Thursday, October 10, 2019

OSAKA Castle

OSAKA Castle

By Renny Yaniar, executive summar by darmansjah

Osaka Castle was founded by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the Japanese military authorities the 16th century. He built the castle became the headquarters for unifying Japan, as well as proof of his power as the leader of the region. Castles were built is different from other baseball-castle in Japan. Decorated with golden color, making the luxury and unparalleled glory across the country. A majestic castle stands majestically in front of me. To get inside, visitors paying 600 yen (around USD6.5). From floor 1 F, I rode the elevator up to the floor 5F. On the second floor there is a war picture of summer in Osaka on screen. There is a diorama in the window. Visitors can learn how the soldiers uniform in the past, weapons, and battle formation.

Next I climbed the stairs to the second floor 8F, the observation room. From here I look at all sides of the city. The castle was destroyed during the war several times and rebuilt.

When viewed from the air, castle shaped like a square of eight. The building is surrounded by a wide moat. First, the activities in and out of the castle is connected to the bridge leading to main gate (Otemon).

Gate after a fire in 1783 it was rebuilt in the year 148. From there, there's more gates (sengan Yagura) as the holder of an enemy attack. After passing through the gate, the wall around the big and tall. Today, most of the existing buildings have been converted into schools, venues, and shops.