Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The image creates a Full Impressions

By Kevin

Despite progress by some people predicted would see a saturation point, yet until now digital cameras are still loved. Time to race in the form of a tiny, scale-megapixel, and features, digital camera vendors are constantly looking for ways to maintain basic share.

Digital cameras are easy to open for anyone to be able to take pictures without having to bother to learn photography techniques. However, the process is also not without problems, especially when users deal with low light intensity conditions (low light).


Blurred photos or full grain noise into the results of a multi-faced when shooting in these conditions. To overcome this, vendors attempt to offer solutions, such as Canon with HS System technology, or a combination of light-sensitive sensor (high sensitivy sensor) and DIGIC 4 processor premises algorithmic process to date.

There are four models of Canon digital cameras are already using the technology, the Canon PowerShot G12, PowerShot S95, IXUS 1000HS, and IXUS 300HS.

Canon PowerShot G12 attend continuing success of the series G in Indonesia started to go at the end of 2000 with the arrival Powershot G1.


With vari-angle LCD monitor measuring 2.8 inches which can be rotated in any direction to shoot from various angles extreme, this camera is equipped with front dial to comfort the comfortable and fast operation.

Tracking AF to lock and follow focus on the desired subject and the electronic level that gives an indication of the position of the camera to the horizontal plane into the other features of interest. Including high-dynamic range (HDR),
which automatically combines several images with different lighting to get all the details in dark areas and bright areas on the shooting conditions that have high contrast.

PoweShot Canon S95 digital camera comes as a pocket-sized prosumer compact that carries features like tracking AF, high-dynamic range (HDR), f/2.0 wide aperture and low light shooting mode with the ISO that can be raised to 12,800. While the Canon IXUS 10 Megapixel High 1000HS brings Sensitivy sensor with 10x optical zoom power.


The camera is also equipped with HD-quality video recording feature (1920x 1080p), the recording speed of 240 fps to then be rotated into slow motion, until the night scene handheld technology and high speed burst mode with 8,8 fps an added value that is worth mentioning.

Finally, the Canon IXUS 300 HS ,HS System is the first tech cameras and feature high-speed burst shooting speed to 8.4 fps. The camera is also equipped with fish-eye photo effects and miniature effects. To optimize the shots, the Canon IXUS 300 diagfragma HS also has a big lens up to f/2.0.

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