Sunday, December 9, 2012

Exploring Vietnam from Jakarta

Exploring Vietnam from Jakarta

The end of the year is seen in front of the eyes. However, everyone has their own way to greet him, for example by closing the year in a country while on vacation.

If do not have a long time off, use melee destinations by visiting Vietnam. Once there, you can explore Ho Chi Minh as a primary goal. You can skip cu Chi tunnels which is a witness to the history of the Vietnam war. This tunnel is one of the means of hiding the guerrilla army to fight the enemy. Pictures of the events at the time of the battle recorded in the war museum.

Spend your vacation time to enjoy the charm of nature owned by the State of Vietnam, for example, Ha Long bay. Tourist areas are included in the Unesco world heritage site consists of the approximately 3,000 small islands formed from limestone. The view that can not be found in other places will continue in the hearts of fond memories. If you want to see a typical Vietnamese performing arts, water puppet show could be an option.

Then you can head to the city center, Hanoi. Historic old town 1,000 years older than this are still very thick with traditional life. The nice thing is everything sold relatively cheaply. Therefore, it is natural that many foreign tourists who come to Vietnam and continues to increase every year.

The next destination is worth a visit Hoan Kiem Lake is the most beautiful lake in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Mosuleum. Do not miss to visit the ba dinh district and the dong xuan market which is the largest and most comprehensive market in Hanoi. Meanwhile, the crape enthusiasts should immediately slid into the van phuc silk village that offers a wide silk products.

Vietnam still has other interesting places with friendly societies and mutual respect. If interested, make an offer of Vietnam airlines from December 2012 to open a direct flight from Jakarta to Ho Chi Minh city and vice versa.

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