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FOR OVER 140 years, Gemany’s Zwiesel Kristallglas has combined handmade perfection and state-of-the-art technology in crystal glass production. Zwiesel 1872, the lifestyle brand, offers mouth-blown, handcrafted pieces for gourmet and everyday use. The artisanal quality of each piece , as well as the use of sustainable materials and product innovation, makes the brand a world leader for gastronomes and interior designers.

 For true oenophiles, only mouth-blown crystal glass can reveal to the senses the subtle textures, aromas, and flavor of wine. As the perfect expression of this high standard, Zwiesel’s Gourmet Collection comprises functional, sophisticated sommerlier glassware, each designed to enhance the character and aroma of fine wine through flawlessly crafted bowls, rims, and stems. The masterful stemware and decanters create a sensual collection on any dining room table and are a beautiful complement to other Zwiesel pieces.

The living collection is characterized by transparent and clean designs that give a space sublime atmosphere. The timelessly elegant glass accessories are made of Zwiesel’s hallmark glass, which possesses a transcendent quality that is only achievable through a heritage of fine craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade by the best artisan; the delicate melting of the glass, the thoughtfulness and quality in design and execution, the precision of attenuated walls, and the brilliance and vibrancy of colors coalesce into a piece de resistance. These are not merely functional articles – they are works of art.
40 Club street, Singapore; 65/6324-2931;


There's Madonna in Montserrat

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A visit to Barcelona is not complete if you do not feel like taking the time to Montserrat is located approximately 45 kilometers from the city center. Located near the top of the mountain with an altitude of 4,000 meters, Montserrat means serrated mountain. According to myths, Montserrat was carved by angels with gold using a chainsaw. The story was merely describing how beautiful Montserrat and how humans might be able to build a building over cliffs and steep. But that's the glory of the Creator in such a way that the human brain and provide talent for the work.
Montserrat monastery and church is famous for its magnificent basilica. Here more than 80 monks live, with keeping the famous statue of the Black Madonna or Black Virgin stored in the basilica. According to legend, the statue was discovered in the 13th century by the shepherds. They saw a bright light and heard heavenly music that eventually brought them to the cave where the statue is located. 

Long queues immigrants who want to touch, smell, and prayed before the statue is quite long when I came. If you are in the Basilica at 13:00, you can enjoy the attractions Escolania choir, the choir consists of 50 boys ages 9-14 years old from Catolonia. For four years they lived in Montserrat for learning music theory, ensemble, instrument and of course singing. Together with pilgrims from various parts of the world, they took part to entertain the newcomers to the strains of heavenly music.

Not hard towards Montserrat by public transport. You can reach this place by train. Departing from Stasiiun Plaza de Espana, there is available a special purpose counter Montserrat. Make sure you buy a train ticket complete with its cable car ticket. Trains depart every hour with the last departure at 18:00. Similarly, a train from Montserrat to Barcelona, ​​serving passengers every hour. If you do not want to be bothered dengna transportation business, many tour agencies that you can use to visit Montserrat.

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Singapore Marina Barrage

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Educational tours of the pump house

Pump house marina barrage, Singapore, not just a pump that regulates the water level in the embankment marina. Pump house is also a museum and educational center in Singapore water treatment, pump house marina barrage is the driver floating. When rain falls on the island of Singapore, the pump is opened so that the river flows into the sea to prevent flooding. When it does not rain, water dammed river water for both raw and tourist center.

Envy, admiration, and finally exasperated upset when he saw the results of the development of Singapore for almost 40 years. State breadth approximately equal to the area Jakarta managed to build his city into a very modern city and the world as the benchmark city livable and sustainable future.

Progress Singapore is already not new. However, the current progress achieved truly awe and respect for the government of that State. Whatever yan does not exist in the country, successfully realized.

According to Helen Clark, administrator of the agency UN Development Programme (UNDP), the key to the success of development in Singapore is a clean government of corruption. All budgets are held is also used to build the city so that the city remains uninhabitable comfortably up at any time.

Starting from the river

Development in Singapore originated from tathun 1977, when Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew ordered to clean up rivers in Singapore. At that time, the condition of the river in Singapore is not much different from Ciliwung river conditions. The color black, full of garbage, and foul-smelling.

Lee Kuan Yew himself intervened, joined Singapore and Kallang rivers clean the basin. In step so that all citizens participate Singapore took part in the event.

"When the construction will be done, you do not know what to do first. Singapore is not only the lack of infrastructure, water supply, electricity supply, but also nationalism. When we met with ethnic china, they would say that their hometowns in china. Then meet with the Indians, they also said village home in India. Meet people wither, their hometown in Malaysia. "Said Liu Thai Ker, the former CEO of Housing and Development Board.

River cleaning project was completed in 10 years.

Housing and waste

At the same time, the Government of Singapore arrange housing and waste water disposal. Wastewater is not discharged into the river, but to a special channel that flows to the wastewater treatment.

For human waste dumped into the sea. With this waste then there is no pollution in the river.

When the river clean-up program was complete, PM Lee predicts that in 20 years time the rivers in Singapore can be a source of raw water for water supply.

Today, speech PM Lee became a reality. All the water that comes from the two-thirds of the catchment area in Singapore accommodated at the Marina Barrage.

Marina Barrage is located in the new Marina Bay. This area is constructed from reclaimed conducted since the 1980's. In addition to Marina Barrage, in the area located in the southern part of Singapore is also contained Gardens by Bay, Marina Bay Sands hotel, business center, luxury apartments, and so on.

Marina Barrage is actually the pump house. So at the mouth of the Singapore River made sluice that regulates the water level. All the water comes from rain water, because water is not sewage poured into the river, housed in a large Danu in the Marina Bay area.

Pump house is set in the dry season the water level is maintained so that it remains beautiful to behold. In the rainy season, the floodgates opened so as to prevent flooding in the city.

Saving every drop of water

Public Utilities Board (PUB), the body that take care of water resistance in Singapore, built Marian Barrage with three goals. First, to keep all the drops of rain falling over Singapore. Second, creating a system that could replace the system which could replace every drop of water used, and the third, reprocess the used water.

The three goals that indicates the primary function of the Marina Barrage. However, on the other hand, Marina Barrage also has a function that is as green open space for the citizens of Singapore. Along the river that resembles a lake made for a Singaporean pedestrian walk, jog, or mingle with the family on the lake. They can enjoy the water Marina lovely cafes located on the edge.

In addition, the Art Science Museum was built as well, taking the stage hydraulic system so that it can be made up to four floors, the Merlion statue, and so forth.

Water Resistance Museum

Marina Barrage building itself is not just the pump alone. At the Marina Barrage has a museum that tells the story of water resistance. There is also a small replica of the workings of the sluice. Many Singaporean students were invited there to work that how Singapore preserve its water resistance.

Even more interesting, on the roof of the building Marina Barrage no longer the concrete containing machinery for the purposes of building supplies, but planted with green grass. On top of the building that Singaporeans can take a stroll or a picnic, even flying kites in the building.

The roof of the building that has become a very popular public areas Singaporeans. This place not only meet the needs of the body, but also the citizens of Singapore soul requirement.

Jakarta is far behind

Back to the real world, that is, the city of Jakarta. Not that Jakarta does not want to achieve what has been achieved in Singapore. Jakarta also wants to be a nice city to live up to a hundred or two hundred years. However, the physical and psychological conditions are different, Jakarta has to work hard to catch up.

Dki Jakarta provincial government, at present, is working on a master plan for the manufacture of Giant Sea Wall at bay, working equal to Rotterdam. Giant wall that will be built starting in 2025 it will hold all the river water flowing into the Bay of Jakarta.

Jakarta Governor has said, Jakarta can be as long as Singapore is surrounded by sea. 'If Jakarta is surrounded by sea, such as Singapore, of course my job as governor will be more easily' he said.

Greeting the governor was out considering the high rate of urbanization in Jakarta. With the urbanization, the burden of the city continues to grow.

Beyond the problems of urbanization are dependent on the central government, Jakarta Provincial Government must also continue to fix the fix themselves by committing to the development anti corruption.
Corruption not only be jargon, but it should be realized, from the top officials down to the lowest level. Thus, the development budget is collected from public money actually used to fix the city, not used for personal, group, political party under the guise of religion.


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With breathtaking vistas across the famous Five Islands and Angthong National Marine Park, the recently opened InterContinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort abounds with luxury and personalized services. Guests can avail themselves of private speddboat transfers from Koh Samui’s airport, or indulge in signature treatments at a cliff-top spa. Additionally, Intercontinental’s ‘In the Know’ concierge program guarantees a journey of discovery that reveals the best that the island and surrounding areas have to offer, including a range of bespoke packages that plunge guests into the local community and rural life. Until July 15, 2012, opeing rates start from US$210++ for an Ocean View room. (For More information, call 66-07/742-9100 or visit


The newly refurbished rooms and suites at the anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa now boast backlit mirrored panels, solid makha-wood flooring, and high cellings with full-length windows that bring in light and views. Enjoy the renewed waterfront property with the ‘summer in the City’ package, priced from US$144++. For views of age-old the Chao Phraya, opt for the Anantara Premier Suite, which boasts a wrap-around balcony, a separate bar, dining room, and living area, and an opulent bathroom with marble vanities and stainless-steel inlays (Until November 6. For more information, call 66/2476-0022 or visit


At the newly opened Andara Resort and Villas, beach bunnies can recline in style on Phuket’s kamala Beach. The hillside property’s Beach Club coddles sunbathers with king-size platform beds, the lounge is a full-service bar serving up ice-cold beverages and tasty Thai treats. A dedicated staff attends to guest’s every need and chauffeured transport whisks you to and from the sand in comfort. (For more information, call 66-76/338-777 or visit


Opened in March, the MGM Grand Sanya is a waterfront property located in popular Yalong Bay. The resort is the newest addition to China’s Hainan Island and aims to take lavish living to new heights. The 675 guest quarters, including suites and beachfront villas are furnished in a luxurious ocean vibrancy. With 12 dining venues and four different nightlife options to choose from, including a wine bar and nightclub, guests will be fully entertained. After a session at the hotel’s spacious, state-of-the-art gym, head to the Sho spa for soothing treatments or a whirl through its integrated bath circuit. For more information, call 86-898/8869-1999 or visit

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Birmingham, England

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Olive stir in the culinary magazine food critic after establishing Birmingham, Britain's second largest city, as 'foodiest town' best-beat the London and Edinburgh! Coronation took place in October, just when about to hold Birmingham a Birmingham Food Fest, an annual festival featuring local talent such as Aktar Islam from Lasan Restaurant and Steve Love of Lover Restaurant. Another attraction is the center of Birmingham food Baiti Triangle, the birthplace of Pakistani-Kashmiri curry, Typhoo Tea. Bird's Custard and HP Sauce.