Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Myanmar, Land of One Million Temple of Bricks

executive summary by Darmansjah
Every dawn as the sun began to see the earth's surface, Bagan in Myanmar inland filled with people from various countries. They've been ready since early morning, departing from the hotel each time the world is still dark. One they are pursuing, the sunrise scenery viewed from the top of a temple there, the original text by Rambey Arbain.

And, the scenery sunrise in Bagan was incredible. The sun poking among the stupas in the distance. Around the sun was filled with silhouettes of hundreds, even thousands of other temples. Sunrise is so routine everywhere in the province of Mandalay, Myanmar. In the beginning, never named Arimaddana Chart (City Conquering the Enemy), or also Tambadipa (Land of Copper). Bagan was founded at the beginning of the 11th century by King Anawrahta who also later build relationships within development with Sri Lankan Buddhism.

The temples in Bagan made ​​entirely of red brick, similar to existing temple on the island of Sumatra (Muara Takus in Riau, Muara JambiTemple in Jambi, and Padang LawasTemple in North Sumatra).

At the moment there are about 13.000 registered founded temples there. In line with the time until the 1970's still left around 5,000 temples. Major earthquake in 1975, leaving 2.217 temple that still we can see until now.

There are few large temples between about 2,000 temples in Bagan. One of the main Ananda temple containing gilded statue of Buddha more than 20 meters tall. In several other temples there was a gold-plated Buddha statue. In some temples there is another sleeping Buddha statue in length there are up to 30 meters.

To visit all corners of the Bagan until its take at least two weeks. However, if you've got about a week to travel to Myanmar, you can visit Bagan a three-day took them to then use the remaining days of visiting a variety of other interesting objects such as Inle Lake and Mandalay and surrounding cities.

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Talking about tourism Southeast Asia, Myanmar would sink under the shadow of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or even though. Government under the military junta over the years made ​​a visit to the country is relatively difficult served until a few years ago.

However, at this time Myanmar has changed. A visit to the country is now very swift from all over the world. For the citizens of Indonesia, you just take care of tourist visa in Jakarta a few days before departure. For the citizens of Indonesia, a visit to fellow ASEAN Countries, not requiring a visa, except Myanmar and Cambodia.

In some photographers Indonesia visit to Myanmar last October, all over the country that have spread a lot of hotels with good quality. In fact, some of the unique hotel in the middle of Inle Lake, for example, are made by the military government is also very good quality.

Closure of the previous world because of strict military rule makes the Segal case in Myanmar was very beautiful and original. Ships and trains horses
excursion wherever there is free of advertising boards as they are commonly found in Indonesia and Thailand.

With the kyat currency whose value is approximately U.S. $ 0001, cost of living in Myanmar did seem a bit cheaper than Malaysia. Even more amazing, in rural Myanmar anywhere, souvenir sellers using the U.S. dollar as a means of payment.

The time in Myanmar is half an hour (it was bizarre, half-hour difference) slower than the time in Thailand. So when in Bangkok shows at 07.00am, at the time shows at 06.30am Myanmar.

Best visited Myanmar in October because this month there Inle Lake Festival is very large. However, separately visited Bagan, the best time is early in the winter so that the atmosphere clean of clouds dank Chart abut. By hiring a blimp cost U.S. $ 250 per person. You can shoot thousands of temples from the air.

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