Monday, April 16, 2012

Your Journey | TAITRA

Executive summary by darmansjah

SOMEONE once sang through his social media accounts (twitter). "Moderate enjoy the thrill of traveling in Rome with Google Earth navigation. Wow, so cool! "

Babbling is probably not just once you hear. Device technology has now become an indispensable part while traveling. Starting from the ordering tickets and lodging, look for routes of travel, research interesting places, to learn the local culture can be known through the internet. No need to worry about getting lost because of our fear that is downloaded via the virtual world can be a credible guide when exploring a destination.

This is precisely what is felt by Yasmin, Ivan Loviano Sukarno, Rahmat Hidayat, and Arif Satriyo Pambudi, IT competition finalist Travelers Go! Yagn held by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) some time ago.

Selected from 1.750 contestant from Indonesia, the four finalists along with other finalists from Vietnam and India traveled to several places in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Taiwan for 21 days.
Although have never visited these countries, they do not become small balls for the adventurous. 

"We've created a list of where to go just for a day and figure out how to get there How can. Take the MRT to the direction in which, and so forth, "explained Yasmin in the midst of preparation for the final event in Taipei, 2 November 2011 a new past. Usually, said Rahmat which is the oldest participant in this competition, Ivan which will run at the front with a GPS guidance to find a way, followed by Arif, the youngest member. "I am always in the back, all ensure that all members complete, because Yasmin usually like to suddenly disappear," said Rahmat, followed by approval and jokes group friends.

Yasmin, who became the only female from Indonesia team also acknowledges that. When in India, Yasmin suddenly disappear in a crowded market, while the phone was dead. More panic struck when after a long time his colleagues noticed a security camera at a police station, direction unknown step in his footsteps, until suddenly he has been contacted in his hotel room.

There are still many other stories that accompany the trip for 21 days as outlined in the form of photos, videos, and writing blogs. The annual event of the TAITRA is supported by 18 leading IT vendors from Taiwan that includes a tablet computer, a digital music player, notebook, USB, video cameras, and others to facilitate travel.

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