Wednesday, December 12, 2018



Open space providing beautiful colors at the end of the fall,text  by Renny Yaniar, photos were taken from google, by darmansjah godjali.

Verdant grass like carpet. Trees with large girth, which also shows its age, a fence. Strong branches combined with foliage that displays beautiful colors. In the center, the lake reflects the surrounding landscape. Meanwhile, the sun provides warmth on a cold day in late autumn.

I was enjoying Nara Park, about 1.5 hour bus ride from Osaka, occupies the northeast of the city. Green open space of about three and a half times that of the football complex in Madrid Santiagou Barnebau is established since 1880. Not only exudes beauty flora, garden exhaling peace. Young and old, men and women, to families of students in uniform looks so vibrant despite the winter winds begin to address.

Todai-ji temple buddha forms are located in Nara park was amazing

The lovers of the open space that not only play with others. Among them are those who are interested in observing or interacting with a herd of sika deer that inhabit the park. Animal enthusiasts of this plant is already accustomed to the crowds. The deer came to the Japanese mainland in the Ice Age passing among men pleasure. For visitors who come from far away, the deer become the object of an eternal companion in the picture - a picture together.

I deplore the behavior of visitors to feed the tame deer herd. Addition will interfere with digestion, deer are ruminant mammals. I was stroking his chest when he saw an old lady handed me a tissue and immediately eat a deer. Something that is unacceptable imitated!

So why would they be allowed to roam free? The deer is a symbol of Nara. According to legend, the god who fell to earth riding a white deer, and since then, the deer was considered sacred. Killing deer is considered the incarnation of the god could be sentenced to death. But after World War II, no longer considered sacred deer but became a protected species. In fact, deer become 'a national treasure' for the Japanese. Perhaps, it is this which encourages parents advocate children feed the deer. Around the park, there are many vendors who provide visitors biscuit that can be purchased as a feed.

Nara-koen not the only attractions. However, Nara becomes a window. There are a lot of art during China, Korea, and ancient India, even Persian. That's why, at the north end of the city Nara River valley is always crowded with tourists.

Just a few steps from the northwest Nara Park, Todaiji Temple there, which are 16 meters tall Buddha statue. This is the world's largest bronze statue. In addition, there are other temples, such as Kofuku-ji, Saidai-ji, Kasuga Tisha Shrine, and Shin Yakushi-ji. About five miles to the west of the city center are Toshoda-ji temple. Cult building which was built in the center of the school's 759 Buddha Ritsu.

Do not miss Horyu-ji Temple was founded by Prince Shotoku in 607. Temple complex, which hold more than 2,300 historical objects has gained the status of world heritage sites of Unesco. Learning culture is certainly exciting. Moreover, while enjoying a variety of flowers.


Transportation: When using Japan Railways train line, take the train Miyakoji which operates every thirty minutes and will cost about USD90 from between Kyoto and Nara station. When choosing Kintetsu line, of Kyoto only takes about 35 minutes (about USD18)

Accommodation: There Nara Hotel (from $ 250), Asukaso (from USD275) Nara Washington Hotel (from USD55). Hotel Fujita Nara (from USD65) Hotel Nikko Nara (from USD 125).


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