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Down Town Kuala Lumpur

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Various things you can do in Kula Lumpur starting from the down side of history, culinary, shopping to sports. Known as the capital of the neighboring country, the city has a variety of special attraction to explore alone or with family.

Day 1
Start your visit by enjoying the variety of arts and culture at the Central Market. Stop at the Art Market train station, walk a little and you will find the Central Market in the form of an art-deco building made ​​in 1888. If you do not want to shop craft products, Central Market area also has many other attractions such as haraga affordable food stalls with local residents and the various activities of interest to you capture with the camera shots. If you want coffee, you can visit the Old Town Coffee Shop is located at the Central Market. Walk towards Jalan Petaling approximately 5-10 minutes from Central Market, you can visit Sri Mahamriamman Hindu Temple, one of the oldest Hindu temple which was built in 1873. walk a little more straight from Sri Mahamriamman, you'll find Kuan Ti Temple, a Taoist temple with a facade of the building with pair of red dragon statue that will surely attract your attention. Arrive in Chinatown around 5, do not miss the opportunity to taste Tear Cats, tea drinks that resemble burrows. Make sure you arrive on time because this drink vending shops close at 6 pm and as a friend you can enjoy the fruits of roasted chestnuts. For fruit hand, visit the Purple Cane Tea Art Centre, Chinese stores that sell a variety of teas and pastries.

central market

Sri Mahamriamman Hindu Temple 

Kuan Ti Temple 


Purple Cane Tea Art Centre 

Jalan Petaling 

Day 2
KLCC TWIN TOWER-Merdeka Square
Today's schedule to see the beauty of the architectural landmarks of existing buildings in this city. Starting from the KLCC Twin Towers, came in the morning to get a ticket up to the Twin Towers of this because the ticket window opened at 7 am and can be obtained free of charge. As high as 170 feet above the land, you will see this city from the bridge that connects the towers to each other towers. After seeing the city of Kuala Lumpur from a height, you can get around the eye wash in the shopping center located in the twin towers. Inside the shopping center there is the Petronas Art Gallery, where exhibitions of art and cultural works of local artists organized. On the top floor of this shopping center also contained the Science Centre. Do not forget to take pictures in the courtyard garden to get a background KLCC Twin Tower is iconic. Then visit the Merdeka Square, also known as the Free Plain,
where in 1957 the first Malaysian flag was unfurled. Today the Free Plain is one of the iconic and historic city is an important venue for state events, explore and discover other landmarks such as the Royal Selangor Club, Plaza Putra, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the historic and elegant and do not forget to stop in the park area where you can rest, take photos and observe the surrounding historic buildings.

KLCC Twin Tower

Merdeka Square 

Royal Selangor Club

Plaza Putra 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building 

Day 3
Bukit Bintang is one of the most famous areas in Kuala Lumpur with a variety of entertainment, food, markets, shopping malls, hotels, cafes, and pubs such as Planet Hollywood and Hardrock Cafe. Life is so crowded and seemingly endless stream can be found here. As well as major cities in Europe such as London, Kuala Lumpur also has a lot of street performers react like pantomime, magicians and others. Filled with shopping malls like Sungei Wang, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Lot 10, Star Gallery, Berjaya Times Square you can spend time (and money) this region! After a long day exploring Bingtang Hill Road, it's time to close the day with little culinary journey at Jalan Alor. Neatly lined up along the street-style food stalls Melayu, China and other Seafood mengguah tastes. Do not miss to taste Durian XO or Durian D24, which you will not find in Indonesia.

Sungei Wang

Bukit Bintang Plaza

Lot 10, Star Gallery
Berjaya Times Square

Where to Stay
Jalan Petaling and Jalan Alor is an area that is quite fun and lively. In addition there are a variety of food stalls, and others, this area provides comfort as close to the bus station, and the monorail.

Under the management Carlton Holiday & Suies, StayOrange.Com present to provide a comfortable lodging at economical prices. Its location in Chinatown gives you the convenience to shop, explore, and taste the local flavors. Prepare your own toiletries.
16, Petaling Street (Chinatown), tel.: +603 2070 2208, or

Sahabat Guesthouse
With rates ranging from RM99-180 per night, Sahabat Guesthouse with shared facilities such as kitchen, computer with internet and meeting places. Location This inn is quite strategic hill near the star roads, pubs, places to eat, 7eleven, monorail and bus stations.
41, Jalan Tong Shin Friend Tengkat off, tel.: = 603 2142 0689, email: or

Pujangga Hometstay
Star Proof is located in the area, Pujangga Homestay offers comfortable living and convenience. Provides sharing rooms, single and double, by prices ranging from RM 25 to RM 70 per night.
Beraganan Road 21, off Jalan Bukit Bintang Nagasari, tel.: +603 2141 4243

What to Eat
One way to explore a city is to enjoy the taste of cuisine from the city. You will be surprised at how much diversity and harmony among the races in this city through its flavor. In accordance with the tagline Malaysia Trully Asia, you will find Indian cuisine, Chinese, Malay or a mixture of all three. In the morning, residents of Kuala Lumpur likes to start the day with a bowl of noodles, or bread rolled with Kopi-O (a term for black coffee). Entering the day, you can enjoy Nasi Lemak, rice cooked with coconut milk and served with chicken rendang, fried beans and fish bleary with a glass of the tarik (just like tea mixed with milk, with techniques drawn so as to make the manufacture of foaming). If you want to try a taste of Malay-Indian cuisine, Nasi Kandar Pelita which has branches throughout the city of Kuala Lumpur provides a variety of food choices like rice mix where you can mix and blend. Do not miss the goat curry, briyani rice and vegetables cooked in typical Indian style! Nighttime fun is most appropriate for a culinary tour in  Jalan Alor and Jalan Petaling with a variety of seafood stalls, char kwey tiaw, chicken wing, durian, and more.

How to Explore
Taxi, hire a taxi for you at the Kuala Lumpur can be a bit tricky. You are advised to take a taxi from the taxi only center that uses the zone system and tickets coupons.
Train, there are many different types of trains. Light Rapid Transit (LRT) connects the city to the suburbs and the Monorail that connects the various areas in the city or CBD area.
KLIA Express, from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) you can use the facilities the KLIA Express to KL Sentral station (30 minutes), RM 35 one way.
From the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) is available shuttle bus to Salak  Tinggi where you can move to KLIA Express to reach KL Sentral station. Bus Rapid KL, depending on the zones and routes, Rapid KL bus to reach the city until the edge of the city at large. Bus tickets cost RM2-4 to use the same zone for one full day.

Estimated Cost
Eat @ RM 30 per day, Accommodation (2malam) @ RM 50 per day, Transportation @ Rm 10 per day


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