Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Travel Romance

VALENTINE is a good time to express love for sweetheart. In fact, those who have been married decades also advisable to warm the sacred bond of love. If you are always busy throughout the year, as Valentine is the perfect time to recall the most important person in your life, parts of the liver.

Surprising  one is happy with the romantic traveled together, just the two. Speaking of romantic, Thailand may be an option. In Bangkok, for example, romantic couples can dine at the Chocolate Ville, which is also the most photographed places new and exciting.

Besides Chocolate Ville, you can visit Wat Arun Temple and Ananta Samakhom palace at night to get a photo of a special symbol of eternal love before the soul leaves the body. Another suggestion is pictured as background dinner cruise with the Royal Palace Wat Arun or the 'Grand Palace' sunset can be enjoyed in a wide selection of replica asiatique or famous temples in Ancient City. For business spending, Terminal 21 as a new shopping center themed variety of the world's unique destinations could be an option.

For lovers of the sea, Krabi and  Phuket  are choice. Island Hopping, both canoeing in Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island saw, visited Maya Beach on Phi Phi Island, the location choice of the Celebrity world, or stay in the beautiful shores in Krabi Province, like Railey Beach, Krabi Beach, and Ko Lanta can be a promising alternative tourist destinations.

To further enrich your experience, Tourism Authority of Thailand also support by giving a free ticket to Madame Tussauds. In addition, there are sweepstakes romantic photographed by photographers and professional make-up artist.

So what are you waiting? immediately make beautiful surprising for the beloved. Immediately contact your nearest tour operator you are currently on your romantic trip packages.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spring Flower Sakura in Japan

Explore the stunning beauty of the Japanese cherry blossom season! Enjoy the interesting sights of the city are covered flowers that become the symbol of the State of Japan Sakura flower! Feel all the nuances that exist in Japan from Tokyo were clean and neat to Osaka soothing.

In Tokyo felt the grandeur of a city, by walking into the imperial palace, in the center of Tokyo. Imperial Palace is the residence of the emperor and empress of Japan. The Niju-bashi is a beautiful bridge that spans the length that is located near Tokyo station. In the east garden stands a stone wall where the first Samurai has been stored for centuries. Many people are very happy to see the cherry blossoms in the park. On the north side, Kitanomaru Park offers a wonderful view cherry blossoms. There is also the Nippon Budokan, is a famous concert hall, where the performances of foreign artists, and also some great museums historic.

In Shizuoka, you can enjoy the best place to see the beauty that is displayed by Mount Fuji, the highest mountain, the most beautiful and famous in Japan. There are five lakes around Mt fuji. One of these lakes Kawaguchi, a perfect place to take a spectacular view of the mountain fuji. Beautiful scenery on the slopes of the mountain fuji, a life experience that will not be forgotten and will continue to exist in the memories, like those of you who visit Japan.

In Osaka, precisely in Shinsaibashi, you can get a shopping experience that is unique and interesting. It is the biggest shopping area in Osaka where many boutiques and specialty shops are provided to attract local and foreign tourists. There are some Victorian roads that has a village atmosphere in Europe and America. After touring Shinsaibashi, enjoy delicious food famous shops and restaurants around this area.

And who had to try when you are in Osaka, is Takoyaki, octopus dumplings are crisp and spicy on the outside and soft inside, giving the cake texture with unique flavors and crisp.

Okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) is a dish made ​​from which materials such as mixing sliced ​​squid, shrimp, and beef, cabbage and flour into the prepared baking paste with a flat iron grill. Try to eat through a piece of piping hot straight from the grill okonomiyaki with 'kote', an okonomiyaki spatula. Try this method. Make sure you are careful not to burn your mouth!

Discover Japan with history, tradition, nature and beauty! So let us get lost!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Supporting Creative Vision Photographer

Any item that always came to mind when you got the chance to visit somewhere a cruise for the first time? Suitcase? Swimming or diving equipment? Or a camera? The latter was very likely be the first thing that should not be missed.

PHOTOGRAPHING with any model of camera to be a compulsory activity for travelers. There were serious about doing it, some are just plain fun. But for people who are steeped in the art of photography, the streets is a way to find a piece of 'puzzle' that can represent the beauty of this vast world.

Puzzle pieces that could be anything, such as landscapes, buildings, and people who are on the move. To immortalize it takes skill and certain equipment, such as SLR cameras are now digital version plural, and lenses.

In the world there are many manufacturers of cameras and lenses have their consumers. Canon, for example, in addition to producing a variety of DSLR cameras, they have now created a lens that is very familiar to the novice and professional photographers.

Not long ago, Canon unveiled two new EF lenses, EF24-70mm f/4L IS USM and EF35mm f / 2 IS USM. Both of these lenses offer more choices for consumers in achieving their creative vision.

EF24-70mm f/4L IS USM

EF24-70mm lens series has its own prestige thanks to the flexibility and comfort. It makes this lens a standard zoom lens option is most appropriate for the photographers, both beginners and professionals.

Supported two UD lenses reduce the chromatic aberration for that sharpness obtained at all focal lengths and lines across the image plane. Coating on the lens provides optimal color balance and reduce ghosting. This lens is equipped nubble slats that form a circle on a large aperture to produce a beautiful object. As for the Ultrasonic Motor (USM) helped to focus silently and quickly.

These lenses can also be used for macro photography with a minimum focus distance of 0.2mm and enlarging images up to 0.7 times. Hybrid IS also embedded features that play a role in maintaining the stability of the current image macro mode to produce sharp images. Like the L-series, features full-time manual focusing is ready to support the photographer to capture the moments you want.

Canon line the front and back of this lens with fluorine coating to protect it from dust and simplify the cleaning process.
This lens has a length of 93mm with a weight of no more than 600 grams. With a compact design and low weight, the lens is quite convenient for mobility photographers. This lens is also equipped with a zoom ring lock to prevent loosening when the zoom ring was taken.

EF35mm f / 2 IS USM

This is the latest variant of the 35mm lens. thanks to its ability to produce a wide-angle images with minimal distortion, a 35mm lens is widely used for the needs of street photography, wedding photography, and landscape. Moulded glass elements (GMo) aspherical lens embedded into the lens EF35mm f / 2 IS USM to prevent color distortion.

Flare and ghosting can be reduced by setting and optimal lens coating. This lens has aperture f-stop wide making it possible to produce a beautiful portrait shots and effects that charming object. Image stabilizer lens designed smart enough to distinguish still shot with automatic panning shot up to determine the optimum IS mode for taking pictures.

As represented DSLR is now also used to record video, optimizing Canon EF35mm f / 2 IS USM to produce video recordings using a micro-step drive control for the opening mechanism so that it can operate silently.

Not All Lenses Made In the same way

When talking about optical technology, no one can match the innovation of Canon. With the knowledge and experience for decades, the technology Canon is consistently improving precision and perfection quality of a lens so that every time you shoot with EF lenses, there would be no detail is missed.

Featured lenses

Lighting is key to produce amazing photos. Therefore, Canon developed a series aspherical lenses, lens and Crystals flourit element diffractive optics. Besides being able to produce a lens with a smaller size, this technology also effectively corrects irregularities in the use of color and the optical wide angle lens and telephoto lens. This advanced technology is produced by controlling the angle of light with accurate mathematical calculations to ensure the best image quality results in any shots.

Hybrid Image Stabilizer

Once a technology pioneer Image stabilizer first in the world in 1995, Canon re doing a great discovery in 2009 with the introduction of Hybrid Image Stabilizer technology a world first. As a form of technological revolution Image Stabilizer, especially in telephoto lenses and macro lenses, this technology effectively corrects the angle and axis changes arising from shocks to the camera so the quality of the image remains sharp and charming.

Ultrasonic Motor and Stepping Motors

To minimize disturbance when capturing images,  presented technology USM (Ultrasonic Motor) that is designed to focus the search process yields almost without sound. While technology Stepping Motor (STM) presents the search process is smooth and precise focus primarily on the use of features continuous AF  and tracking AF while recording video.

Sub Wavelength Structure Coating

The coating on the lens helped influential in producing a perfect image. Layers Sub Wavelength Structure Coating (SWC) developed Canon since 2008, aims to eliminate ghosting and flare shadow arising from the reflection of light in the lens. This technology resulted from the adjustment of the angle of light reflection mikroskopis on the lens surface with the finer details of the structure of the light wavelength.