Saturday, August 8, 2020

Eternal Flame in TOP SIX

KNOW NO TIME erupted, we stood inside the volcano. Giant boulder as high as nearly 40 m, hexagon-shaped, tiggi soared into the sky above us.

This is the "Echo Cliffs," said Einarsson Hjorleifur, that vatnajokul manage national parks, the northeast side of Krafla. "We are looking basalt pillars of every shape and size available." He explained that about 8,000 or 9,000 years ago a large crack around our bubbling lava flows along the 8 km, the valley fills up to a point just above our heads. Then, turning the flood surge. "So now you see what the inside of the center of the volcano."

This valley is a wonder of the world camouflaged by syllable. Glad I could tell my friends in the U.S.: "Look Jokulsargljufur in Vatnajokulsthjodgardur! (Which means "Look at River Cliff Glacier National Park Water-Glecier.")

Jokulsargljufur is the Louvre Museum lava, basal pillar awesome. Under the waterfall, there is a pillar with a diagonal position, lateral, transverse, swerve, and towering above as we.

Jokulsargljufur has a new visitor center, built in 2007, on top of a giant horseshoe-shaped cliff nicknamed Asbyrgi. Space resembles a giant frozen waterfall. Originally formed by glacier floods last year 3000-11000.

All the way back to Husavik, we stopped at a Gated where there are ancient stone cracks extending to the south, some of the houses built on it without hesitation. It is far from a closed area Gjatykki. On the north side of the existing highway-alias Skalftavatn earthquake-formed lake by earthquakes that occur repeatedly. Not far from there, the zone of brittle cracks under the Arctic Ocean.

The next day Arni and Inga took us past the point F35 in the highlands of the west side. It passes through fissures where magma geothermal energy to work the land. After we shared a farewell Reykjavik city childhood Inga, Hafnrfjordur, called "Cities in Lava." Stunning, brightly painted houses contrasts with the surrounding black, barren lava flows due to thousands of years old.

We headed to Keflavik international airport in the Mid-Atlantic mountain peaks. This is the first landscape seen by the tourists. We need not have worried, they came to Iceland not to see the volcano. They fear if at any time Katla erupted. Be volcanic sites in Iceland we can freely enjoy themselves.

Iceland is a place, as it is said Omar, where you can see the earth in a state not known, concern, unforgettable panorama. Eruption is dangerous and should be aware of, but also the legitimate enjoyment.

Our friends Icelandic origin, both old and new, have demonstrated how she cried coexist with lava. As we flew back to North America, I realized that never saw the eruption. So maybe I will stay in the pack and traveled volcano.

Behind us, a volcano looked fast asleep, but her stomach was ready to explode.