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The town of Delft has population of 96,000 inhabitants. It is located bethween Rotterdam and The Hague. The town is mostly know for Delft blue pottery. Delft was also a hometown to the famous Dutch painter Vermeer. The city centre is typical to Holland with many canals and gamble-roof houses.

During the day there is a direct train every 30 minutes from Amsterdam to Delft. The trains departing Amsterdam Centraal Station, passes throught Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport), Leiden, The Hague and reaches Delft in about 1-hour ride. One way train ticket costs € 11.50 and return ticket € 23.00. Check details on the Dutch Railways web site:

Delft Pottery

Delftware is a typical handpainted blue and white pottery from the 16th century. In Dutch De Delftse Pauw. Factories and online shop

Delft University of Technology

The largest and oldest Dutch technological university. Its botanical garden is a popular tourist spot.
Address: Julianalaan 134

Museums in Delft

Following attractions are included in the Museum Card:
Museum Het Prinsenhof (Municipal Museum)
Botanical Garden of TU Delft
Museum Lambert van Meerten
Museum Nusantara
Science Center Delft
Hotels in Delft
Visiting Delft is recommended as a day trip from Amsterdam, yet if you like to stay overnight there are many good hotels in Delft

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