Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chiang Mai, the City Million Enchantment

Executive summary by darmanjsah
DO you like the cool weather? If yes, Chiang Mai is a place worth visiting. In addition to convenient air, this city to save a million charm that can be explored.

Chiang Mai is a city in Thailand has the most Buddhist temples. Almost every corner of this city, you will find a place of worship Buddhist easily. Not to mention the culinary riches, cheap shopping center, and surrounded by the beautiful panorama of mountains. No doubt this city is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in northern Thailand.

Every day there are some trains that serve majors from Hualamphong Station to Chiang Mai. Additionally, intercity buses serving routes to the city, located about 700 kilometers north of Bangkok is set to the frequency which is quite often.

Chiang Mai would make a great family destination with cultural tourism. Friendly atmosphere offers the natural beauty and unique culture. However, for some reason, the area is not very popular among tourists Asia. The city has long been a favorite destination of backpackers from Europe and North America. However, tourists from China and India are usually thronged city of Bangkok in fact rarely seen.

The tourists can visit the Jungle North of City and see the activities undertaken by the elephants. Other Destinations is the Orchid Farm, where the cultivation of orchids that can be used as accessories such as necklaces and earrings. You also should not forget the trip to Long Neck Village, where the famous long-necked women with additional unique bracelet or necklace every year.

In addition to the very nature and culture, Chiang Mai has a shopping tour that should not be missed.
Take a moment of your time to stop in Sunday Market and Night Bazaar, no less merry with shopping centers in Bangkok.

All the comfort and pleasure of a short holiday this moment you can enjoy with existing tour operators in cities near you. Happy holidays!

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