Saturday, February 2, 2019



The allure of a residence with a wide selection of heights, original text by Hesti Setiarni, diambi photos from google image, executive summary by darmansjah.

I've lived here about seven years.
Green nature ensures freshness of the air. Taste the tap water that can be drunk straight, without worrying deadly bacterial contamination. It was also not different from the mountain springs. When out of the house, my eyes enjoy the marvelous panorama. Everything impressed me.

Such is the picture of where I live: CITY Kitakami, located in the highlands Prefktur Iwate.
Perhaps this is not too popular prefecture our ears up when an earthquake followed by a tsunami that rolled some areas in March 2011. I do not want to tell you how the disaster happened. I just wanted to take a trip that revolves around a diverse agenda in the area of ​​Iwate.

Prefecture has a capital of Morioka, located in the northeastern Tohoku region or island of Honshu. Overlooking the eastern Pacific Ocean, Iwate framed Ou Mountains in western bordering Akita prefecture and Kitakami plateau in the east. Next door is the northern Aomori and Miyagi prefectures in the south. Climate between summer and winter that contrast in mountainous regions,
while in the coastal area is not too cold because there was a lot of snow and the air was cool in the summer.

Upon arriving here, I want you to stop in a series of charming sights. We can start from the COAST Jodogahama in the coastal city of Miyako. Beaches include protected areas Rikuchu, the status of nature reserves. Travelling in coastal areas most fun in the summer.

I'll never forget the time enjoying emanating orange color of the leaves of the momiji. I am the eye-catching color is a marker of early autumn in Mount Hayachine.

Once winter greeting Kitakami, I then invite family towards Geto mountains. We accomplished this through a journey 32 kilometers from the city center. We enjoyed skating on the surface of the deep snow to ski or snow board. If it is satisfied skating, we headed to the farm Shizukuishi Koiwa, as far as 66 kilometers can be reached by driving about an hour through the freeway. There, on the sidelines of the snow festival Koiwai, we eat yakiniku in kamakura, a small shop that is built up from the snow.

Iwate still have other interesting attractions. Because surrounded by mountains, Iwate seduce me to taste the warmth of a natural hot spring in the city of Hanamaki. Japanese society is fond of bathing in hot springs (onsen). In addition to refresh a tired body, also believed the natural hot springs that can treat various kinds of diseases such as skin diseases, rheumatism, and even medicine such as heart and digestive disorders.

When the air becomes warm in the spring, I always have fun. Because, this is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic under the cherry trees. The flowers of the country's iconic trees are blooming. Of petals radiating white and pink in the middle. Passion to spread fragrance everywhere. Being amongst lush flowering trees in bloom is like drifting into the garden in a fairy tale, where the fairies danced merry.

We also are not a lot of time, because the petals open it only lasted for two weeks. When exposed to rain and wind, the flowers will fall to the ground. Teshochi park located about 15 minutes from the city center there are approximately 10,000 cherry trees. The trees seemed to compete to show the beauty that adorn the crown canopy tops lined along the Kitakami River.

After enjoying the cherry, do not haste to return home. I would like to invite you to visit Canyon Gebi Ichinoseki City area. This place has been incorporated into the list of 100 most beautiful places throughout Japan. Surrounded cliffs as high as 100 feet, the canyon creating amazing nature paintings. To enjoy it, you can catch the traditional boat. Helmsman boat coming from the local area as well as serving as a guide. He explained the significance of the canyon ecosystem, including ravines and caves that accompany it. On his way back, he would hum a song typical of the local community. For food, I enjoy Iwate a fluffier rice is eaten with seafood such as fish, shellfish, salmon eggs, or seaweed. Do not forget also to taste the ice cream, cheese, yogurt from the farm Koiwai.