Thursday, September 1, 2016

Manoir Inter Scaldes

Executive summary by darmansjah

Location & Information

The Manoir Inter Scaldes is located in Kruiningen, Netherlands

    10 kilometers from Station Goes

    10 kilometers from Goes

    39 kilometers from Antwerp, Belgium (ZWE-Antwerp Central Train Station)

    10 kilometers from Goes

    18 kilometers from Watersnoods Museum

    19 kilometers from Gevangenpoort

    19 kilometers from Markiezenhof Museum

Top Dutch chef Jannis Brevet takes his inspiration from the nearby delta - one of the most beautiful in Europe - to create amazing seafood dishes such as his famous lobster in Sauternes. This dish has also assured the reputation of this elegant manor with its flower-filled interior design and gardens where Claudia- Janniss wife- is attentive to the slightest detail. Discover the local area with the beautiful Zeeland beaches and a mussel market that is unique in the world. The property is closed for business during the year over the 2012 Autumn closing Sunday October 14 Sunday October 21 inclusive. 2013 Winter annual closing Tuesday January 1 Tuesday January 22 inclusive. CLUB 5C- Hotel welcomes Relais and Chateaux Club 5C members with a VIP Welcome and a Discovery Privilege. Please include the Club 5C membership number in the reservation and please show your Club 5C membership card on arrival.

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