Thursday, August 8, 2019

Osaka cultural wanderer

Osaka cultural wanderer

Down one of the metropolis cherry country, by Danie Satrio, executive summary by darmansjah

When compared with the Tokyo, Osaka and Kansai residents are generally much more casual and have a strong sense of humor. Comedian top in Japan, mostly from here, "said Asa Perkasa. The man who once served as General Manager for representation in Osaka judging from the way people dress and interact. 

The issue of timeliness, the people here, 'eleven-twelve' with us ... Ha ha ha." Asa who three years living there chuckling at my surprise found.

I am curious remark proves Asa. Among the agenda of the visit, I slipped search Osaka Prefecture's capital city by bike. I borrowed a yellow Hummer folding bike from a friend. I want to feel the pulse of the city that are part of the metropolitan area of ​​Osaka - Kobe - Kyoto. Is the industry and the main port city is friendly for cyclists?

I started testing and looking around. Wherever the eye could see almost every road and pedestrian as if controlled by cyclists. Different types of bikes, with different sets crowded riders passing by. I can not wait to join them, across the smooth asphalt surface, special roads, and sidewalks are wide enough-about three to four meters.

Osaka has been providing heavenly garden for bicycle enthusiasts. At least that's my opinion are accustomed to cycling on asphalt pocked and under 'threat' of motorists.  Behavior citizens - fellow road users - so honor the train riders wind. "On average each household or family here has two to three bikes. They already consider bicycles as a means of transportation like motorcycle or car, "said Aksa.

The first objective, Osaka Castle which now serves as a museum. I walked the streets of the contoured relatively flat. I was pedaling at a moderate pace. There comes a desire to hurry. During summer, I do not really recommend cycling because temperatures can reach 39 degrees Celsius. Hot temperatures and high humidity can lead to dehydration.

The main castle building has an architecture similar to the major castles in other cities. In the midst of white domination, emerald green emitting roof with gold accents. Ditches and breezeway of the park that surrounds the castle that gives the impression of shady founded the 16th century when the clan Azuchi-Monoyma this ruling. I was down the bike path in the park were crowded with the great variety of plant species.

The next goal, Amerikamura shopping. It is here, where looking stylish stuff young and very American-ized. "The Japanese were so infatuated with everything American. Ranging from fashion to lifestyle, then here is Amerikamura, "Asa said on a separate occasion.

Much like Harajuku in Tokyo, Amerikamura seen as the center of Japanese pop culture. Tata design shops, cafes and restaurants also goods sold there, suitable for anyone who confessed fashionista. Formerly in one corner there is a miniature Statue of Liberty is a marker which was originally one of the clothing stores. But now that the statue had become a marker is no longer displayed. I do not know, what is the reason that the transfer.

Amerikamura probe has led to a surprise for me. Apparently, there is a special lounge for smokers yan made by one of the largest cigarette company in Indonesia. In addition to providing a smoking lounge as well as a promotional event clove in a cultural context.

Formed a short time, I immediately return the yellow Hummer. I still cruise stop in the city soon Dotonburi. A shopping plaza filled with culinary destination on the banks of the canal that name. Flanked by two bridges, Dotonburibashi and Nipponbashi, reminiscent regional festivities Shibuya in Tokyo.

One of the markers that I could not miss was a giant billboard "Glico Man". Located just above the bridge Ebisubashi, billboards set up by the candy company Glico in 1935 was sometimes a background image. That is why, the location being at the bottom to be the ideal meeting point in the area that never deserted it.
Down the alleys Dotonburi is like being in a carnival. When night came, light and sexy neon sign that massive size that tends to form more comical adds shine.

Somehow my favorite sushi and sashimi will suddenly recede here. Replaced by my passion for eating takoyaki or okonomiyaki, which can be obtained at any stalls scattered all over the plaza.

Asa then took me to enjoy okonomiyaki in a reputedly the oldest tavern in the city. Cooked directly in front of the diners by the cook who looks the same age as the building shop, snacks such as 'Crepes' seafood-vegetable without this coating, it was fitted I enjoy in the summer. Taste the delicious sweet-salty-eminently suited when moistened throat cold beer. Delicious!

Logistic Transportation: 155 minutes by using the Shinkansen from Tokyo,  

at a cost of about $ 250. Traveling for eight hours with reached using public bus (price range of US$145-US$285). Using the car the fastest, just six hours from Tokyo (cost about US$150. Accommodations: Rooms are comfortable 4 star quality in the Imperial Hotel Osaka with prices ranging from U.S. $ 150. Swissotel Nankai Osaka is located in Namba, with prices ranging from US$ 120. If you want to settle in the Umeda area, try RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka, with comfortable rooms quite economical, starting at US$790.