Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Executive summary by darmansjah

When Modernization and Traditional Values ​​Combined

WHAT makes china tourism potential is still 'sold' for sale? The reason is not because the country has a vast territory with the landscape, climate, culture, and society of diverse and interesting. As an illustration, here are some objects that exist in the country.

The capital city, Beijing, is not just to be one of the most populous city in the world, but also a center of culture and art of the communist country. This is obvious because in downtown Beijing Forbidden City stands as the center of the palace museum that contains a collection of imperial china art. All around there are heritage gardens of the emperors of China.

While in the western part of Beijing was the Summer Palace that was once the summer retreat Emperor Qing.

In addition, there Jiuzhaigou Nine named after the village where ethnic Tibetans. Here are Nuorilang Waterfall, Five Colour Lake, Panda Lake and the beauty of nature itself formed.

A visit to the region would be complete if accompanied by pleasure to Zhangjiajie. In this city we can enjoy the beauty of nature through Longwang Cave or familiarly called the Dragon King Cave and Baofeng Lake.

China also has become the center of Shanghai's economy, commerce, and communication. This is a place for shoppers to view or purchase products of interest. The product range is famous all over the world are mostly imitations aka fake, until the product at a cheap price spread in many malls and outlets along the pedestrian Shanghai.

Not Just that, tourists can visit the Yangtze River known as the longest river in China and Asia.

Other attractions in China is the Huangshan mountain panorama famous with a cool and beautiful. The place is at the point of shooting the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon won international film awards.

Another area that is not less interesting is the province of Yunnan that here there is a Shangri-la. Shangri-la is described as a hidden valley which is isolated from the outside world, with fertile plains and a cool breeze.
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