full of shopping centers and office buildings, better known as the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo's most elite. Walking in this area will bring you the sensation fith Avenue in New York City with a series of world branded outlets that line here, like Louis Vuiton, Chanel and other brands of super expensive. Yurakucho is one of the many shopping centers which popular in this region. Not just a shopping center, other important facilities such as hotels, apartments, restaurant and other important buildings of the all exclusive also exist here. The area which was founded in 1612 in Edo period this does offer a variety of interesting attractions and the presence of more than 4000 restaurant will provide culinary experience that is second to none. Starting from enjoying the free opera-hosted by several art galleries, try The current products of famous technology companies Sony or Nikon's visit to the gallery, Ginza provides a lot of vacation options. After peeking at the Kabuki-za opera Theatre is famous for its kabuki traditional performances l, my self took time to travel to two famous Japanese stationary store Kinokuniya and Tokyu Hands which offers Japanese-style knick-knacks.


Tsukiji Fish Market

You are fond of seafood and other Japanese food made from fish must visiting fish market area is located approximately 500 meters from the Ginza area. Tsukiji Market is touted as Asia's largest fish market, which offers various kinds of fish, good crops of Japan and other nations. Even Indonesia is the sala hsatu supply distributor that supplies of tuna to this place. Hundred types of seafood offered here, from cheap to expensive, depending on the type and severity. Latest technology for cutting large fish used in the market which employs about 60,000 people. Come in the morning around 6-7 o'clock to observe a very interesting fish auction. You can also tour the culinary food stalls that stretched all the way to taste fresh sashimi or other seafood unique to Japan.
  Tsukiji fish market, the world's largest fish market

Tokyo Tower

Action from one of the victims in the French film starring Gerard Krawczyk claim, Taxi2 which was released in 2000, who called the Eiffel Tower as Towa Tokyo, seemed to enliven the assumptions and the nickname of several Japanese citizens about the tower located in Shiba Park, Minato Tokyo this. The city is suffering from so-called syndrome of Paris as most of the city lifestyle is supposedly oriented modernity of this romantic city. Tokyo Tower is often cited as a duplicate of the Eiffel Tower. With a height of 332.5 meters, the tower of orange that looks like a quarter of three currencies with the towers of Paris community pride has become one of the favorite destinations of tourists who visit to Tokyo. From its peak you will be lulled by the panoramic city and at night the tower is very exotic with spot lights which adorn each side of the building. Not only the charm of the landscape of Tokyo, the tower was opened to the public in 1958, it also offers some interesting attractions, including museums Gueines World Record and wax museum featuring various Japanese celebrities and famous Hollywood stars.
Tokyo tower in the night

Zojo-JI Temple

Still around Tokyo Tower, you can visit the Zojoji Temple, a major Buddhist temple in the Jodo sect Kanto district. Built since 1393 and completed in 1598, this temple has become a holy place and private family Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, basically since he moved to Edo (Tokyo) in 1590. Important tombs of the Tokugawa dynasty here. Sangedatsumon with contemporary Tang Dynasty style building that was founded in 1960 became the main gateway to access this sacred region. Unique mystique that you can see from the many various attributes associated with Japanese-style pilgrimage that lay in some parts of the park is full of cool shady trees. Interestingly, in the park there are statues of babies with hats juxtaposed with less of a toy windmill. The statues are called Jizobosatusu or sculpture that is believed to be protective spirit souls of children who had been born dead or die. It is said that spirits of these children are included as the angels of the Buddha. Typically, women who miscarry or give birth to death can be here to dedicate the statue Jizobosatusu spirit child or fetus that had died. Such treatment in infants generally, women also wear baby clothes on this statue. This cultural glimpse something like the ancient Javanese culture who believe that the souls of their infant or fetal death remain eligible for certain facilities from their parents.

Zojoji Temple


Visiting this area you will be lulled by the atmosphere which is completely different from other places in Tokyo. Formerly Asakusa is Tokyo entertainment area for the community's early 20th century. Located in the district of Thuo, one of the favorite tourist area in Tokyo was once a victim of malignancy bomb U.S. troops during World War II was heating up. Same as the old city in Jakarta, Asakusa has breathed the scent of the past century Tokyo as seen from the old buildings are still maintained its sustainability. Visit the Sensoji Temple, one of the oldest temples in Japan and in addition made ​​mesmerized by a large straw sandals that adorned the walls of the temple you can also visit omokuji and find out your fortune with wiggle container bamboo stalks, each of which contains a specific forecast. Visitors also can purchase their luck charms are sold in this temple. Sensoji is often used as a venue for cultural festivals such as the lantern festival and new year festival. Still in Asakusa, I also briefly explore Nakamishe market that sells souvenirs and visit the ancient Tower Breweirs Asahi, Asahi's famous company building Company.


Tower Breweirs Asahi

Nakamishe market 

Sensoji Temple 

Roppongi Hills

Private residential areas new Roppongi Hills was inaugurated in the spring of 2003. Euphoria famous Japanese celebrities who chose this area as their residence of Regional imagery is said to have pushed this into an elite settlement. This area later became the diplomatic area and the domicile of the Japanese high officials. From start-building of skyscrapers, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, entertainment venues, art galleries to be made very luxurious with exclusive high, as in Mon Art Museum. The icons of this most interesting region is the Mori Tower, which serve as the central office and several other facilities. After listening to the uniqueness of a work of art shaped spiders are large, I took time to taste the cup of organic tea in a cafe known as Koots. For those of you who like collecting knick-knacks Hard Rock Cafe, this region you can find it.

Roppongi Hills

Mon Art Museum.


Odaiba area is one of the true testament to the success of the Japanese government to build the human resource (HR) was toward the 21st century. An artificial island built in the Edo period, this island is said to function as an advance base defense from enemy attacks. Around the 80-year that area built over Tokyo Bay is refined into the city harbor and expanded into commercial and business area. Offices, apartments, hotels, restaurants, parks, places of entertainment to accompany the growing needs of tourists which continue to rise. This area is also a duplicate Rainbow Bridge same with Golden Gate in the land of Uncle Sam's complete with the Statue of Liberty. If there is a TVRI tower in Jakarta ,in Odaiba then I had a chance to explore Fuji Terebi aka Fuji TV building, with a variety of souvenir shops that mushroomed around the area of this building. Another important spot that I visited is Palette Town, Odaiba entertainment center city and up to Mega Web, the main building have a place to hold various exhibitions Toyota cars.

Rainbow Bridge

Fuji Terebi

Palette Town 

Mega Web 


You may not think, reversed the progress of the city, this area was devastated, first atomic bomb attack on U.S. troops during World War II. When Japan began to rise, Akihabara is one of the oldest areas of the pioneers of the rise of the Japanese economy. Similar Glodok or Manga Dua, that's my first impression in this region. All kinds of electronic goods made ​​in Japan was held like hotcakes. Unfortunately, stigma is wrong about the prices here are much embedded in the hearts of potential buyers. How no, maybe and think because the original electronic items here locally made sure the price is cheap. Apparently not always like that because like in Indonesia, you should be versed in this bargaining to get the price match. Not just new stuff, here are also many shops selling second-hand electronic goods that require skills other than bargaining also requires foresight in examining the condition of the goods.


Ueno Park

Family holiday icons are an important in Tokyo, not only the scenery and cool air that you can enjoy in Ueno Park, some history as well as religious tourist attractions are also found here, including important monuments of the heroes of Japan, the burial site until the temple is a religious icon in Ueno Park. This park was built around 1873 and was the first zoo in Tokyo. Unfortunately, the government bears panda gifts from China which is a favorite zoo died in 2008. Ueno Park is now better reflect the warmth of the family who stetipa always relaxing weekend around here. I was fortunate because the chance to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms that began to bloom in this vast park. Exhibited a variety of interesting attractions such as dance, music or art, from both local residents and immigrants from China and Peru. Because the atmosphere is friendly no wonder this park is a meeting point for Indonesian students every weekend.

ueno park

Hama-Rikyu Garden

In the plot as the main park of Tokyo, on the mouth of the river Sumida, Chuo Ku, Hama Rikyu Garden is located near Ginza. In Addition to the exotic, That the area has an area of ​​250,165 square meters is also many history and culture of Japan. The park is Officially opened 1 April 1946 this was once the residence of the feudal rulers in Edo, the Shogun Takugawa. Many interesting Attractions That can be seen here since the park has a variety of plants That Will bloom in four seasons there in Japan, including black pine, lily, plum, cherry, olive. I enjoy the beauty and bustle of this area by walking casually as he watched the show painting landscapes, with oma and opa Mostly Participants. Unfortunately I have not Had time to watch a Japanese tea ceremony in a tavern the historic area of ​​this park, Nakajimano Ochaya. Interestingly from this area you can access temapt travel around Tokyo by using a transport boat.

Hama Rikyu Garden
Nakajimano Ochaya

Population + / - 13 million people, most living in suburban areas around Tokyo
Language: Japanese
Currencies: Yen
Calling code: +81

You need a visa to visit Tokyo, Japan, Visa Application Form can be obtained at the website Office of the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and operate from Monday-Friday 8:30 to 12:30 am, 13:30 to 15:00 Tel. +62.21.31924308

When To Visit
It has 4 seasons, Tokyo can actually be visited at any time. However, many tourists flock to this city in March and April because they want to enjoy the beautiful Sakura flowers. However, you are encouraged to avoid visiting the pad during the holidays like New Year or Golden Week (29 April-5 May), because the price of hotels and towering flight and many resorts are filled with visitors. If you want to get the most beautiful weather to be used as background images visit Tokyo in the autumn (September to November), the air is cool and the leaves of trees change color to dark red, certainly charming!

How to Get There
Japan Airlines provides direct flights to Narita, Tokyo. For some flights at certain hours Garuda Indonesia flight to Tokyo via Denpasar ( or

What to Eat
All food in Tokyo, ranging from the cart at the curb until the restaurant with a Michelin Star, has a high standard. Dengna yagn processing technique is simple, quality ingredients processed into various foods such as ramen, onigiri, sushi, up to a delicious fusion dish. With prices ranging from Y800, ranging from the MRT station to the Tsukiji market, you will enjoy the dignity of the culinary traditions of Japan that will make you addicted.


fusion dish

How to Get Around
Tokyo subway is the best means of transportation to get around the city. Operate starting at 5 am, there are 13 lines and 282 subway stations with ticket prices ranging from Y160 each way.

Where to Stay
Budget: Located in Old Tokyo, Aizuya nayam Inn offers lodging and minimalist. Lengakap with air conditioning and heating, with a common bathroom outside, all rooms are equipped with a WiFi connection, a TV and a bed on the tatami carpet. Outside the room there are a variety of facilities to be enjoyed together, such as beverage vending machines, free internet lengakap with the PC, living room, small library, kitchen, common laundry place, and bicycle rentals and DVD.
Aizuya Inn, 2-17-2 Kiyokawa, Taito-ku, Tokyo Tel: +81 3 6276 6308; E.mail: or can log on at

Mid: In accordance with the concept of bed, balance, breakfast, and business, The B Akasaka is a modern boutique hotel is located near metro stations, supermarkets, restaurants and nightlife. Available room type single, twin and double, all equipped with high-speed Internet connection, refrigerator, LCD TVs, and other equipment for your comfort.
The B Akasaka, 7-6-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Tel. : +81 3 3566-0811, e.mail: or click / theb-Akasaka / en

Lux: The strategic location in the CBD area Marunochi, and not Hanay enjoy the convenience of city living and the beauty of the room, but Tokyo Station transportation facilities that connect easily from this hotel.
Four Seasons Tokyo at Marunouchi Pacific Century Place 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoad-ku, Tokyo, Tel: +81 3 5222-7222, E mail: concierge.marunouchi @ or can visit the site Marunouchi

four season tokyo hotel

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