Thursday, May 31, 2012

Waiting for the eagles flap

Eagle hunting continues. Eagle conservation efforts like precarious?

Executive summry by darmansjah

The days have passed, and not one that I Catch eagle flying Eagles Asylum, Village Loji, Cigombong, Bogor. I break under the shade of pine trees and measure the actual journey to this place is not too taxing, just 2.5 hours from Jakarta. But tens of hours passed, the Skipper air on the island of Java that does not go waiting for appeared. My spirit almost subsided.

Since yesterday, my spirits still bubbling-foam. That afternoon, the weather was clear and the sun shone brightly
. I was treading the path between the rows of houses, plantation areas and rain forests. Finally, I arrived at the Refuge Eagle behind the gate area of ​​plantations on the slopes of Mount Salak. Part of the Mist Mountain Salak National Park is formerly managed by Perhutani.

I meet daily officers, to report my arrival mean - standard procedure entry protected areas usd0.3 costs, which enabled me to enter the area as well as to rehabilitate eagles released into the wild. While accompanying itinerate, officers testified animals than eagles here, from Javan (Presbytis comata), Javan gibbons (hylobats moloch), also Langur (Trachypithecus auratus), Wild boar (sus scrofa), and various types of reptiles.

Referring to the statement released by Raptor Indonesia (RAIN-network working group engaged in the research and conservation of birds of prey or raptors), there were 71 jensi raptor in Indonesia. This fakti should inspire us to preserve and conserve nature. In fact, the population of eagles or raptors in the wild shrinking. While in urban areas often we see these protected animals in stalls or kiosks sold on the black market. Once the population decline of the eagle, which would require more than just luck to be able to meet with these sharp eyed animals in their habitats.

Eagles Asylum Loji built to support Hazy Center-Salak National Park (GHSNP) conserve biodiversity in the region overall GHSNP, especially endangered raptor species, such as Javan hawk and other birds of prey. Another program, the adoption of an eagle and a campaign that aims to educate the public - especially hunters and collectors scare animal - nature conservation importance.

"Attention to hawk neglected because these animals are not as popular as dragons or Javan rhino," complain Mono. "Therefore, facilitate the trade hawks."

Mono ‘s fury tell when he and his colleagues found that children stolen by an eagle hunter. I was furious to hear that. The eagle hunter was certainly not aware of nasty action has damaged the chain of life, automatically bad for the future of Earth that would also perceived themselves his descendants.

Furthermore, Mono explained eagle reproductive cycle is fairly rare. Eagle nesting females only twice a year by the number of eggs an average of two points, and just one egg are a mature eagle. If the child continues to hawk stolen, how populations of eagles in the wild could be improved? Mating in the wild arguably the only way to reproduce eagle-eagle breeding while the concept has not been developed.

Currently, TNHGS (Taman Nasional Halimun Gunung Salak) has four types of eagles in captivity, hawk eagle (Spizaetus cirrhatus), eagle pariah (milvus imgrans), eagle snake bido (spilornis cheela), and Javan hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi). Javan hawk conditions of most concern. Population one endemic species of Java that his face reminiscent of the state emblem of Garuda is estimated to be less than 500 fish in the world.

The Eagles on Asylum eagle Loji was confiscated Animal Rescue Center, and the results of the junk. The Eagles were placed in the cage for the observed transit condition. Eagle in good condition and moved kekandang rahibilitasi airworthy. Here, the eagle was taught back to their natural behavior to be reintroduced. Preparation of the release include preparation of species (such as behavioral assessment, health permitting) and preparation of the release site (such as ecological and social areas including interference that may occur).

"An assessment of the standards of behavior that will be released liarkan hawk refers to conservation standards applied by international union for conservation of nature (IUCN)," said Mono. "But of course adjusted to the situation and condition of Indonesia."

Evening almost before my time towards the cage and mono display. We pursue a suspension bridge, which makes me a little giddy-crosses the river. From here, the panoramic slopes-Mist Mountain Salak so stunning, lush green that reassuring feeling.

Cage is a maintenance display of eagles that are considered not worthy released into their natural habitat. Cage is also used as a medium of education eagle behavior patterns, as well as displays for people who want to see the eagles up close.

The second day here, I was almost out of the spirit of the eagle's wing as well. When I rest in the shade of pine trees, suddenly ... sounds eagle screeches. Aha! I instinctively looked up and sure enough: a hawk eagle flying overhead! I ran up to him and aimed the camera at him. I love to see an eagle fly, and sad because that's the only one I have seen eagles flying for two days at the lodge's eagle sanctuary. If among us would be wise to treat nature, we will see more of a flying eagle.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nature Sightseeing

Spring with Sakura Flower and Tulip

Executive summary by darmansjah

The arrival of spring is no longer a member i would be pleasant atmosphere. Understandably, the spring presents a beautiful natural scenery, the flowers blooming in the garden and growing back the foliage on trees. One of the country that can deliver this natural attraction is South Korea.

Known state residents with the level of discipline was very high this has a lot to impress in the spring. Took place between March to May, the spring can also be regarded as the proper season for sightseeing or enjoying  in the beautiful city of South Korea before we died.

Many tourist destinations are worth visiting as many festivals are held. Beautiful and interesting sites like the
Changgyeonggung Palace or llsan Lake Park should not be forgotten. Do not miss the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Tunnel too. Jejudo Island, spring comes earlier than the other regions of South Korea. Most of the island of Jeju will appear yellow. This is because the flowers are blooming canolia glow. There are many other interesting destinations in the country is worth a visit.

In addition to South Korea are presenting exciting attractions in the spring time, the Japanese sun rises with the nickname of State is not less beautiful and of course clean and regularity of its people is so high through everyday life is reflected in the wonderful and beautiful old buildings are neat and well maintained form of its artifacts, as well as its infrastructure is very well maintained and fun to be traced on foot though, the State should be in duplicate by other countries.

In the spring of this, different types of cherry blossoms bloom beautifully. Cherry blossoms are blooming season in April, which also coincided with the beginning of school and job opening in Japan.

In addition to Japan and Korea, in European countries like the Netherlands, there is the largest tulip garden in Keukenhof although Turkey is also available. The park is located south of the Netherlands, namely in the city of Lisse. With an area of ​​approximately 80 hectares, the Keukenhof flower garden is the largest in Europe and undisputed that the dubbed The Garden of Europe. Keukenhof is open every year and of course only in the spring, around late March to mid May. Not only tulips that can be enjoyed, but also various other types of flowers such as hyacinths, daffodils, orchids and even though.

Prepare yourself to enjoy the charm of nature in the spring with your travel agent if you are not accustomed to travel alone and independently traveling alone to sniff this mortal world. Exciting and thrilling!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Highway 101 and the piece of the Moon

Executive summary by darmansjah

Pacific Ocean waves, hills, cliffs, and the vast arid desert coloring successive trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco, United States, beginning in January. Night of stars comes studded with a piece of amber moon, by Sarie Febriane

From downtown Los Angeles (LA), we headed to San Francisco (SF) by car. Indra Boediono (24), Indonesia's middle school students in LA, Santa Barbara proposes a stopover destination in this journey.
To reach SF, Indra chose the route Highway 101, the highway (also free of charge) that is built since 1926. This route connects the southern region of the State of California, Oregon, to Washington in the northern region, which borders Canada. Route 101 extends about 2,500 kilometers along the U.S. West Coast.

In the California region alone, the long route around the 1.300 kilometer 101, from LA to the Oregon border. If driving nonstop through the Highway 101, a distance of 600 miles between LA and SF can be achieved in 6-7 hours.

Route 101 is part of United States Highway System, an integrated system of roads and highways across the U.S.. Although since 1956 the Interstate Highway System was built a more modern, the various routes in the U.S. Highway motorists are still frequently used. So it is with this 101.

Only, route 101 was not as smooth as that seems. Some point the road in bumpy conditions, with patches of rough pavement, and pocked here and there. Several times the car like a soar while crossing a bumpy road. U.S. President Barack Obama has just revealed plans to divert funds that had been used for the war to the development of infrastructure, like roads damaged. Highway 101 may be included.

Highway and private vehicles is very significant role for U.S. citizens to mobility. According to Indra, in California alone, the use of private cars even though there is still a mainstay of public transport such as buses and subways. Some residents still feel that not enough public transportation efficient and flexible to the needs of everyday mobility. However, unlike the era of the 1980s when the U.S. made cars still seems to dominate, cars are now made in Asia (Japan and South Korea) appear more prominently on the streets.

Not surprisingly, private car seemed to pull the road so that traffic is often busy city like LA coloring. Temporary parking area that many privately-run rate could also exactly cheap.

Santa Barbara

After traveling 145 miles from LA, about modern day hours later we arrived in Santa Barbara, a small town where middle-born pop singer who soared, Katy Perry. A city of about 88,000 located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean turned out more beautiful than LA.

We stop by on State Street, take a trip and shopping area in Santa Barbara with a elbar sidewalk, neat, and comfortable for laced. Small shops, cafes with canopies and tents, as well as lush decorated trees along State Street. In a small Japanese restaurant in La Arcadia we relax for a moment while eating ramen and sushi.

The journey then continued from Santa Barbara around 16:00. Still on Highway 101. To the north, we had to go through Los Pardes National Forest which covers 700.000 hectares. Semi-desert expanse of desert stretches here and there, providing all-round view of the spacious and empty. Of radio in the car Bob Marley's voice singing "I Shot The Sheriff".

Imperceptibly, the sun began to shift in the west, with reddish tendrils of light refracted on the horizon. Red sunset tonight was replaced by indigo. Although there is no street lighting lamps, clear skies and star-studded piece of soft light of the moon just illuminating the rest of our trip.

When the sunroof on a car roof is opened, a beautiful expanse of glittering night sky visible through the glass sunroof, issuing a simple sense of peace. If you are lucky, can see the milky way (star galaxy) in the course in one o one (101) this.

Only, the Milky Way did not seem to appear. May also escape from sleepiness see that clung heavy eyelids. We've arrived at San Francisco.