Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When Cherry Flower Blooms in Kanazawa

Late to the party cherry flower? Go to the north to Kanazawa, Sendai or Hakodate.
executive  summary by Darmansjah Godjali
To view the Japanese cherry flower in the season requires a little planning and a lot of luck: no matter how many articles you read or do you follow the latest news, cool weather that had suddenly come or hot weather can happen in a week or even more. Japanese cherry flowers in the most famous in the area of Tokyo and Kyoto are depleted its season in early April.

So if you arrive late at the party petals, you have to think heading north!

Flowers Kanazawa

Cherry flowers will bloom a little late in northern cities such as Sendai or Hakodate Japan is because the climate there is cooler. Another good choice to enjoy the cherry flowers during mid-April is in Kanazawa, 

which is located in the northwest of Tokyo in the Sea of ​​Japan. Modern town with some historic areas, the 

main goal in Kanazawa is a castle and Kenrokuen Kanazawa, which is one of the three best parks in Japan and a nice area to enjoy the cherry flower beds.

 Kenrokuen Kanazawa

Towards Kanazawa from Tokyo is very easy to use Japanese express train, Shinkansen. Riding Joetsu Shinkansen and express the continuing rise somewhat limited in Echigo-Yuzawa, with the long journey of about four hours. Kanazawa even closer to Kyoto and Osaka, only about two hours by express train them. To save on travel costs if you go to Kanazawa from Tokyo, you can use the bus from Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, even if your travel time will be longer.

The most famous parks in Japan, Kenrokuen, have been built since 1774. This park looks beautiful in every season, coupled with the color of cherry flowers in the summer of increasingly turn on the garden was painstakingly established. A row of trees near the entrance to the park and near the palace of Kanazawa is a good location to be photographed, but for the party the perfect Japanese cherry flower, hanami party should be attempted. During your journey to the park, stop into the family market, Sunkus, or other convenient stores for food supplies on Asahi Super Dry and snacks for impromptu party in the park.
hanami party
In addition to the expanse of pink flowers, the area of ​​25 hectares in the park Kenrokuen also provides everything you want. Stone lanterns, painting bridges, majestic pagodas and many other ornamental. Before experiencing rapid development, is initially Kenrokuen Kanazawa Castle Park, and although the current building is the reconstruction, the palace was still close and has an impressive scenery.

Other Alternative Places

In addition to Kanazawa park still there are various places such as Nagamachi area, which has been rebuilt to show how the samurai Kanazawa life. Some houses like Nomura House is the original building, and throughout the area is beautiful scenery of Japan long ago. Higashi-Chaya Area is another interesting place, once the center of Kanazawa geisha world and now renovated into a romantic area for enjoying a glass of green tea. Modern place is also available there with quality as good, by adopting the architectural style of the 21st Century Museum of contemporary Art Kanazawa and stations that offer a perfect contrast with the 

 Nagamachi area
historic area of ​​Kanazawa.

Although towards Kanazawa can be done in a day from Kyoto or Osaka, the departure from Tokyo needs to stop to stay, at least overnight to make the trip more interesting. To learn more about the history of Kanazawa, staying in traditional Japanese style inn as Nakayasu Ryokan could be the right choice, but costs such as the preferred lodging accommodations Totoko Dormy and adequately represent. Our excellent choice for hotels in Kanazawa is the Hotel Tokyufor a comparable price and convenience.

Higashi-Chaya Area

Other Interesting Places

Sendai: Miyagi Prefecture capital and was founded by the famous samurai warlord date Masamune, who is also known as the "one-eyed dragon," Sendai Cherry flowers usually bloom during the third week in April.

: Flowers of the southern tip of Hokkaido port is usually peak season, along with Sapporo on Hokkaido's largest city early in May.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Save Fly to Australia

Save Fly from Jakarta to Australia

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Relative proximity of Indonesia and Australia is geographically advantageous for those who continue their studies at the State Kangaroo. The possibility of students to meet with the parents and brother sank become larger. Profit multiplied by the availability of air transport which offers economical packages.

AirAsia Indonesia to be part of those profits. Before opening the route flights to Australia, Indonesia AirAsia has done a lot of consideration. One of them saw the large number of Indonesian citizens who choose to study at the State Kangaroo. With connectivity, Jakarta (CGK)-Bali (DPS)-Perth (PER) or Darwin (DRW), those studying there have a choice to fly with the easy and efficient, especially by offering efficient flight seats from Air Asia.

Indonesia AirAsia officially opened the flight route from Indonesia to Australia since mid 2009. The launch route Bali (DPS)-Perth (PER) was conducted on May 5, 2009. The following year, precisely on November 23, 2010, Indonesia AirAsia announced the launch of the route terbari back from Bali to the capital of the State of Australia's Northern Territory, Darwin. The development of these two routes are very good, with an average occupy level (load factor) of approximately 80%.

Route flight frequencies Bali (DPS)-Perth (PER) is three times per day, while for the route Bali (DPS)-Darwin (DRW) 1x flights every day ..

Indonesia AirAsia always give promos or special offers in the form of cost-efficient airline seats (low fare) for flight routes from Bali, Indonesia to Perth and Darwin, Australia. Customers and prospective customers will simply buy a seat-saving flight to the routes.


Zurich City Tour

Zurich, Trams And Museum

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Main Train Station Zurich, Haupthbahnhof

Zurich, Switzerland, the city covering about 92 square kilometers with a population of about 385,000 souls was far from chaotic. In addition to its relatively small population of his town, transportation is generally very reasonable. Trains and trams to public transport artery that connects residents Zurich from one place to another.


Options on the train as the main means of transportation have made the people who first set foot in Zurich had no trouble traveling to many places. Flights easily obtained lwat tram ticket machines at bus stops, tram stops.

Signage tram numbers we can switch and tram suitable locations that would target map is also available in easy to understand. In addition to using numbers, the appearance of various colors on the lines of tram route speed tram passengers can choose the appropriate destination.

When in the city of Zurich people could choose the tram, then to travel to a number of other cities in Switzerland, one could rely on the train. Prime city railway station, the Hauptbahnhof (Zurich HB), located in downtown. In addition to the ticket machines, passenger trains can also get tickets at a counter sales tikiet available in some places in the area of ​​the station.

 zurich city

Opened in 1847 Opened in 1847, the Hauptbahnhof, as written in Zurich in your pocket, experienced restoration in 1990 even without significant changes in the visible front. Zurich HB tram line is also connected with the city. Through this station, people can train to some places in Switzerland neighboring countries, likeGermany, Italy, Austria, and France .

Besides operating at 05.00 till 1:00 in the morning, train passengers can also shop at about 200 stores in the area of this station In addition to the restaurant, here too there are many food and beverage stores. There is also a supermarket, clothing stores, bags and suitcases, souvenirs, to specialty stores that sell cigarettes, cigars and tobacco. If the general store in Zurich is closed on Sundays, you can set foot into HB Zurih that remain open.

Affordable And Convenient

From Zurich HB station, people can walk comfortably to one of more than 50 museums in Zurich, a city split the Limmat River, Schwizerisches Landesmuseum, for example, displaying the history of Swiss bangsas start of the 1400s, when people are believed to be witches were burned alive -life, up to modern times: the era of banking.
One of the highlights of this museum, though wearing the old buildings, modern interior arrangement. The walls of the museum, for example, wearing bright orange color in some bagaiannya. Several alinnya Dica white walls and functioned as a layer for visitors who want to enjoy the story of the war until the industrial revolution, through the film is available only by touching the hands on the monitor.

All the sectors that support the Swiss appear in this museum. Not only those who participate in the political field such as Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) in the Swiss revolution, but also the image of entrepreneurs displayed in this museum. For example, Henri Nestlé (1814-1890) and Julius Maggi (1846-1912), until the present gait tennis player, Roger Federer.

The products of this country also appear in one room Landesmuseum. Here visitors can see, among others, how the transformation Ovormaltine chocolate products (since 1865) until now. Nestle (1867), with a variety of development types of chocolate products and Tobler (1899).

Also on display a variety of textile products, chemical industry, until the interior product design from 1895. History was on display media, such as one of Europe's influential newspaper, the Neue Zürcher Zaitung, published in Zurich in 1780 by Salomon Gessner. All were equipped with information written in four languages​​, namely German, French, Italian, and English.

Another room displays the start of the document about the rules and the Swiss banking system through the development of safe forms and materials as accessories. Unfortunately, by reasons of security, visitors are not allowed to photograph the spaces in this museum.

A room again "talk" about the way the Catholic religion to Protestant Christianity, has stained glass and sound as if visitors had been in church. Even the position of women in the history of Switzerland was displayed in one room Landesmueseum, complete with mannequins dressed in appropriate time.

Still in the range that can be reached by foot from the station is the area Bahnhofstrasse Zurich HB. Among the row of shops that offer a variety of branded products such as Hermes, Mango, and Louis Vitton, in this region, among others, there is a museum hours, The Clock and Watch Museum Beyer.


Aside from being a business city, Zurich is also one tourist destination in Switzerland, each year about one million tourists enjoying the city. Information about this city too easily we get, among others, through the booklet Zurich Guide at hotels, stations, and cafes, free too! (Naration by Chris Pudjiastuti).


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lombok Island

 Beautiful Lombok  

Lombok's been a long time dream list enter the place to go. Testament as a failed friend always, schedules never match each other. Until finally one friend asked me with enthusiasm to Lombok, regardless of whether harpitnas on May 16, yesterday going to leave together or not. It's really the intention to take annual leave quota.

Preparation is very short, only the remaining two weeks of hunting for airfare and hotel. Fortunately, good luck on my side, after waiting for a ticket price that does not go down, I casually opened its web GIA. How happy I was when found to Kupang route Denpasar-Mataram-the most inexpensive price compared to the Lion and Batavia.

Originally I planned to stay in the area of ?Senggigi, but a lot of friends who suggested I'd better stay in Mataram, considering if fairly quiet night in Senggigi. Finally, I chose to stay at the Crown Hotel, with a reasonable price and very strategic place, not far from the Mataram Mall and to the Inbound Market, as anticipating will easily get something to eat or if you want to buy souvenirs.

May 13 afternoon, I departed from Kupang transit in Denpasar for 4 hours, a new night off again to Mataram. 4 hours transit in Denpasar, I do not waste it, is very close to the Ngurah Rai airport to Kuta beach. Window shopping in Centro, continue down to the beach for a while, unfortunately all of a sudden drizzle coming. Was dispersed hunting events. Finally, that afternoon I spent a glass of hot chocolate.
Eight and a half hours last night the plane went well, after a delay of one hour (keep it), just a flash of a sudden the plane had come down at the airport Selaparang Mataram. That night the air was fresh, because apparently the newly fallen rain. After my friend from Surabaya landed, immediately drove to the hotel by paying a taxi costing 30 thousand(in rupiah currency).

Mataram in the morning shining bright. My friend kept his promise, shortly after I finished breakfast he comes, he plans that would drive me round and round chilli. Mayura Park-Lingsar Pura Narmada was the place not too far away, in one path to the Kuta beach in South Lombok. Mayura Park that morning was very quiet, only we are coming, while in some of the side is undergoing renovation. In my Lingsar Pura and friends follow the tradition of throwing coins into the pool, just for fun, then watch the tradition of fish calling "sacred". The fish finally appears also after provocation with salted egg smells very fishy. Continue to Taman Narmada, pretty busy here, lots of swimming, the atmosphere is shady, baby pool a bit dirty, there are several plastic garbage floating in Lake Ageng.

Remove from Narmada Park, we drove south, past the Praya, through building new Mataram Airport, across the resorts Sasak village, Sasak village knows which one often enter the TV, because we passed more than 2 traditional village there. Next we passed a village which stood behind the verdant hills. Old-old township was transformed into a row of hotels and cafes along the side of the road. In one of our café stops, it's time for lunch. Once off the car, my eyes wide open, almost in disbelief, the scene before the eyes really conjure eye. Matchless beautiful. A towering green hills, while the bluish-green ocean lies beneath. Deep inside the other hand seems a few chunks of towering rocks. Beautiful. This is Kuta beach of Lombok. Relatively quiet if it should be compared to Kuta beach in Bali, but Lombok's Kuta beach in my opinion is much more beautiful.

Visible Caucasian couples was teaching his infant daughter to swim, very funny. While on the other hand appears to her Caucasian friends were reading a book while occasionally chatting with the kids who never stop souvenir hawkers surrounding them.

Back to the café, the food is ready. Lots of souvenir hawkers who was waiting there, a bit disturbing, but cool it is. Before long, they chose to surround Caucasian couple at the next table who was busy chatting with the owner of the café.

we want out of the café, the owner approached us, to thank as he cupped his hands across his chest. Furthermore, my friend drove on to the east ... to the place where my back wide-eyed witness its beauty. See you on "the beach of Tanjung Aan".

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heaven On Earth In Jiuzhaigou

Heaven On Earth In Jiuzhaigou

Executive Summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Last year, my younger brother who is taking Chinese language school in one name repeatedly mentioned that he wanted to visit places in China, but it is located quite far from where she learned at that time. What a coincidence, in the middle of last year I had the opportunity to visit this Bamboo Curtain country and finally we went to a so-called "Heaven On Earth" by the local Chinese people. This is a glimpse of our journey to where the cool, beautiful, and please the eyes and heart.

Arrive at Jiuzhai-Huanglong

That afternoon the sun almost went to the West when we arrived at the airport Jiuzhai - Huanglong. The view from the top plane is staggering. On the right and left just seen the mountains, rows of neatly lined up like soldiers. "Wahh ...", I exclaimed to myself. "I've been up to where ya? How come it feels like the Alps in Switzerland with its mountain? ". The plane we were experiencing a little turbulence before landing earlier, possibly due to high winds are blowing in the mountains.

Entering a small airport, we've started to feel the chill of this place. My brother and his friend stopped by the toilet to replace the shorts with long jeans. Left of the Chengdu airport was indeed hot air, but the 45-minute trip turned out to take us to a different area of ​​180 degrees. Temperatures at that time showed 14 degrees Celsius, but a strong cold wind and puncture the skin makes us shudder and not stand in the open air.

Our tour leader who is a local one show that has been waiting for our bus to the faithful in the airport car park. A few minutes later we went straight away to the hotel. The trip winding through green fields and mountains on the right side and left us nodding in admiration. In a slightly dim light reflection line ahead of sunsets we continued to drink in views of the heart's content. Green trees and grass it feels should be immortalized with a handy cam and camera.Jiuzhaigou is an area that is still virgin and have not touched the hands of modernization. 

Sheraton Hotel at Jiuzhaigou

Unlike cities in other Chinese, Jiuzhaigou allowed to grow with a wild and natural. Of all the cities I've visited in China only area Jiuzhai - Huanglong is still cool, fresh air without pollution. The world really need more places like this.It lies very close to Tibet, making it a little unique. We can see traditional Tibetan houses along the road. Flag of the typical colorful Tibetan villages also meet there. They also use different language with the Chinese national language, there is the local language itself is more often used, like if we go to other regions in Indonesia.

Jiuzhai - Huanglong
the traditional Tibetan village

Two-hour journey to the hotel made ​​us a little drowsy, but our tour leader whose job it is entertaining just kept prattling on ahead. Although not understand the language used by him, I just enjoy the entertainment in the form of singing that brings.

Peacock River

Darkness has been included, but the light from the hotels on the roadside was beautiful and alluring. Some hotels are built with great splendor, and appeared in the night. Not the tens storey hotel with topnotch facilities, but that was only four or five storey hotel with lights that highlight the hotel building so that makes it look elegant at night. Most hotels have a fireplace and makes it possible to build a fire while burning meat for dinner.

Golden Bell Lake

Garden Tour "Jiuzhaigou Valley" Almost all local people in China said that Jiuzhaigou is the best panda place in this country
Not just because the scenery is very beautiful, but because it is said we could feel the moment "Heaven" in the world. Intrigued by what they continue to promote it to me, I finally gave up as well to go there, especially with a companion who are both adventurous, makes me more determined to go.

multi color lake

That morning we were all taken to the famous tourist park. We and the group toured alongside a taxi. A taxi can be charged max. 4. Just need to RMB 12 (USD 2) to go park Jiuzhaigou tour of our hotel. Up there, a lot of people had gathered at the front gate for admission. "While the holiday season, become crowded", remarked my sister. I agree with him. When we go there, is a summer vacation time, so almost the entire population of China was on holiday with the family to the tourist attractions. One of which must be visited is the place.

Jiuzhaigou tourist park most visited in the summer and autumn
. Besides the kids are on vacation during the summer, most tourists are also advised to visit Jiuzhaigou in the fall, because of the view will be much more beautiful and colorful. From the promotional photos exist, they display the views of Jiuzhaigou in the four seasons. Everything has its own beauty, but indeed the most beautiful in the autumn with red leaved trees, yellow, combined with water in the lake which is also colored, eye-catching indeed.

Pearl Shoal Fall

To get into the park, there are two alternative travel. One, by foot. Two, to take a bus or car transportation is provided free to surround the park. To save energy, we took a bus from the gate until the very end of the lake located in the highest places in the park. Usually ride the bus did not stop at random, but when traveling down the bus will stop at every bus stop or a scenic spot there.

Five-Flower Lake

First of all we boarded the bus to go to "Grand Lake" which is on the right of the park. On the way to the top, we saw a row of lakes and waterfalls along the road. Everyone in the bus chuckle in awe at the sight of each lake to be passed. Green and blue colors that dominate there. Green from the mountains and the greenish blue of the lake makes the eye feel pampered and very cool.

grand lake  Jiuzhaigou

Up there, the entourage tourists go straight down to admire the great lake surface like mirror. People immediately took his spot each to take pictures as he walked to another lake.

 Swan Lake

The next goal is to "Swan Lake". Towards the lake is quite walk away from the "Grand Lake" because it is quite close. The name "Swan Lake" is given to the lake is a habitat for the ducks in this park. The beauty of the lake is almost similar to the "Grand Lake". Although many ducks there, we are not allowed to feed the ducks in order to avoid damage to the ecosystem there. We are also not allowed to throw garbage and cigarette smoking in this park, because it can disrupt the balance of nature in it. Buses used in the park-did not use fuel oil as energy.

Panda Lake

Go to the next lake we chose to ride the bus, because the distance is far enough away to be reached by foot. However, this follows from the lake to the other rows to the path which is on the right and left there are views of waterfalls and mangrove forests. "Arrow Bamboo Lake", "Panda Lake", "Five-Flower Lake", "Peacock River", "Golden Bell Lake", and "Pearl Shoal Fall" is a scenic spot to be seen there. The most amazing thing is the water in each lake is always green and blue, but the water remains clear, we can see into the lake, as well as the lake can be a mirror that reflects the views of the mountain or a tree on it. But as it flows from one lake to another lake, the color of clear water just as common as water in general. It's nothing special with each lake over there so it can radiate its own colorful.

Arrow Bamboo Lake

Advanced to the "Mirror Lake", where we see the reflection of a huge mountain above the lake is also quite large. Passing the lake on foot, the mountain was still bouncing on the lake which is really like a mirror. As if a single unit both. I can only imagine the scene like this before in the paintings of nature only.
mirror lake

Our journey from morning to afternoon to empty into a cottage as a small restaurant on the edge of the forest. Places to eat are just selling hot corn on the cob and some instant foods.

If you want to eat the more weight we have to go to the nearest rest area and there was food being sold quite expensive because all the restaurants applying the concept of the all you can eat. So, we must settle with eating corn on the cob and canned food only. We strongly recommend to bring dried foods such as shredded, canned fish can be eaten, and bread. In this place is very difficult to find food, so if we are to bring lunch, we can eat in the shelter or in chairs in the garden that has been provided for rest.

After the completion of rest and eat a simple lunch, we switched to the left side of this park. Longest journey to the place took nearly one hour. We passed the traditional Tibetan village and a few lakes that have nearly dried up the water. But, when arriving at the summit we could see the sights of a large lake with a mountain on the left and right, they call it the "Long Lake".

 the traditional Tibetan village
 Long Lake

Come down, we passed forests and small lakes beautiful. "Multi-Color Lake" and "Seasonal Upper Lake" is the view of the lake on which we can enjoy there. After that the bus would take us back to a rest area in the middle of the park.

 Seasonal Upper Lake

Travel and beautiful scenery did not stop there alone, while walking home we saw also a few more lakes and waterfalls, among them "Nuorilang Fall", "Rhinoceros Lake", "Tiger Lake", "Shuzheng Fall", "Wolong Lake" , "Shuanglong Lake", and "Reed Lake". To come down and see it one by one, we are very short of time. Do not feel we have a daily walk in the park was great.

 Nuorilang Fall

 Wolong Lake

Shuanglong Lake

 Reed Lake

At 5 pm most of the tourists had to walk back toward the main gate. We also have been contacting their tour leader we constantly because we were late from the hour circle time. Fortunately we can walk home alone to the hotel by taxi.

 Rhinoceros Lake

The experience today will not be forgotten. We really like the taste of "Heaven" on earth. Promotion of local people there is true. No wonder most of them felt compelled to go to this place before leaving the world.

 Tiger Lake

If this year you plan to travel to China, do not forget to insert Jiuzhaigou in your travel agenda, guaranteed will not regret going there. Maybe out of 10 people who had gone to Jiuzhaigou, if offered to go back there, I think the 10 people wanted to go to Jiuzhaigou again.

 Shuzheng Fall

To go to Jiuzhaigou there are two roads that can be taken from the city of Chengdu, the first is the road that takes one day to achieve it. If you do not have to stand for long on the bus plus the streets are less supportive facilities, you can use the second way, namely through the air with a plane ride takes only 45 minutes to get there. Both of course there are pros and cons, but so that we can enjoy our time better in Jiuzhaigou, choose a travel alternative that is most comfortable for you.(Cindy Lay)